Gotta Have S’more Shark Tank Update: Their Sweet Rise to Success

When “Gotta Have S’more” stepped into the Shark Tank, they weren’t just pitching a product; they were offering a taste of nostalgia wrapped in innovation. This unique take on the classic s’more grabbed attention not just for its delicious twist but also for its potential to shake up the snack industry.

Since their appearance, fans and foodies alike have been buzzing with curiosity. How did the sharks react to this gooey goodness? More importantly, where is “Gotta Have S’more” now after the cameras stopped rolling and the real work began? Let’s dive into the latest updates from this sweet venture and see if they managed to capture the sharks’ hearts—and investments.

Key Takeaways

  • “Gotta Have S’more” innovatively transformed the classic s’more into a smuffin, a convenient and delicious gourmet treat, showcasing a blend of nostalgia and innovation.
  • The company demonstrated promising financials and potential for growth during their Shark Tank pitch, capturing the sharks’ interest with their strong sales figures, attractive profit margins, and plans for expansion.
  • The smuffin’s unique shape and commitment to high-quality ingredients elevate the traditional s’more experience, making it a novel product in the competitive food industry.
  • Despite varied reactions from the sharks, “Gotta Have S’more” capitalized on the Shark Tank exposure to significantly grow their online sales and digital presence, streamline operations, and expand into retail with a focus on gourmet markets and specialty stores.
  • Post-Shark Tank, the company has remained dedicated to innovation, regularly introducing new flavors and testing new products to keep the brand exciting and relevant in the dessert marketplace.
  • “Gotta Have S’more’s” journey from Shark Tank to sweet success illustrates the impact of a great idea, quality product, and strategic growth, making it an inspiring story for budding entrepreneurs and food industry aspirants.

The Pitch: “Gotta Have S’more” in the Shark Tank

In an unforgettable episode, “Gotta Have S’more” took to the Shark Tank stage with a twist on the nostalgic campfire treat, catching the attention of both the sharks and the audience. The entrepreneur behind this innovative snack, brimming with enthusiasm, presented their smuffin—a s’more molded into a muffin-like shape, offering the gooey, chocolatey goodness in a more convenient form.

The pitch was as much about the smuffin’s unique appeal as it was about the story behind the creation. The founder shared their journey of experimenting with various recipes before perfecting this s’more hybrid, aiming to elevate the traditional s’more experience. They highlighted the meticulous process of sourcing quality ingredients to ensure each bite was as memorable as the next.

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Financially, “Gotta Have S’more” presented promising numbers. They laid out their sales to date, profit margins, and visions for future growth, capturing the sharks’ interest. Here’s a breakdown:

Aspect Details
Sales Strong with consistent growth year over year
Margins Attractive, allowing for healthy profit
Expansion Plans for national distribution and online presence Aiming

Sharks’ reactions varied, with some expressing skepticism about the ability to scale and others intrigued by the product’s uniqueness and branding potential. The questions flew fast and thick, focusing on valuation, market competition, and long-term scalability.

The entrepreneur navigated inquiries with a balance of optimism and realism, demonstrating a clear understanding of the challenges ahead but also showing confidence in their product’s ability to stand out in the competitive food industry.

A Unique Twist on a Classic: The Innovative S’more

When “Gotta Have S’more” pitched their idea on Shark Tank, they brought more than just a business plan—they introduced a fresh take on the nostalgic s’more. Traditionally, this fireside treat consists of a roasted marshmallow and a chocolate piece sandwiched between two graham crackers. However, “Gotta Have S’more” transformed this classic into something extraordinary: the smuffin.

The smuffin is a delightful hybrid, marrying the s’more’s beloved flavors with the convenience and appeal of a muffin’s shape. Each smuffin is meticulously crafted, ensuring a burst of gooey, chocolatey goodness with every bite. The founders emphasized not just the innovative shape but also the commitment to using high-quality ingredients, elevating the smuffin from a simple snack to a gourmet experience.

  • Innovative Shape: Muffin-like appearance offering a unique eating experience.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Carefully selected to enhance flavor and texture.
  • Gourmet Experience: Elevates the traditional s’more to a new level of enjoyment.

Shark Tank viewers and the Sharks themselves were intrigued by this novel concept. The presentation highlighted the company’s journey, from the initial idea sparked by a love for s’mores to the challenge of reimagining the treat for a wider market. Sales numbers and profitability were discussed, revealing the product’s strong market presence and potential for growth.

The Sharks’ reactions ranged from curiosity about the sustainability of the smuffin’s novelty to excitement about its branding opportunities. Questions about scalability, production processes, and strategic plans for expansion were tackled with a mix of realism and optimism. This balance demonstrated a clear vision for “Gotta Have S’more” and its dedication to carving out a unique space in the competitive food industry.

The Sharks’ Reactions: Did They Bite?

When “Gotta Have S’more” stepped into the Shark Tank, the vibes were as enticing as the aroma of their smuffins. The founders, equipped with their unique blend of nostalgia and innovation, were ready to tempt the Sharks with their gourmet twist on the classic s’more. The Sharks, known for their discerning tastes and keen business acumen, were all ears—and mouths—as they dove into the smuffin experience.

Lori Greiner, always with an eye for trending products, was intrigued by the smuffin’s marketability. She questioned the scalability of the product, pondering if the smuffin could indeed transform from a culinary delight to a nationwide sensation. Mark Cuban, on the other hand, focused on the digital aspect, contemplating how “Gotta Have S’more” could leverage online sales to sweeten their success story further.

