Alice’s Table Shark Tank Update: How They’re Thriving Post-Show

When Alice’s Table jumped into the Shark Tank, it wasn’t just flowers that got the spotlight—it was a budding business model ready to bloom. With an innovative approach to floral arranging workshops and events, they caught the eye of the Sharks and viewers alike. But what’s happened since that memorable pitch?

Fast forward, and the petals of progress have unfurled in surprising ways. From strategic partnerships to expanding their bouquet of offerings, Alice’s Table has been on a whirlwind journey. Let’s dive into the latest updates and see how they’ve blossomed post-Shark Tank.

Key Takeaways

  • Alice’s Table secured a pivotal investment from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely on Shark Tank, which catalyzed the company’s growth and broadened its reach through strategic partnerships, especially with 1-800-Flowers, establishing its credibility in the competitive industry.
  • The innovative business model of Alice’s Table, focusing on empowering women by offering them opportunities to host their own floral arranging workshops, was a key highlight of their Shark Tank pitch, reflecting the core values of creativity, entrepreneurship, and community.
  • Post-Shark Tank, Alice’s Table expanded its offerings beyond floral workshops to include activities like candle making and gourmet cooking classes, tapping into the increasing demand for experiential and DIY events, thus broadening their market and demographic reach.
  • Strategic collaborations with lifestyle brands and media outlets further cemented Alice’s Table’s position in the market, allowing for co-branded events that amplified their message of empowerment and creativity, showcasing the company’s adaptability and growth potential.
  • Alice’s Table’s journey from Shark Tank to becoming a multifaceted platform for creative experiences exemplifies the successful execution of leveraging mainstream exposure and strategic partnerships to scale a business while staying true to its foundational values of empowerment, creativity, and community.

Alice’s Table’s Pitch on Shark Tank

When Alice’s Table stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they brought with them an aura of vibrant colors and the fresh scent of flowers. The founder, Alice Lewis, aimed to intrigue the sharks with her unique business model—a floral arranging workshop and events company that not only provided customers with a memorable experience but also empowered women by offering them a chance to run their own home-based businesses.

Alice’s pitch to the sharks was not just about selling an idea; it was about sharing a vision of creativity, entrepreneurship, and community. She highlighted how Alice’s Table events were designed to bring people together, teach them a new skill, and allow them to leave with something beautiful created by their own hands. What made her pitch even more compelling was the business’s scalability and its tech-forward approach to booking and organizing events.

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Shark Offer Equity
Mark Cuban & Sara Blakely $250,000 6.25%

The investment from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely was a pivotal moment for Alice’s Table. It wasn’t just the financial boost but also the validation and mentorship from two of the most successful entrepreneurs in America. Their backing signaled to the world that Alice’s Table was a business with the potential to bloom tremendously.

Following their successful pitch, the business began to expand rapidly. Strategic partnerships were formed, including high-profile collaborations with 1-800-Flowers, to broaden their reach and enhance their offerings. The company’s innovative use of technology to streamline operations and create personalized experiences further distinguished Alice’s Table from traditional event companies.

As Alice’s Table continues to grow and evolve, it’s clear that their Shark Tank appearance was just the beginning of their flourishing journey. Fans of the show saw firsthand how an innovative idea, when paired with passion and the right support, can transform into a thriving business that touches lives in myriad ways.

The Sharks’ Reactions

When Alice Lewis waltzed into the Shark Tank, armed with flowers and an ironclad business model, the sharks were visibly intrigued. She was seeking $250,000 for a 6.25% stake in Alice’s Table, and she had the numbers to back up her ask. The concept of empowering women by teaching them the art of floral arranging, coupled with the potential for significant scale through a direct sales model, piqued the interest of both Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely.

Mark Cuban, known for his keen eye for scalable businesses, was the first to show genuine interest. His experience with direct sales models and technology startups made him an ideal partner for Alice’s Table. Cuban saw the potential for leveraging technology to scale the business beyond just floral arranging workshops.

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx and a proponent of women-led businesses, was also captivated. Blakely’s enthusiasm stemmed from the empowerment aspect of Alice’s Table. She recognized the opportunity to not only create a profitable business but also to build a community that supports women entrepreneurs.

The negotiation phase was as tense as it was exhilarating. Other sharks showed interest, but it was Cuban and Blakely who stole the show. They presented a joint offer of $250,000 for 10% equity, slightly more than what Alice initially gave up, but the added value they brought to the table was undeniable. Their collaboration signaled a powerful endorsement of Alice’s Table and its mission.

The reactions from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely highlighted the unique appeal of Alice’s Table — a combination of empowerment, entrepreneurship, and scalability. Their investment not only infused the company with much-needed capital but also provided a vote of confidence that would propel Alice’s Table into its next phase of growth.

Strategic Partnerships

Following its successful appearance on Shark Tank, Alice’s Table didn’t just benefit from the financial boost provided by Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely. The investment also opened doors to numerous strategic partnerships that have been instrumental in scaling the business. These collaborations have allowed for an expansion beyond the original business model, tapping into new markets and opportunities.

One standout partnership has been with 1-800-Flowers, a giant in the floral industry. This collaboration not only widened the exposure of Alice’s Table but also provided a platform for workshop attendees to access premium quality flowers, enhancing the overall customer experience. This relationship between a Shark Tank business and a well-established company showed the start-up’s credibility and the potential for growth in a competitive industry.

