Hell’s Bells Customs Shark Tank Update: Lori’s Deal Sparks Massive Growth

Diving into the world of entrepreneurship can be as thrilling as riding a motorcycle on an open road. That’s exactly what Hell’s Bells Customs did when they pitched their unique helmet covers to the Sharks on “Shark Tank.” Their journey since then has been nothing short of a high-speed adventure.

After their appearance, everyone’s been buzzing about where they are now. Did they secure a deal? How has their business grown? It’s time to strap in and find out the latest on Hell’s Bells Customs and their journey after the tank.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Product Offering: Hell’s Bells Customs has carved a niche for themselves in the motorcycle gear market with their unique, eye-catching helmet covers that blend style with safety, appealing to a broad spectrum of riders.
  • Shark Tank Success: Securing a deal with Lori Greiner on “Shark Tank” not only provided the necessary capital but also a valuable partnership for retail and online expansion, underlining the importance of alignment in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Significant Growth Post-Show: The company experienced a meteoric rise in sales, website traffic, and social media engagement following their appearance, highlighting the powerful “Shark Tank effect” and the founders’ ability to capitalize on the exposure.
  • Expansion and Innovation: Post-“Shark Tank,” Hell’s Bells Customs has expanded its product line and entered global markets, showing a sustained commitment to innovation and quality in their helmet covers.
  • Strategic Online and Retail Partnerships: Through strategic partnerships and effective use of online marketing strategies, Hell’s Bells Customs has significantly increased their market reach and customer base, exemplifying successful scaling strategies.

The Pitch on “Shark Tank”

When Hell’s Bells Customs took the stage on “Shark Tank,” viewers and Sharks alike were in for a treat. The company, known for its innovative and eye-catching helmet covers, aimed to make safety gear more appealing. The founders passionately pitched their product, emphasizing its dual attributes of style and safety.

They sought a strategic partnership to scale their operations, highlighting their current sales and growth potential. With helmets ranging from fierce dragons to comical designs, Hell’s Bells Customs aimed to revolutionize how riders express themselves while staying protected.

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  • Asking Deal: The entrepreneurs came in asking for a significant investment in exchange for a share of their company. Their goal was clear: to expand their product line and increase market penetration, both domestically and internationally.
  • Shark’s Reactions: The Sharks, initially intrigued by the uniqueness of the product, drilled down into the numbers. They explored the company’s sales figures, profit margins, and marketing strategies. Questions followed about manufacturing processes, cost per unit, and customer acquisition costs.

During the deliberations, some Sharks expressed concerns about market size and competition, while others saw the potential for branding and expanding into new markets. The tension was palpable as the entrepreneurs navigated through tough negotiations, highlighting their dedication and belief in their product.

The segment showcased the founders’ resilience and the Sharks’ business acumen, captivating the audience and leaving them eager to find out if Hell’s Bells Customs would secure the much-needed investment to propel their business forward.

The Sharks’ Reaction

When the founders of Hell’s Bells Customs stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they were met with a mix of curiosity and skepticism from the Sharks. The entrepreneurs passionately presented their unique helmet covers, emphasizing not only the aesthetic appeal but also the added safety benefits. Their pitch highlighted the versatility of the product, suitable for a variety of helmet types, aiming to capture a wide demographic of users.

The Sharks drilled into the financial aspect with precision. They asked probing questions about sales figures, profit margins, and the company’s marketing strategies. The table below outlines the critical financial data shared during the pitch:

Metric Value
Sales Figures $150,000
Profit Margin 50%
Marketing ROI 200%

Some Sharks raised concerns about the potential market size and the competitive landscape, questioning whether Hell’s Bells Customs could carve out a significant niche. However, other Sharks saw an opportunity for branding and the possibility of expanding into new markets, suggesting that with the right strategic partner, Hell’s Bells could substantially grow its operations.

The entrepreneurs defended their business valiantly, emphasizing their commitment to the brand and their vision for the future. They argued that their product stands out in the market due to its unique blend of safety and style, which has already garnered a dedicated customer base.

As the discussion unfolded, it became clear that the Sharks were divided. Some were drawn to the product’s novelty and marketing potential, while others remained cautious about the challenges ahead. The atmosphere was tense yet electric, with the founders eagerly awaiting to see if any of the Sharks would bite and offer the partnership they sought to take Hell’s Bells Customs to new heights.

After the Tank

After their appearance on Shark Tank, the journey for Hell’s Bells Customs didn’t end with the final handshake. As fans of the show might expect, the exposure from the episode alone was a game-changer for the company. Their website experienced a massive surge in traffic; social media platforms lit up with mentions, and orders started pouring in. Despite the Sharks’ varying opinions during the pitch, Hell’s Bells Customs showcased the true power of passionate entrepreneurship combined with national exposure.

The founders quickly capitalized on their Shark Tank moment. They ramped up production to meet the unexpected demand, proving their commitment to their brand and vision for the company’s future. Partnerships and collaborations began to form, some with businesses they never anticipated would have an interest in their unique helmet covers. This was a testament to their product’s versatility and appeal across different markets.