Kevin O’Leary, Mr. Wonderful himself, drilled down into the numbers. He was curious about the cost of goods sold (COGS) and the profit margins. The entrepreneur’s response was a testament to their preparation and understanding of the business. They presented their financials confidently, demonstrating a promising balance of quality and profitability.

Meanwhile, Daymond John assessed the branding opportunities. He envisioned the smuffin as not just a treat but a lifestyle, contemplating partnerships and collaborations that could propel “Gotta Have S’more” into new markets. Barbara Corcoran, known for her strategic investments in food companies, weighed the consumer appeal against the operational challenges of producing gourmet food products.

The interaction was a blend of curiosity, mentorship, and the quintessential Shark Tank scrutiny. Each Shark brought their perspective to the table, evaluating “Gotta Have S’more” from different angles—product appeal, brand potential, financial health, and market scalability. The founders navigated the questions with a balance of passion and pragmatism, showcasing their dedication to making the smuffin a staple in the dessert world.

Life After the Shark Tank: Where is “Gotta Have S’more” Now?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, “Gotta Have S’more” has embarked on a savory journey that has seen them expand beyond the confines of their initial success. The ingenuity of the smuffin—their gourmet s’more-muffin hybrid—caught the attention of dessert lovers and led to significant growth.

In the aftermath of their pitch to the Sharks, the company ramped up production to meet the surge of interest generated by the show. They streamlined their operations, improving efficiency without compromising the quality of their high-end ingredients. This ensured each smuffin remained a delectable treat for consumers.

Online sales skyrocketed, with “Gotta Have S’more” boosting their digital marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. They’ve leveraged social media platforms and their website to showcase new flavors and limited-time offers, creating a buzz that keeps customers coming back for more.

Additionally, the company began to explore retail opportunities, targeting specialty food stores and gourmet markets. This move not only widened their distribution network but also placed their product in front of consumers who value quality, artisan foods.

While they’ve faced challenges along the way, including navigating the complexities of scaling a food business, “Gotta Have S’more” has remained steadfast in their commitment to innovation. They constantly test new flavors and products, ensuring the brand stays fresh and exciting.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlined operations for increased efficiency.
  • Significant growth in online sales and digital presence.
  • Expansion into retail, targeting gourmet markets and specialty stores.
  • Continued commitment to product innovation with new flavors.

As “Gotta Have S’more” continues on its journey post-Shark Tank, it’s clear that the smuffin has carved out its niche in the competitive dessert marketplace. Their story is a testament to the power of a great idea, quality ingredients, and the resilience to navigate the ups and downs of the food industry.

Building a Sweet Success: Updates from the Venture

Since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, “Gotta Have S’more” has continued to wow sweet-toothed fans and foodies alike with their ingenious smuffin. The excitement from the show has translated into palpable growth and innovation for the company. They’ve not only increased their production capacity but have also maintained the high-quality of their ingredients, which is no small feat. Their efforts have resulted in a significant uplift in online sales, proving that the Shark Tank effect is very real and quite potent.

In response to the burgeoning demand, “Gotta Have S’more” has amped up their digital marketing strategies. Social media platforms and online advertising have become their playgrounds, reaching more dessert enthusiasts than ever before. They’ve also ventured into new territories by targeting specialty food stores and gourmet markets, marking a bold step into retail. This expansion strategy is geared towards making the smuffin more accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that anyone with a craving can easily satisfy it.

Amidst the expansion and scaling up, innovation remains at the heart of “Gotta Have S’more”. The team is constantly in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavors and products that promise to keep the brand fresh and exciting. It’s this commitment to creativity and quality that sets the smuffin apart in the competitive dessert marketplace.

For fans and followers of Shark Tank, “Gotta Have S’more’s” journey is a testament to the power of a great idea, coupled with determination and strategic growth. Watching a business evolve post-Shark Tank is always thrilling, and “Gotta Have S’more” is crafting its story with every delicious bite of their unique smuffins.


Gotta Have S’more’s journey since their Shark Tank debut has been nothing short of inspiring. They’ve skillfully balanced expansion with maintaining the essence of what makes their treats special. It’s their dedication to quality, combined with a savvy approach to growth, that’s propelled them into new markets and hearts. As they continue to innovate and spread the joy of their delicious s’mores, it’s clear they’re not just a success story from Shark Tank—they’re a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Here’s to hoping they keep the flame alive and the s’mores coming for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has “Gotta Have S’more” changed since appearing on Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, “Gotta Have S’more” has increased its production capacity and maintained the high quality of ingredients, resulting in an uplift in online sales. The company has also enhanced its digital marketing strategies and expanded into retail, targeting specialty food stores and gourmet markets.

What strategies contributed to the success of “Gotta Have S’more” after Shark Tank?

The key strategies contributing to the success of “Gotta Have S’more” include the increase in production capacity while ensuring ingredient quality, boosting online sales, escalating digital marketing efforts, and expanding into retail stores and gourmet markets.

Has “Gotta Have S’more” remained innovative after its expansion?

Yes, despite its expansion, “Gotta Have S’more” has stayed committed to innovation by constantly experimenting with new flavors and products, ensuring they continue to capture the interest and taste of their customers.

Where can I find “Gotta Have S’more” products?

“Gotta Have S’more” products are available online and have expanded into retail, targeting specialty food stores and gourmet markets. This dual approach makes their products accessible to a wider audience.

What is the key takeaway from the journey of “Gotta Have S’more”?

The key takeaway from the journey of “Gotta Have S’more” is the power of a great idea, determination, and strategic growth. Their journey showcases how a business can thrive by adapting to market demands, maintaining product quality, and constantly innovating.