Go Oats Shark Tank Update: How They’re Changing Breakfast Forever

When Go Oats rolled into the Shark Tank, they brought with them a fresh take on breakfast: oatmeal bites that are both nutritious and delicious. It’s an idea that’s as simple as it is innovative, turning the traditional breakfast porridge into something you can enjoy on the go. But what’s happened since they faced the Sharks?

Fans of the show and oatmeal enthusiasts alike have been eager for an update. They’ve seen many businesses soar to new heights after their Shark Tank appearance, and they’re curious if Go Oats has managed to capture that same magic. Let’s dive into the latest on Go Oats and see where they’re at now.

Key Takeaways

  • Go Oats introduced a unique and innovative product, oatmeal bites, to the market, transforming traditional breakfast oatmeal into a convenient and nutritious snack suitable for on-the-go consumption.
  • Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Go Oats experienced a significant surge in sales and interest, indicating a strong market demand for convenient, wholesome snack options.
  • With a strategic investment and partnership secured from Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, Go Oats has been able to expand their product lines, enter new markets, and increase their retail and online presence significantly.
  • Success on Shark Tank has propelled Go Oats into the spotlight, allowing them to capitalize on the opportunity by enhancing production, diversifying their offerings, and strengthening their brand recognition and community engagement online.
  • Go Oats’ trajectory post-Shark Tank serves as an inspiring example of how innovative products, combined with effective marketing and strategic partnerships, can redefine industry standards and lead to substantial business growth.

The Shark Tank Pitch: Go Oats’ Fresh Take on Breakfast

When Go Oats made their pitch on Shark Tank, they brought a completely fresh perspective to the breakfast table. Their product, oatmeal bites, is a novel twist on traditional oatmeal. Each bite is a ball of oatmeal, rolled oats, and other flavorful ingredients, designed to provide a convenient and tasty breakfast option. It’s precisely the kind of innovation that catches the eye of the Sharks.

During their pitch, the founder of Go Oats, Nahum Jeannot, showcased the product’s uniqueness and its appeal to a broad audience. He explained how the oatmeal bites offer a grab-and-go convenience that’s perfect for busy mornings. The idea is simple yet genius—combining the warmth and comfort of oatmeal with the convenience of a snack you can eat without a spoon.

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The Sharks were intrigued by the concept and the market potential. Go Oats had already seen some success prior to appearing on Shark Tank, giving the Sharks confidence in the product’s ability to capture a significant market share. The pitch highlighted not only the product’s unique selling proposition but also the passion and commitment of its founder.

Investment details were keenly discussed, with Jeannot seeking a partnership to take Go Oats to the next level. The dialogue between Jeannot and the Sharks delved into production costs, sales figures, and strategic plans for expansion. The interaction was a classic Shark Tank moment—tense negotiations, with both sides assessing the potential of a fruitful partnership.

The presentation of Go Oats on Shark Tank was not just about securing an investment. It was also about introducing a novel product to a wider audience. Shark Tank viewers got a first-hand look at a brand aiming to revolutionize breakfast, making it more enjoyable and convenient for everyone.

The Innovation: Turning Oatmeal into On-the-Go Bites

Go Oats’ pitch on Shark Tank wasn’t just another food product introduction. It was a revelation for oatmeal lovers and on-the-go snackers alike. They’ve managed to transform the traditional breakfast bowl into bite-sized delights, perfectly blending convenience with nutrition. This innovation stems from a simple yet groundbreaking idea: oatmeal doesn’t have to be confined to a bowl.

The founder, fueled by a passion for oatmeal and a knack for creativity, envisioned a snack that could be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The result was Go Oats oatmeal bites, a snack that promises to keep you fueled throughout your busy day without compromising on taste or health benefits. These bites are made with whole ingredients and come in a variety of flavors, catering to a wide range of palates.

One of the key aspects that caught the Sharks’ attention was the market potential of such an innovative product. In a world where convenience often trumps nutrition, Go Oats found a way to offer the best of both worlds. Their oatmeal bites stand out in the burgeoning snack industry not just for their uniqueness but also for their commitment to wholesomeness and sustainability.

Go Oats has set a new standard for snack foods, proving that with a little ingenuity, it’s possible to transform even the most traditional dishes into something novel and marketable. Their journey on Shark Tank has only further highlighted the importance of innovation in the food industry, particularly when it comes to meeting the needs of today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

The Anticipation: What Happened After the Shark Tank?

After the curtains fell on Go Oats’ appearance on Shark Tank, fans and oatmeal lovers alike were on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to see how the company would fare in the real world. The pitch, filled with enthusiasm and a clear vision, had set expectations high. It wasn’t just about securing the investment but also about validating the market demand for convenient and wholesome oatmeal bites.

In the weeks following the show, Go Oats experienced a significant surge in interest and sales. Their online platforms were buzzing with activity, and their stock was flying off the shelves faster than they could replenish. This immediate response was a clear indicator of the market’s readiness for a product that promised both nutrition and convenience.

  • Surge in Sales: Post-Shark Tank, Go Oats witnessed a remarkable increase in both online and retail sales. The exposure from the show propelled the brand into the spotlight, generating an influx of orders from new customers eager to try the innovative oatmeal bites.
  • Expansion Plans: Armed with fresh capital and a strategic partnership, Go Oats began laying the groundwork for expansion. Plans to diversify the product range and enter new markets were put into motion, signaling a new chapter in the company’s growth journey.
  • Increased Production: To keep up with the growing demand, Go Oats ramped up production. Investments were made in scaling up manufacturing capabilities and streamlining the supply chain to ensure that customers had constant access to their favorite oatmeal bites.