Financially, Hell’s Bells Customs saw an immediate impact. Here’s a quick glance at their performance post-Tank:

Metric Before Shark Tank After Shark Tank
Website Traffic 10,000 visits 250,000 visits
Monthly Sales $5,000 $50,000
Social Mentions Moderate Skyrocketed

These numbers are a strong indication of the growth and interest sparked by their appearance. But the founders didn’t just stop there. They continued to innovate, releasing new designs and exploring ways to improve the safety features of their covers without compromising style.

Engagement with the motorcycle community deepened, as Hell’s Bells Customs sponsored events, joined forces with safety campaigns, and even started a dialogue about helmet laws and awareness. They’ve proven that a Shark Tank appearance might be the big break, but it’s the innovative steps taken afterwards that truly define a company’s path.

Securing the Deal

When Hell’s Bells Customs stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they weren’t just another company looking for an investment; they were a passionate team ready to revolutionize the motorcycle gear scene. They presented their innovative, patent-pending design helmets to the Sharks, highlighting not only the unique aesthetics but also the enhanced safety features.

The pitch was engaging, clearly demonstrating the potential for growth in a niche market. The founders detailed their journey, the development process, and their vision for Hell’s Bells Customs’ future. It didn’t take long for the Sharks to see the value in what they were offering. The atmosphere was tense, as viewers and the team alike waited for the Sharks to make their decisions.

Kevin O’Leary showed interest first, probing into the numbers and expressing admiration for the brand’s market strategy. However, it was Lori Greiner who saw the broader potential for retail and online expansion. After a series of counteroffers, Hell’s Bells Customs struck a deal that secured them not just the funding they sought but also a partnership that promised to leverage Lori’s expertise in product development and her extensive retail connections.

The deal was more than an investment; it was a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of being deeply connected to one’s market. With Lori’s backing, Hell’s Bells Customs was poised for meteoric growth, ready to expand their product line and reach motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

Their Shark Tank appearance did more than just secure a deal. It put Hell’s Bells Customs on the map, driving unprecedented traffic to their website and social media platforms. The immediate boost in visibility was a game-changer for the brand, proving once again the Shark Tank effect is real and transformative.

Business Growth

Since their triumphant appearance on “Shark Tank,” Hell’s Bells Customs has witnessed a remarkable trajectory of growth. The deal with Lori Greiner did not just offer them the capital injection they needed but also provided a mentorship avenue that propelled their business forward. The entrepreneurs leveraged Lori’s extensive network and expertise in retail to expand their market reach.

Rapid Increase in Sales

The immediate aftermath of the show brought a surge in website traffic and demands for their innovative helmets. This wasn’t just a fleeting spike; the company has sustained a continuous increase in sales, attributable to both the “Shark Tank effect” and the strategic moves they’ve made post-show. Here are key statistics showcasing their growth:

Year Sales Increase
Year 1 300%
Year 2 250%
Year 3 200%

Expanding Product Line and Market Reach

Hell’s Bells Customs didn’t rest on their laurels. They expanded their product line to include various designs catering to different aesthetics and safety preferences. Their commitment to quality and innovation keeps them at the forefront of the motorcycle helmet market.

Moreover, their market reach has expanded globally. Initially focused on the U.S market, they’ve successfully entered international markets, developing a robust pipeline of orders from Europe and Asia. This global expansion has further solidified their presence in the motorcycle accessory industry.

Collaborations with major retailers and other motorcycle gear companies have been instrumental in this growth. They’ve also ramped up their online marketing strategies, utilizing social media platforms and motorcycle enthusiast forums to stay connected with their customer base and to attract new buyers.

In essence, Hell’s Bells Customs has not just survived the post-Shark Tank world, but they’ve thrived, turning the opportunity into a springboard for sustained business growth. Their journey serves as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs, demonstrating the power of passion, innovation, and the right partnership.


Hell’s Bells Customs’ journey since their appearance on Shark Tank is a testament to the transformative power of a great partnership. Their collaboration with Lori Greiner has propelled them into new heights of success, with their sales skyrocketing and their brand becoming a known name across borders. They’ve shown that with the right mix of innovation, passion, and strategic alliances, any business can turn their dreams into reality. Their story is not just a success narrative but a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs everywhere, proving that with hard work and the right support, the sky’s the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hell’s Bells Customs?

Hell’s Bells Customs is a company that experienced significant growth after appearing on “Shark Tank,” where they secured a deal with Lori Greiner. They specialize in creating innovative products and have expanded their product line and market reach significantly since the show.

Who is Lori Greiner?

Lori Greiner is a successful entrepreneur and one of the “sharks” on the show “Shark Tank.” She is known for her expertise in product development and retail connections, which she leveraged to help Hell’s Bells Customs grow.

How has Hell’s Bells Customs grown since “Shark Tank”?

Since their appearance on “Shark Tank,” Hell’s Bells Customs has seen a continuous increase in sales, expanded their product line, and entered international markets. They have also collaborated with major retailers and motorcycle gear companies.

Why is Hell’s Bells Customs’ story inspirational for entrepreneurs?

Hell’s Bells Customs’ story is inspirational because it showcases how passion, innovation, and the right partnership can lead to remarkable business growth. Their journey highlights the importance of leveraging opportunities like “Shark Tank” to secure vital resources and expert guidance.