Behave Bras Shark Tank Update: Revolutionizing Lingerie for All

When Behave Bras stepped into the Shark Tank, they weren’t just pitching a product; they were introducing a revolution in comfort and support for women everywhere. With a unique approach to bra design, they caught the attention of millions, including the notoriously picky Sharks.

Since their appearance, there’s been a whirlwind of updates and progress for Behave Bras. They’ve navigated the post-Shark Tank waters with the finesse of seasoned entrepreneurs, expanding their reach and refining their offerings. Let’s dive into the latest on Behave Bras and see how they’re reshaping the lingerie landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Design and Comfort: Behave Bras has revolutionized the lingerie industry by focusing on unique features such as no-dig straps and breathable fabric, addressing common complaints and providing unparalleled comfort and support for women, especially those with larger busts.
  • Shark Tank Impact: The presentation on Shark Tank not only showcased Behave Bras’ innovative approach but also demonstrated their preparedness, business acumen, and clear growth strategy, sparking interest among the Sharks and the market at large.
  • Customer-Centric Growth: Since appearing on Shark Tank, Behave Bras has capitalized on the momentum to expand their product line, focusing on inclusivity and sustainability while continually refining offerings based on customer feedback and engagement.
  • Sustainability and Community Engagement: Behave Bras’ commitment to using recycled materials and implementing sustainable practices in their supply chain resonates with consumers, further strengthened by their active engagement with the community through social media and feedback loops.
  • Market Expansion and Innovation: The expansion of Behave Bras’ size range and style variety, coupled with a focus on sustainability and customer experience on their website, exemplifies their mission to innovate and cater to a broad audience, setting new industry standards.
  • Reshaping the Lingerie Landscape: Through a commitment to comfort, support, inclusivity, and sustainability, Behave Bras is not only providing a superior product but also spearheading a movement towards a more inclusive and environmentally conscious fashion industry.

The Pitch on Shark Tank

When Behave Bras stepped into the Shark Tank, they immediately captured the attention of both the Sharks and viewers alike. The founders passionately shared their story of how they aimed to revolutionize the bra industry with their unique approach to lingerie design. Their focus was on creating a bra that not only offered exceptional support but also unparalleled comfort for women, especially those with larger busts. Their dedication and clear vision resonated well with everyone in the room.

The entrepreneurs presented their innovative features, such as the no-dig straps and breathable fabric, designed to address common complaints about traditional bras. They backed up their claims with testimonials and impressive sales figures that highlighted the market’s demand for their product. The presentation was not just about the product; it was a compelling narrative of empowerment, innovation, and the pursuit of comfort.

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The Sharks were intrigued by Behave Bras’ unique selling points and the potential to tap into a largely underserved market. Questions flew fast and furious about production costs, retail strategies, and long-term vision. The founders confidently navigated this barrage, demonstrating their deep understanding of both their product and the business landscape.

As the pitch progressed, it became evident that Behave Bras had done their homework. They presented a well-thought-out business plan that included aggressive marketing strategies and a clear path to scale the business. Their preparedness and the attractiveness of the lingerie market sparked a fervent debate among the Sharks about the best way to partner with Behave Bras to maximize its growth potential.

Behave Bras’ appearance on Shark Tank wasn’t just a pitch; it was a statement about reshaping an entire industry to better serve women.

The Sharks’ Reactions

When the founders of Behave Bras stepped into the Shark Tank, they were met with a mix of curiosity and skepticism. It’s not every day that the Sharks encounter a business that promises to revolutionize a staple of daily life like the humble bra. However, as the pitch unfolded, the Sharks’ attitudes began to shift. They were clearly intrigued by the innovative design and the potential market impact.

Lori Greiner, known for her interest in products that make life easier for consumers, was the first to show genuine excitement. She was impressed by the comfort and versatility of Behave Bras, noting how these features could appeal to a wide audience. On the other hand, Mark Cuban posed tough questions about scalability and production, highlighting the challenges of entering an already competitive market.

Despite Cuban’s concerns, Kevin O’Leary saw a golden opportunity in the numbers. He was particularly impressed by the sales figures presented by the founders, which demonstrated not only market viability but also customer satisfaction. Barbara Corcoran, on the other hand, focused on the branding and marketing strategy. She questioned how Behave Bras planned to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Each Shark brought their unique perspective to the table, creating a dynamic and informative discussion. This mix of enthusiasm, caution, and curiosity from the Sharks underscored the potential of Behave Bras to make a significant splash in the lingerie industry. As the pitch session progressed, it became evident that Behave Bras was more than just a product; it was a solution to a widespread issue, backed by a passionate team ready to tackle the necessary hurdles.

The interplay of perspectives offered by the Sharks provided valuable insights not only for the founders of Behave Bras but also for aspiring entrepreneurs watching the show. It highlighted the importance of understanding your product’s unique selling point and being prepared to address the hard questions from investors.

Updates and Progress Since Shark Tank

Since their exciting debut on Shark Tank, Behave Bras has been on an upward trajectory, capturing the hearts and wardrobes of women across the nation. Known for their groundbreaking approach to combining comfort with support, they’ve not only lived up to their promises but also exceeded expectations.

The buzz from Shark Tank propelled Behave Bras into the spotlight, resulting in a significant surge in sales and brand recognition. They capitalized on this momentum by expanding their product line to include a variety of styles and sizes. This move addressed a broader range of needs and preferences, ensuring that more women could enjoy the unparalleled comfort and support Behave Bras offers.

