Best Shark Tank Products Ever: Top Innovations and Success Stories

Over the years, the hit television series “Shark Tank” has been a launchpad for countless innovative products and services. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life have stepped into the tank to pitch their businesses, hoping to secure a life-changing investment from the show’s panel of successful business moguls.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Shark Tank products ever that have not only made their mark on the show but also in the marketplace. You’ll learn about products that have achieved significant success and have become staples in people’s daily lives.

From ingenious inventions to game-changing services, these Shark Tank products have transformed their respective industries and have inspired countless other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Top 10 Shark Tank Products

There are many successful products that have come out of Shark Tank, and in this section, we’ll discuss the top 10 of them. Whether it’s sales, influence, or innovation, these Shark Tank products have made a significant impact in their respective industries.

best shark tank products

Here are the top 10 Shark Tank products:

  1. Scrub Daddy: A versatile cleaning sponge that sold over 200 million dollars and has become a household name. Its innovative design enables it to change its texture based on water temperature.
  2. Bombas: A socially conscious sock company that donates a pair of socks to homeless shelters for every pair sold. With a focus on quality and comfort, they have been incredibly popular among consumers.
  3. Blueland: An eco-friendly cleaning product company that aims to reduce plastic waste through reusable bottles and dissolvable cleaning tablets. They have expanded both nationwide and internationally.
  4. Squatty Potty: A bathroom accessory designed to help with bowel movements by positioning the user in a more natural squatting position. The product has gained wide recognition and impressive sales.
  5. Groovebook: A subscription-based photo book service that allows users to print up to 100 photos per month in a physical photo book for a low monthly fee. It was eventually acquired by Shutterfly.
  6. Simply Fit Board: A fitness product that helps improve balance and core strength through an innovative twisting motion. It has generated millions in sales and received widespread acclaim.
  7. Tipsy Elves: A festive apparel brand that designs and sells unique holiday-themed clothing, including ugly Christmas sweaters. The company has seen significant success since its appearance on the show.
  8. Frescos Naturales: A natural skincare company offering high-quality products made from fresh, natural ingredients. Their success has allowed them to generate substantial annual revenue.
  9. Sleep Styler: A hair styling product that allows users to dry and style their hair while they sleep. The innovative rollers save time and prevent heat damage, making them a popular choice for many people.
  10. Cousins Maine Lobster: A food truck business that offers high-quality Maine lobster dishes. The company has since expanded to several locations and continues to grow in popularity.

These Shark Tank products showcase the creativity, determination, and success of entrepreneurs who have taken their ideas to the next level. Each of these top 10 products has made a significant impact in their respective markets.

The Inventors Behind the Products

Each successful Shark Tank product has a dedicated inventor or team behind it, driving its success. In this section, we’ll take a look at a few of the inventors behind some of the most popular products to have come out of the show.

Jamie Siminoff, Ring: Jamie Siminoff is the founder of Ring, a doorbell camera security system. Siminoff entered Shark Tank in 2013, and although he initially failed to secure a deal, his appearance helped boost the visibility of his product. Eventually, Ring was acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion in 2018.

Aaron Krause, Scrub Daddy: Aaron Krause is the inventor of Scrub Daddy, a unique sponge that changes texture based on water temperature. After his successful pitch on Shark Tank, Krause partnered with Lori Greiner, who helped him grow the business. Today, Scrub Daddy has sold millions of units and expanded its product line.

David Heath and Randy Goldberg, Bombas: David Heath and Randy Goldberg co-founded Bombas, a company producing purpose-driven socks. For every pair of socks sold, Bombas donates an additional pair to the homeless. Their appearance on Shark Tank led to a partnership with investor Fubu founder, Daymond John. Bombas has since become a thriving business, selling millions of socks and aiding those in need.

Stephen Chen, Petnostics: Stephen Chen is the creator of Petnostics, a smartphone app and accompanying kit that enables pet owners to test their pet’s health at home. After securing a partnership with businessman Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank, Chen has grown Petnostics into a convenient and viable solution for pet owners seeking to monitor the well-being of their beloved companions.

Impact on the Market

Various Shark Tank products have made significant impacts on their respective markets due to their innovative ideas and strong financial backing. This has led to increased competition and raised the industry standards for quality and affordability.

