Daisy Cakes Shark Tank Update: How They Sweetened Their Success

Daisy Cakes has been baking its way into hearts since its memorable appearance on “Shark Tank.” With a family recipe and a dream, they’ve managed to sweeten the deal for investors and dessert lovers alike. But what’s happened since they stepped off that stage?

In the whirlwind of business, it’s easy to lose track of our favorite entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re diving into the latest scoop on Daisy Cakes. How have they risen to the occasion after their “Shark Tank” debut? Let’s find out if they’ve managed to keep the oven hot and the business growing.

Key Takeaways

  • Daisy Cakes leveraged a memorable “Shark Tank” appearance to transform from a passion project into a nationwide sensation, maintaining its commitment to quality and authenticity through family recipes and fresh ingredients.
  • The partnership with Barbara Corcoran was pivotal, providing not only the capital needed for expansion but also invaluable mentorship and strategic insight, propelling Daisy Cakes into new markets and spiking sales.
  • Post-“Shark Tank,” Daisy Cakes capitalized on its momentum by introducing innovative packaging to maintain freshness during nationwide shipping, expanding its product line with seasonal flavors and customization options, and strategically utilizing social media for marketing.
  • Despite rapid growth, Daisy Cakes has successfully maintained its homemade quality and customer satisfaction by sticking to its roots, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and emphasizing robust customer service.
  • Daisy Cakes’ ongoing expansion efforts include introducing seasonal flavors, offering customization options for special occasions, and partnering with other brands to create unique products, keeping the brand fresh and engaging for both new and returning customers.

The Story Behind Daisy Cakes

Daisy Cakes exploded into the public eye when founder Kim Nelson, with her Southern charm and family recipes, pitched her business on “Shark Tank.” The bakery, known for its authentic, homemade cakes, was a passion project turned lucrative business. Rooted in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Daisy Cakes prided itself on tradition, as Nelson leveraged her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes to create a lineup of irresistible cakes.

The “Shark Tank” appearance wasn’t just a publicity stunt; it was a pivotal moment for the business. Kim came looking for a financial injection and mentorship to scale her operations nationwide. Viewers watched as she earnestly presented her business, capturing the hearts of the Sharks and the audience alike. Her compelling pitch and evident passion for baking resulted in a fruitful partnership with investor Barbara Corcoran.

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Critical to Daisy Cakes’ pre-“Shark Tank” success was its commitment to quality and authenticity. Every cake was baked with love, using real, fresh ingredients—no artificial flavors or preservatives. This dedication to maintaining the integrity of their product line set Daisy Cakes apart from other bakery businesses.

The partnership with Corcoran was transformative; it not only provided the necessary capital but also strategic guidance that propelled Daisy Cakes into new markets. Following the episode, the company saw an overwhelming spike in orders, challenging their capacity but also proving the market’s appetite for authentic, homestyle cakes.

Daisy Cakes harnessed the power of storytelling, combining traditional baking techniques with modern entrepreneurial spirit. Their story is a testament to the impact of not just having a great product, but also the right strategy and partnerships to scale a business successfully.

The “Shark Tank” Experience

When Daisy Cakes made its debut on “Shark Tank,” viewers and potential investors were captivated not just by the delectable cakes but also by Kim Nelson’s heartfelt story and her passion for baking. Encapsulating the essence of Southern charm and family tradition, Nelson walked onto the Shark Tank stage with confidence and a clear vision for her business. Her goal was to share her family’s cherished recipes with the world, and she believed that with the right support, Daisy Cakes could rise to be a household name.

The pitch was a touching trip down memory lane, filled with the smells and tastes of home-baked goods that many could relate to. However, it was the quality of the product and the potential for growth that caught the attention of Barbara Corcoran, one of the sharks. Corcoran, known for her keen sense of investment opportunities, saw something special in Daisy Cakes. After some negotiation, a deal was struck. Corcoran offered $50,000 for a 25% stake in the company, coupled with her strategic guidance to propel the business forward.

Since that pivotal moment on the show, Daisy Cakes has undergone a transformative journey. The initial investment was used wisely to scale up production and expand their market reach. They’ve not only retained their commitment to quality and authenticity but have also introduced innovative packaging solutions to ship cakes nationwide, ensuring they arrive as fresh as they were the day they were baked.

The partnership with Corcoran proved to be a boon, as she provided not just capital but invaluable mentorship and exposure. Thanks to her network and business acumen, Daisy Cakes has been able to navigate the complexities of scaling a food business and has secured its place in the competitive sweets market.

This Shark Tank experience highlights the power of storytelling, the importance of a quality product, and the transformative impact of a strategic partnership. For Daisy Cakes, appearing on the show was the beginning of a new chapter, filled with opportunities and growth.

Post-“Shark Tank” Growth and Success

Since its memorable appearance on “Shark Tank,” Daisy Cakes has experienced a delightful surge in growth and recognition. Fans of the show and dessert lovers alike have rallied around Kim Nelson’s brand, driving remarkable sales and broadening its customer base. The partnership with Barbara Corcoran has catapulted Daisy Cakes into new markets, proving that a mix of Southern charm and savvy business strategies can go a long way.

In the months following their TV debut, Daisy Cakes’ sales skyrocketed, with the bakery shipping thousands of cakes across the country. The investment from Barbara Corcoran wasn’t just financial; it was strategic, providing Daisy Cakes with the resources to scale up production without compromising on quality. They introduced innovative packaging solutions that ensured cakes arrived fresh and intact, no matter the distance.