The anticipation post-Shark Tank was not just about whether Go Oats could capitalize on the momentary spotlight. It was about witnessing the birth of a brand that promised to redefine the way people perceive and consume oatmeal. With a solid foundation and the wind of Shark Tank’s exposure at their back, Go Oats was poised for an exciting trajectory of growth and innovation.

Success Stories: Businesses That Soared After Shark Tank

Shark Tank has been a launchpad for many businesses, propelling them into the stratosphere of success. Let’s dive into a few standout companies that have thrived post Shark Tank appearance.

Scrub Daddy stands as a testament to the power of Shark Tank. They pitched their innovative scrubbing tool in Season 4 and quickly became one of the show’s most successful stories. The company’s sales soared from a modest $100,000 to a whopping $209 million in the years following their appearance. What set Scrub Daddy apart was not just their unique product but also their adept exploitation of the Shark Tank exposure.

Another remarkable success story is Bombas. The company’s mission to reinvent the sock industry by focusing on comfort and giving back struck a chord with both the Sharks and the audience. Since their pitch in Season 6, Bombas has sold over $225 million worth of socks and underwear, underlining the impact of social entrepreneurship coupled with smart marketing.

Then there’s Tipsy Elves, a brand that transformed ugly Christmas sweaters into a fashion statement. Before Shark Tank, they had sales of $600,000, but the exposure and guidance from the show propelled them to exceed $100 million in sales. Tipsy Elves capitalized on the holiday spirit and expanded their product line, proving that with the right strategy, seasonal products can achieve year-round success.

Business Before Shark Tank Sales Current Sales
Scrub Daddy $100,000 $209 million
Bombas N/A $225 million
Tipsy Elves $600,000 $100 million+

These stories are a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating the transformative potential of Shark Tank. Success isn’t guaranteed, but with a solid product, unwavering determination, and maybe a Shark’s backing, the sky’s the limit.

Go Oats Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Since their memorable pitch on Shark Tank, Go Oats has been riding a wave of success that hasn’t slowed down. Fans of the show know all too well the potential for businesses to skyrocket after their appearance, and Go Oats is no exception. After securing a deal with Barbara Corcoran, the oatmeal bites brand was propelled into the spotlight, causing a significant surge in interest and sales.

One of the most compelling aspects of Go Oats’ journey is their relentless pursuit of growth. They’ve expanded their product lines, introducing new flavors and packaging options to meet the preferences of a broader audience. Their dedication to quality and convenience echoes in every new product they launch, making breakfast routines everywhere a bit more exciting.

Retail expansion has been a significant focus for Go Oats post-Shark Tank. They’ve managed to secure shelf space in numerous high-profile supermarkets and local groceries across the country. This physical presence has not only boosted sales but has also increased brand recognition exponentially.

Online sales have seen an impressive uptick as well. The brand’s website and various e-commerce platforms have become bustling hubs for oatmeal enthusiasts looking to get their hands on these tasty, convenient bites. By enhancing their digital footprint, Go Oats has tapped into a wider market, encompassing busy professionals, parents on the go, and health-conscious eaters seeking nutritious options.

In addition to their commercial success, Go Oats has not forgotten to engage with their community. Through social media and other digital channels, they continue to share recipes, serving suggestions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the company. This active engagement has fostered a loyal following eager to see what’s next.

As Go Oats moves forward, it’s clear that their Shark Tank appearance was just the beginning. With new products, expanded retail presence, and a robust online community, they’re setting new benchmarks in the food industry, redefining how we enjoy oatmeal.


Go Oats has truly transformed since their Shark Tank appearance, riding the wave of success with Barbara Corcoran’s backing. Their journey from a simple oatmeal bites brand to a household name is nothing short of inspiring. With expanded product lines and new flavors that tantalize the taste buds, they’ve made oatmeal exciting again. Their strategic push into both online and physical retail spaces shows a brand that’s not just surviving but thriving. Engaging with fans and oatmeal lovers online, they’ve built a community that’s as passionate about their products as they are. It’s clear that Go Oats isn’t just setting trends in the food industry—they’re creating a whole new playbook on how to enjoy oatmeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Go Oats after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Go Oats secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran, leading to a significant surge in interest and sales. They expanded their product lines, introduced new flavors, and began focusing on both retail and online sales expansion.

Who did Go Oats make a deal with on Shark Tank?

Go Oats made a deal with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, which helped fuel their growth and expansion in the food industry.

How has Go Oats expanded since Shark Tank?

Since their Shark Tank appearance, Go Oats has expanded by introducing new flavors and packaging options, securing shelf space in high-profile supermarkets, and boosting their online sales through their website and e-commerce platforms.

Where can I buy Go Oats?

Go Oats products are available in high-profile supermarkets, local groceries, and online through their website and various e-commerce platforms.

Has Go Oats introduced any new flavors?

Yes, Go Oats has introduced new flavors as part of their product line expansion, catering to a broader audience and enriching the oatmeal experience.

How is Go Oats engaging with their community?

Go Oats is actively engaging with their community through social media and digital channels, building a strong online presence and interacting directly with their customers.