One noteworthy achievement is their sustainability efforts. Behave Bras has not just focused on growth but has also taken significant steps in becoming more eco-friendly. They’ve introduced products made from recycled materials and implemented sustainable practices throughout their supply chain. This commitment to sustainability has resonated deeply with consumers, adding another layer of appeal to the brand.

Engagement with the community has been a key factor in their post-Shark Tank journey. Through social media and their website, Behave Bras has fostered an environment where customers can share their experiences and feedback. This level of interaction has not only built a strong and loyal customer base but has also provided invaluable insights, allowing the company to continually refine and improve their offerings.

Their story post-Shark Tank is one of determination, growth, and innovation. Behave Bras has shown that with the right blend of a great product, strong business acumen, and an unwavering commitment to their values, it’s possible to make a significant mark in the industry. Their journey from Shark Tank to now is a testament to the power of embracing change and listening to your customers.

Expanding Reach and Refining Offerings

Since their memorable pitch on Shark Tank, Behave Bras has not just sat back and basked in their moment of fame. They’ve been on a relentless mission to expand their reach and refine their offerings. One of the most compelling aspects of this journey has been their unwavering commitment to innovation.

They’ve dramatically increased their size range to ensure every woman finds her perfect fit, a move that signals their dedication to inclusivity. But that’s not all. They’ve also introduced new styles, from sports bras that promise to tame the most vigorous workouts to elegant lace designs that don’t compromise on support. It’s this variety that has helped Behave Bras stand out in a crowded market.

Sustainability has been another key focus for Behave Bras. They’ve transitioned to using recycled materials in their products, demonstrating that comfort and eco-consciousness can go hand in hand. This not only appeals to the environmentally aware consumer but also sets a precedent in the lingerie industry.

Their community engagement is another facet worth noting. Through social media interactions and feedback loops on their website, Behave Bras has cultivated a loyal fanbase eager to support and evangelize their brand. This direct line of communication has proved invaluable, allowing them to swiftly adapt and refine their products based on real customer insights.

Furthermore, the company’s digital footprint has grown exponentially. Their website is more user-friendly than ever, with a fit guide that promises to make finding the right bra a breeze. This focus on customer experience is crucial, ensuring that once someone visits their site, they’re likely to return.

In essence, Behave Bras’ journey post-Shark Tank is a testament to their adaptability and customer-focused ethos. Through expanding their product line and doubling down on sustainability and community engagement, they’re not just selling bras—they’re building a brand that stands for quality, inclusivity, and innovation.

Reshaping the Lingerie Landscape

Behave Bras has been a game-changer in the lingerie industry since their memorable appearance on Shark Tank. They’ve not just created a product; they’ve sparked a movement towards inclusivity and sustainability in fashion. Their mission to offer comfortable, supportive bras for all body types has resonated with countless women.

Key to their success has been their unwavering commitment to listening to their customers. This feedback loop has propelled their design process, resulting in a diverse range of styles and sizes that cater to a wide audience. Their adaptability and customer-focused approach have been crucial in their journey to reshape the lingerie landscape.

Sustainability has become a cornerstone of Behave Bras’ ethos. They’ve introduced bras made from recycled materials, setting a new standard for eco-friendly practices in the apparel industry. This move not only reduces waste but also challenges other brands to consider their environmental impact.

Through social media and their website, Behave Bras has fostered a vibrant community of enthusiasts and loyal customers. This engagement has allowed them to share their journey, celebrate milestones, and, most importantly, gather invaluable insights from their audience. Their ability to turn feedback into tangible improvements and innovations has set Behave Bras apart in a competitive market.

As they continue to grow, it’s clear that Behave Bras isn’t just selling products—they’re empowering women and leading the charge towards a more sustainable, inclusive future in fashion.


Behave Bras has truly revolutionized the way we think about lingerie. By putting inclusivity and sustainability at the forefront of their mission, they’ve not only created a product line that resonates with a broad audience but have also paved the way for a greener future in fashion. Their commitment to listening to their customers and continually innovating based on feedback has fostered a strong community of supporters. It’s clear that Behave Bras is more than just a brand; they’re a movement towards a more inclusive and environmentally conscious world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Behave Bras known for?

Behave Bras is celebrated for revolutionizing the lingerie industry with a strong commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. They’ve sharply listened to customer feedback to offer a wide range of styles and sizes, catering to a diverse audience. Moreover, their eco-conscious approach, utilizing recycled materials for bras, sets a benchmark for sustainability in fashion.

How did Behave Bras get its start?

Behave Bras gained significant attention and momentum after appearing on Shark Tank. This exposure was a pivotal moment, allowing them to showcase their innovative ideas on inclusivity and sustainability to a broad audience, which in turn helped propel the brand into a leading position in the lingerie industry.

How does Behave Bras contribute to sustainability?

Behave Bras contributes to sustainability by producing bras made from recycled materials. This approach not only reduces waste but also lowers the carbon footprint associated with the production of new textiles, pioneering eco-friendly practices within the apparel industry.

What makes Behave Bras different from other lingerie brands?

Behave Bras stands out by blending inclusivity, sustainability, and community engagement. Unlike many brands, they actively seek and incorporate customer feedback to refine their product range, ensuring it reflects the actual needs and desires of their diverse customer base. Their dedication to creating environmentally friendly products further distinguishes them in the market.

How can someone join the Behave Bras community?

Joining the Behave Bras community is easy and accessible. Engaging with them on social media platforms and subscribing to their website allows individuals to stay updated on the latest news, participate in discussions, and provide feedback. This inclusive approach enables Behave Bras to continue innovating and improving through direct customer insights.