Deskview Shark Tank Update: How They’re Redefining Workspaces Now

When Deskview stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they weren’t just pitching a product; they were introducing a whole new way to think about workspace. Their innovative window-mounted desks promised to transform any window into a potential office, making the most of natural light and views. It was a bold idea that caught the attention of viewers and Sharks alike.

Since their appearance, everyone’s been buzzing about what’s next for Deskview. They’ve made promises of revolutionizing the way we work, especially in spaces where traditional desks just don’t fit. Let’s dive into the latest updates from Deskview post-Shark Tank and see if they’ve lived up to the hype.

Key Takeaways

  • Deskview introduced an innovative window-mounted desk on Shark Tank, offering a new perspective on workspace optimization by maximizing natural light and views, which attracted attention for its potential to revolutionize work environments.
  • Despite concerns about market size and competition, Deskview’s pitch highlighted the product’s uniqueness, ease of installation, and wellness benefits, showcasing its appeal to a modern workforce looking for flexible and space-saving solutions.
  • Post-Shark Tank, Deskview has seen significant growth, with expanded product lines and a surge in sales, indicating strong market demand. The product has been positively received in various sectors, including education and corporate offices, proving its versatility and practicality.
  • User testimonials underscore Deskview’s impact on productivity and workspace satisfaction, emphasizing its role in promoting healthier work habits and the innovative use of space, especially in small or crowded environments.
  • Future plans for Deskview include product diversification, global market expansion, and the integration of smart technology, showing the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer needs in workspace design and functionality.

Deskview’s Pitch on Shark Tank

When Deskview walked into the Shark Tank, the energy in the room instantly changed. It was clear that the entrepreneurs behind this innovative product had something special. They pitched their window-mounted desk as the perfect solution for those seeking to maximize their workspace, while enjoying the natural light and beauty of their outdoor surroundings. Their ask was bold but justified given the buzz around their product: $100,000 for 10% equity. The demonstration of Deskview’s easy installation, sturdy build, and sleek design, certainly caught the Sharks’ attention.

The Sharks were intrigued by Deskview’s appeal to a modern workforce that values flexibility, space-saving solutions, and wellness through natural light. However, they also had concerns, particularly regarding the market size, competition, and scalability of the product. Despite these concerns, the passion and market knowledge of Deskview’s founders shone through, presenting a compelling case for the modern necessity of their product.

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Deskview’s strategy focused on online sales and targeting individuals who embrace minimalist lifestyles or work remotely. They stressed the uniqueness of their product in the market, its patent-pending status, and highlighted glowing customer reviews that emphasized the desk’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Though the pitch had its ups and downs, it was a pivotal moment for Deskview, propelling them into the limelight and sparking conversations about the future of workspace solutions. The Sharks’ feedback ranged from skepticism about the product’s market appeal to excitement about its innovative design, showcasing the diverse perspectives that make Shark Tank such a riveting show.

The Innovative Window-Mounted Desks

When Deskview walked into the Shark Tank, they brought with them not just a product but a whole new perspective on workspace optimization. Their window-mounted desks are a game changer for anyone craving natural light and uncluttered spaces in their work environment. It’s not just about having a desk; it’s about transforming any window into a vibrant, light-filled workplace.

Deskview’s innovative design caters to the modern workforce that values flexibility and aesthetics. The desks are sleek, minimalist, and incredibly easy to install. Imagine taking a clear, sturdy surface and securely attaching it to any glass window – that’s Deskview. They’re not only functional but also elevate the look of any room. This unique approach to office furniture caught the Sharks’ attention for good reason.

Durability and Ease of Installation are among the top qualities that set Deskview apart. The company assures that their product can be set up in minutes, providing a stable and robust workspace without taking up floor space. This feature is particularly appealing to those living in smaller apartments or working in tight office environments.

Moreover, Deskview emphasizes the wellness aspect of their product. Access to natural light and views has been shown to boost mood, increase productivity, and even improve health. By allowing users to work facing a window, Deskview tackles the common issue of insufficient exposure to natural environments in the workplace.

The company’s appearance on Shark Tank wasn’t just a pitch; it was a statement about where the future of workspaces is headed. As work culture continues to evolve, Deskview’s window-mounted desks represent a step towards more dynamic, healthy, and efficient working environments. Their appearance on the show has sparked a considerable interest in how we think about and utilize the spaces we work in, shedding light on the importance of adaptive furniture in modern office designs.

Benefits of Using Deskview

For fans of Shark Tank and enthusiasts of innovative workspace solutions, Deskview presents several benefits that stand out. This game-changing window-mounted desk doesn’t just offer a sleek and minimalist design; it elevates the concept of flexible workspaces to new heights—literally.

Firstly, Deskview maximizes the use of natural light, a crucial factor for maintaining productivity and wellness. Traditional desks often require placing lamps or positioning oneself near windows to achieve the same effect. With Deskview, users directly face the source of natural light, considerably reducing the strain on eyes and boosting mood.

Another significant advantage is the space-saving feature Deskview brings into play. Urban dwellers or those with limited home office space will find Deskview particularly appealing. The installation doesn’t eat up valuable floor space, making it an ideal solution for small apartments or crowded offices. By attaching securely to windows or glass walls, Deskview transforms underutilized areas into productive workspaces.

Deskview also promotes a healthy work environment. The standing desk format encourages users to adopt a healthier posture, combating the sedentary lifestyle that comes with traditional office setups. Periodic standing throughout the day is known to prevent back pain, increase energy, and even boost productivity.

For mobile workers and those who appreciate a change of scenery, the ease of installation is a significant perk. Unlike hefty, cumbersome desks, Deskview can be set up or moved within minutes, offering flexibility to those who enjoy moving around or are always on the go.