One example is Ring, a home security and smart home company. Their success on the show has allowed them to expand rapidly and influence the smart security industry, making security systems more accessible and technologically advanced for the average homeowner.

Another industry impacted by Shark Tank is the health and fitness sector. The Simply Fit Board has revolutionized the way people approach at-home workouts, providing a fun and effective way to stay in shape. Its popularity has led other companies to reevaluate their exercise equipment offerings and focus on creating more engaging products.

Beyond product-specific impacts, the visibility that Shark Tank provides for its contestants often leads to a domino effect for other businesses within the industry. For example, the success of Bombas, a socially-conscious sock company, has influenced a broader trend of incorporating charitable aspects into business plans, pressuring competitors to follow suit.

Moreover, the show has also created a larger platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and reach new customers, allowing for more innovation and diversity within their respective markets.

Updates and Success Stories

One of the most notable success stories from Shark Tank is Scrub Daddy, a versatile cleaning sponge that has generated over $200 million in revenue. The product gained popularity due to its unique design and functionality which adapts to different water temperatures to provide the perfect scrubbing texture.

Another standout is Grace and Lace, a company that specializes in fashionable leg warmers and boot socks. Backed by Barbara Corcoran, the brand has since expanded its product line and reportedly achieved over $14 million in sales within just two years of its Shark Tank appearance.

Shark Tank has also featured innovative products like Groovebook, a subscription service that allows users to print their smartphone photos in a personalized photobook. The company eventually sold to Shutterfly for $14.5 million, showcasing a significant return on investment for the show’s investors.

Several other successful products from the show include:

  • Squatty Potty – A bathroom accessory that has helped millions improve their posture and health during bathroom visits
  • The Sleep Styler – A heat-free hair styling product that gained immense popularity and reportedly earned over $100 million in sales
  • Tipsy Elves – A holiday-themed apparel company that has seized a market niche and accumulated over $125 million in sales since its debut

These success stories highlight the power of innovative ideas coupled with strategic investment and the visibility provided by Shark Tank.

Honorable Mentions

While we’ve covered some of the most successful products to emerge from “Shark Tank,” there are a plethora of others that deserve recognition. These honorable mentions may not have reached the same level of success as others, but they have still made a significant impact in their respective industries.

First on this list is Groovebook, a subscription-based photo book service that allows users to print their smartphone photos directly onto physical photo books. The founders struck a deal with the Sharks, which eventually led to their acquisition by Shutterfly.

Another noteworthy product is Scrub Daddy, a highly-efficient and versatile scrubbing tool. The unique design and materials used in this product make it an effective kitchen cleaning assistant, cleaning even the toughest stains without scratching surfaces.

The Squatty Potty is yet another product that has garnered a significant following. While the concept may seem odd, the ergonomic design aimed at improving the posture during bowel movements has proven to be beneficial for numerous users, leading to increased sales and a loyal customer base.

Lastly, the Bottle Breacher deserves a mention. This unique bottle opener, made from decommissioned .50 caliber bullets, has grown in popularity not only for its functionality but also as a conversation starter and unique gift item.

While these products may not have achieved the same level of monumental success as some other “Shark Tank” alumni, their innovation and impact demonstrate the immense potential of the entrepreneurs and ideas showcased on the popular television series.


In summary, numerous innovative products have found success and popularity after appearing on Shark Tank. Some of the top products include The Bouqs, Tipsy Elves, The Original Comfy, Simply Fit Board, Squatty Potty, Scrub Daddy, and Bombas. These companies have achieved remarkable growth and wide recognition, highlighting the value of entrepreneurial spirit and the Shark Tank platform’s ability to propel businesses forward.

By examining the success of these standout products, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons on innovation, branding, and marketing. Additionally, prospective Shark Tank contestants can gain insights into what pitches and business strategies resonate most with the show’s investors. As we look to the future of the show, we can anticipate the continued unveiling of new, groundbreaking products set to revolutionize various industries.

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge that Shark Tank’s influence extends beyond the businesses it helps launch. By showcasing the process of entrepreneurship and innovation, the show has inspired countless others to pursue their own ventures and transform their ideas into tangible realities. In this way, Shark Tank serves not only as a platform for business success but also as a catalyst for innovation and creativity in the broader entrepreneurial landscape.