Another significant alliance was formed with various lifestyle brands and media outlets which helped Alice’s Table penetrate deeper into its target market. By aligning with companies and platforms that share a similar audience, Alice’s Table has been able to conduct co-branded events, further spreading their message of empowerment and creativity through flower arranging.

These strategic partnerships have not only validated Alice’s Table’s business model but have also accelerated its growth trajectory. They’ve enabled the company to broaden its reach, offer more to its customers, and continue its mission of empowering women to build their businesses. The support from Cuban and Blakely, paired with these critical partnerships, underscores the company’s potential to revolutionize the way individuals engage with creativity and entrepreneurship.

Expanding Offerings

Alice’s Table didn’t stop at just flower arranging workshops after their Shark Tank appearance. They’ve been on a relentless journey to diversify their offerings, reaching beyond flowers into a whole world of creative exploration.

They introduced new workshop categories, notably among them candle making and gourmet cooking classes. These additions cater to their community’s growing interest in not just floral arrangements but also in other hands-on creative activities. It’s a testament to Alice’s Table’s commitment to fostering creativity and joy in various aspects of life.

The expansion of their workshop offerings has also had a significant impact on their business model. By broadening their scope, they’ve tapped into new markets and demographics, bringing fresh and eager participants to their platform. The interest in DIY and crafting has seen a substantial rise, and Alice’s Table is right there to meet the demand with quality and engaging content.

It’s impressive how they’ve managed to keep the essence of their brand while branching out. Every workshop, regardless of its focus, embodies the core values of Alice’s Table: empowerment, creativity, and community. Participants still leave each session not just with a tangible product they’ve made themselves but also with a sense of accomplishment and connection to a broader creative community.

The entrepreneurial spirit Alice’s Table exhibited on Shark Tank has only grown stronger, proving that with the right foundation, a business can expand in meaningful and impactful ways. They’re constantly looking for new opportunities to bring creativity and joy into peoples’ lives, showing just how versatile and dynamic a creative business can be.

Their journey from flower workshops to a broader palette of creative experiences serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, demonstrating the power of staying true to your brand while boldly embracing expansion and diversification.

Alice’s Table’s Post-Shark Tank Success

Since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Alice’s Table has blossomed into a thriving enterprise, a testament to the powerful impact the show can have on burgeoning businesses. Fans of Shark Tank, particularly those with an entrepreneurial spirit, have watched with keen interest as Alice’s Table expanded its roots far beyond its initial pitch. The investment from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely was just the beginning of a journey filled with strategic partnerships and broadened horizons.

One of the most significant milestones for Alice’s Table post-Shark Tank was its alliance with 1-800-Flowers, a partnership that not only amplified its exposure but also, more importantly, ensured access to high-quality flowers for its workshops. This collaboration speaks volumes about the trust and confidence established brands have in Alice’s Table, positioning it as a leader in interactive, creative experiences.

Moreover, Alice’s Table didn’t stop at flowers. They’ve diversified their workshop offerings to include candle making and gourmet cooking, tapping into the ever-growing craze for hands-on, experiential learning. This expansion has not only attracted a wider audience but has also kept the community engaged, always coming back for more.

Their knack for forming strategic alliances extends to collaborations with influential lifestyle brands and media outlets. These partnerships have allowed for co-branded events, further expanding Alice’s Table’s reach and solidifying its reputation as a forerunner in the realm of creativity and entrepreneurship.

In essence, Alice’s Table has certainly leveraged its Shark Tank appearance to not only grow and diversify but also to strengthen the core values it stands for. Its journey post-Shark Tank serves as an inspiring blueprint for how to harness the power of mainstream exposure and strategic partnerships in scaling a business.


Alice’s Table has truly blossomed after its appearance on Shark Tank, proving that with the right support and strategic moves, a business can flourish beyond its initial vision. The partnerships with giants like 1-800-Flowers and the expansion into new creative territories like candle making and gourmet cooking have not only diversified its offerings but also enriched the experience for participants. It’s clear that the journey from a simple flower arranging workshop to a multi-faceted creative platform has been both exciting and transformative. Alice’s Table has not just grown; it’s thrived, cementing its place in the world of interactive, hands-on experiences. It’s a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and the ever-growing desire for personal creativity and connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alice’s Table’s main business?

Alice’s Table specializes in hosting interactive workshops that cover flower arranging, candle making, and gourmet cooking, aimed at enhancing creative skills through hands-on experiences.

How did Shark Tank impact Alice’s Table?

Shark Tank significantly propelled Alice’s Table forward, thanks to investments from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely. This exposure led to strategic partnerships and expanded the range of workshops offered.

What was a key partnership for Alice’s Table after Shark Tank?

A landmark partnership for Alice’s Table was with 1-800-Flowers. This collaboration not only broadened its audience but also ensured access to high-quality flowers for its workshops.

Does Alice’s Table collaborate with other brands?

Yes, Alice’s Table has formed collaborations with various lifestyle brands and media outlets. These partnerships allow for co-branded events, helping to broaden its reach and diversify workshop offerings.

What types of workshops does Alice’s Table offer?

Aside from its signature flower arranging workshops, Alice’s Table now also offers candle making and gourmet cooking classes, catering to a growing interest in diverse, creative, hands-on activities.