In the bustling world of startups and innovation showcased on Shark Tank, Deskview shines as a beacon of modern workplace solutions. Its appeal lies not just in its sleek aesthetic but in its ability to merge functionality with wellness—a crucial aspect for anyone looking to optimize their work environment.

Updates and Progress since Shark Tank

Since appearing on “Shark Tank,” Deskview has made significant strides. The enthusiastic team behind the innovative window-mounted desk didn’t just rest on their laurels after the show; they propelled their product into new heights, attracting both consumers and businesses alike.

The post-show journey for Deskview has been nothing short of exciting. They’ve expanded their product line, introducing variations that cater to a wider range of needs and preferences. From adjustable heights to various sizes, Deskview now offers something for everyone. This expansion has not only broadened their market but also underscored their commitment to versatility and user satisfaction.

Sales figures post-“Shark Tank” have been astonishing. Deskview saw a dramatic surge in orders, validating the market’s demand for such an innovative solution to workspace challenges. Schools and corporate offices have started integrating Deskview into their environments, further solidifying its practicality beyond the home office space.

The company’s emphasis on quality and customer service has earned them rave reviews. Users continue to praise the ease of installation and the transformative effect Deskview has on their work habits and productivity. Social media is abuzz with testimonials from satisfied customers, showcasing Deskview in various settings, further driving its popularity.

Deskview’s journey post-“Shark Tank” is a testament to the power of innovation coupled with strategic market positioning. Their ability to listen to customers and adapt offers valuable lessons for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Testimonials from Deskview Users

The enthusiasm from Deskview users can’t be overstated. Through a mixture of online reviews and direct feedback, they’ve painted a vivid picture of how Deskview has transformed their workspaces. For fans of Shark Tank and fellow entrepreneurs, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the real-world impact of Deskview’s innovative design.

One user, a freelance graphic designer, shared that Deskview has revolutionized her small apartment space. She mentioned, “Deskview not only saved me precious floor space but also boosted my creativity by allowing me to work with an inspiring view.”

Another testimony comes from a startup owner who incorporated Deskview units into their office. They noted the significant increase in employee satisfaction and productivity. “Our team loves the flexibility and the option to work standing up. It’s made a noticeable difference in our daily output and overall workplace vibe.”

Schools have also started to recognize Deskview’s potential. A high school principal detailed how Deskview desks in the library and study halls have encouraged students to study with better posture while enjoying the outside view. “Students are more eager to use the study areas now,” she said, emphasizing the desks’ role in creating a more engaging and health-conscious learning environment.

These stories from different corners of the Deskview user base highlight not just the product’s versatility but its ability to meet a variety of needs. Whether it’s enhancing a home office, invigorating a corporate workspace, or transforming educational environments, Deskview stands out as a testimonial-backed, space-saving, and innovative desk solution.

Entrepreneurs and fans of Shark Tank alike will find these real-world applications and positive feedback enlightening. Deskview’s journey post-Shark Tank reflects its value proposition and the role of strategic market positioning in meeting consumer needs effectively.

Future Plans and Expansion

The journey of Deskview since its appearance on Shark Tank has been nothing short of remarkable. With a solid footprint in the market and rave reviews from users across sectors, the team at Deskview is not resting on their laurels. They’re actively pursuing strategies for growth and expansion that are as innovative as their flagship window-mounted desk.

One of the key areas of focus is product diversification. Deskview plans to expand its product line to include accessories that complement the window-mounted desk, enhancing the user experience. Items such as adjustable lighting options, ergonomic chairs, and desk organizers are in the pipeline. This expansion aims not only to bolster the Deskview ecosystem but also to cater to a broader audience with varying needs.

Another exciting development is the company’s push for global market penetration. With a significant presence already established in the U.S., Deskview is setting its sights on international markets, initiating talks with distributors across Europe and Asia. The goal is to make Deskview a global name in office and educational furniture, responding to the worldwide shift towards more dynamic and flexible work environments.

Furthermore, Deskview is investing heavily in technology integration, exploring the incorporation of smart technology into their products. This includes features like health monitoring to remind users to adjust their posture or take breaks, further emphasizing their commitment to promoting a healthy workplace.

These plans underscore Deskview’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, aiming not only to meet the current demands of their consumers but also to anticipate future trends in the workspace. With these strategies in place, Deskview is poised for even greater success, proving that their vision for a more efficient and healthy work environment resonates well beyond the Shark Tank stage.


Deskview’s journey since Shark Tank has been nothing short of inspiring. They’re not just resting on their laurels but are pushing the envelope with plans for innovation and global expansion. By branching out into accessories and exploring smart technology integration, they’re ensuring their products remain at the forefront of consumer desires. Their ambition to conquer markets in Europe and Asia speaks volumes about their vision for the future. With such dedication to growth and customer satisfaction, Deskview is clearly on a trajectory for even more remarkable achievements ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deskview, and why has it gained popularity?

Deskview is a company known for its innovative window-mounted desks, gaining popularity for its unique space-saving solutions and appearance on Shark Tank.

What are Deskview’s future plans for growth?

Deskview plans to expand its product line with accessories, target global markets by partnering with distributors in Europe and Asia, and integrate smart technology into its products to enhance user experience.

How is Deskview planning to innovate its products?

Deskview intends to incorporate smart technology into their products, aiming to improve functionality and satisfaction for its users.

Are there plans for Deskview to expand globally?

Yes, Deskview is initiating talks with distributors in Europe and Asia as part of its strategy for global market penetration.

How does Deskview aim to enhance user experience?

Deskview aims to enhance user experience by expanding its product line with functional accessories and integrating smart technology into its products.