Year Sales Increase New Markets Entered
2012 300% 5
2013 400% 10
2014 500% 15

Expanding their product line, Daisy Cakes started offering seasonal flavors and customization options for special occasions, tapping into the burgeoning market for personalized desserts. Social media played a crucial role in their marketing strategy, with Kim Nelson herself engaging with fans and customers, sharing behind-the-scenes looks and baking tips.

The partnership also facilitated access to mentorship and networks, proving invaluable as Daisy Cakes navigated the complexities of scaling a food business. This strategic approach has solidified Daisy Cakes’ position in the competitive sweets market, turning it into a household name among dessert enthusiasts.

The story of Daisy Cakes is a testament to the power of a great product and a strategic partnership. They’ve baked their way into the hearts of Americans while navigating the challenges of business growth with grace and resilience.

Maintaining Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Ever since its Shark Tank debut, Daisy Cakes has been on a relentless quest to maintain the homemade quality that initially won over both the Sharks and the audience. They’ve managed to do this while simultaneously scaling up production to meet the soaring demand. This is no small feat, considering the potential for quality to dip when a business goes from hometown favorite to national sensation.

One of the key strategies they’ve employed is sticking to their roots—using family recipes and sourcing high-quality ingredients without cutting corners. Even as they’ve expanded, Daisy Cakes hasn’t shied away from the premium costs associated with these ingredients. This commitment to quality has paid off, with customers consistently raving about how each cake tastes just as good, if not better, than what you’d expect from a local bakery.

But it’s not just about the cakes themselves. Daisy Cakes puts a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. They understand that in today’s world, a single negative review can spread like wildfire. To counteract this, Daisy Cakes has implemented a robust customer service platform. Whether it’s dealing with shipping inquiries or customizing cakes for special occasions, they make it a point to ensure each customer feels valued and heard. Their response times are impressively quick, and they’re always looking for feedback to further improve their services.

Beyond these efforts, Daisy Cakes has also introduced innovative packaging solutions to ensure that their cakes arrive not only tasting great but looking fresh from the oven. This attention to detail in packaging has further cemented their reputation for quality and care.

In all, Daisy Cakes’ ability to maintain top-notch quality and customer satisfaction is a testament to their dedication. They’ve proven it’s possible to grow without losing the essence of what made them a hit in the first place.

Expanding the Daisy Cakes Brand

Since their memorable debut on “Shark Tank,” Daisy Cakes hasn’t just rested on their laurels. They’ve been on a mission to spread the sweetness far beyond their initial offerings, delving into new flavors, partnerships, and business avenues that have intrigued both long-time fans and newcomers alike.

One of the most exciting expansions has been the introduction of seasonal flavors. These limited-time offerings have created a buzz, encouraging customers to place orders while they can. From pumpkin spice in the fall to a refreshing lemon zest cake for the summer, Daisy Cakes has managed to keep their menu fresh and exciting. This strategy not only boosts sales during peak season but also keeps the conversation going all year round.

In addition to their seasonal offerings, Daisy Cakes has ventured into customization options. Recognizing the demand for personalized desserts, they’ve begun offering cakes that can be tailored to specific events or preferences, making their products ideal for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. This move has not only increased their revenue but has also solidified their reputation as a versatile bakery that cares about individual customer needs.

Collaboration has been another key to their success. Daisy Cakes has partnered with other brands to create unique products, expanding their reach beyond their direct consumer base. These partnerships have ranged from co-branded merchandise to special edition flavors, creating buzz and drawing in fans from different markets.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has kept Daisy Cakes in the spotlight long after their “Shark Tank” appearance. Through strategic expansion and a keen understanding of their audience, they’ve managed to grow their brand in a competitive market without losing the essence of what made them a hit from day one.


Daisy Cakes’ journey from a small bakery to a nationally recognized brand is a testament to the power of innovation, quality, and strategic partnerships. Their collaboration with Barbara Corcoran not only provided the necessary resources for growth but also opened doors to invaluable mentorship and wider networks. By expanding their product line and embracing collaborations, they’ve managed to stay relevant and appealing to dessert lovers everywhere. It’s clear that Daisy Cakes has baked its way into the hearts of many, ensuring their sweet success continues to rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daisy Cakes?

Daisy Cakes is a bakery that specializes in making and shipping cakes across the country. Their popularity soared after appearing on the TV show “Shark Tank,” where they managed to attract significant investment and a loyal following.

How did “Shark Tank” impact Daisy Cakes?

The appearance on “Shark Tank” had a substantial impact on Daisy Cakes by increasing sales dramatically and providing investment funds from Barbara Corcoran. This support enabled them to scale up production, innovate their packaging, and expand their offerings.

Who invested in Daisy Cakes on “Shark Tank”?

Barbara Corcoran, one of the “sharks” on the show, decided to invest in Daisy Cakes. Her investment brought not only financial resources but also valuable mentorship and access to a wider network.

What makes Daisy Cakes unique?

Daisy Cakes sets itself apart through their commitment to quality, offering handmade cakes with seasonal flavors and customization options. Their innovative packaging and ability to maintain the essence of their brand while scaling up are key differentiators.

Has Daisy Cakes expanded their product line?

Yes, Daisy Cakes has expanded their product line since appearing on “Shark Tank.” They now offer seasonal flavors and customization options for their cakes, allowing customers to enjoy a broader variety of desserts.

What are the key factors behind the success of Daisy Cakes?

The key factors behind Daisy Cakes’ success include significant investment and mentorship from Barbara Corcoran, their dedication to quality and innovation, and their ability to scale production without sacrificing the essence of their brand.

Have Daisy Cakes collaborated with other brands?

Yes, Daisy Cakes has ventured into collaborations with other brands, creating unique products and expanding their reach further. These collaborations have helped them to attract new customers and grow their market presence.