Influencers in the Wild Board Game Review: Expert Insights

Influencers in the Wild Board Game has gained significant attention among the board game enthusiasts and those who follow influencer culture. Based on the viral Instagram account, Influencers in the Wild, this engaging and hilarious game offers a satirical look at the world of social media influencers. Players of the game will find themselves immersed in bizarre and comical tasks designed to poke fun at the often-glamorous lives portrayed online.

The game is designed for ages 17 and older, providing a light-hearted and humorous experience for players. It includes a playing board, six influencer playing pieces, 150 playing cards, 150 clout cards, one die, and instructions. Each player selects an influencer playing piece to represent themselves throughout the game, aiming to gain followers and clout as they complete creative and outlandish tasks.

As players proceed around the board, they’ll draw cards and participate in amusing situations such as posting peculiar videos or dealing with awkward scenarios. Reviews indicate that Influencers in the Wild Board Game elicits laughter and excitement, making it a fantastic choice for those looking for a light-hearted gaming experience.

Overview of Influencers in the Wild Board Game

Game Components

Influencers in the Wild is a board game designed for ages 17 and up, which deals with social media fame and its challenges. The game includes a playing board, 6 influencer playing pieces, 150 hilarious playing cards, and 150 clout cards. In this game, players compete to collect the most followers on their way to the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles, just like real-life influencers.

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The game involves several types of cards, such as challenge cards, question cards, clout cards, penalty cards, and bonus cards. These cards add excitement and intrigue to the game, with players encountering various social media-related scenarios that can affect their follower counts.

  • Challenge Cards: Players must complete challenges to gain or lose followers.
  • Question Cards: Players must answer questions related to social media scenarios.
  • Clout Cards: These cards represent followers and influencers’ clout in the game.
  • Penalty Cards: Players may receive penalties that result in the loss of followers.
  • Bonus Cards: Players can gain bonus followers by achieving specific milestones or actions throughout the game.

Players start with 100,000 followers, illustrating the game’s satirical take on the value and importance of social media fame.

Creator: George ‘Tank’ Resch

Influencers in the Wild Board Game is inspired by the Instagram account of the same name, created by George ‘Tank’ Resch, who is known for his sarcastic approach to internet culture. The game is an extension of Resch’s unique perspective on the world of social media and its influence on people’s lives. The game adds a fun, interactive element to the commentary on the world of influencers, turning it into a fun and engaging board game experience for players of all backgrounds.

Gameplay and Rules

Starting the Game

In “Influencers in the Wild Board Game”, players choose an influencer playing piece to represent themselves on the game board. The game is designed for ages 17+ and is best played in a close group of friends. Once all players have selected their influencer, they place their piece on the designated starting position.

Challenge Mechanics

During gameplay, players progress through the game by completing various challenges and tasks related to influencer culture. Examples of challenges include:

  • Content creation: Players use provided prompts or come up with their own ideas for social media content.
  • Followers and likes: Players compete with each other to gain the most followers and likes, which can be obtained through performing well in challenges and making strategic decisions.
  • Influence and orders: Successful influencers can use their influence to give orders to other players, which may provide advantages or disadvantages, depending on how well the orders are executed.

Penalties can also be imposed on players who fail to complete challenges or suffer from negative consequences, such as losing followers.

Challenge Objective
Content Creation Create unique social media content using prompts or your imagination.
Followers & Likes Compete with others to gain the most followers and likes.
Influence & Orders Use your influence to give orders to other players with varying outcomes.

Winning Conditions

The ultimate goal of “Influencers in the Wild Board Game” is to become the most successful influencer and amass the highest amount of followers, likes, and influence. Once a specific endpoint or winning condition is reached, such as reaching a predefined number of followers or completing a certain number of challenges, the game comes to an end. The player with the highest overall success is declared the winner of the game.

Influencer and Social Media Themes

Influence and Clout

Influencers in the Wild Board Game offers a satirical take on the world of social media influencers. Players can gain and lose followers by completing challenges, going viral, and showcasing their influence. The aim is to make it to the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles, known as a popular hotspot among influencers. The game is designed for ages 17+, and its content reflects the sometimes outrageous influencer lifestyle.

Players use influencer cards that feature unique personalities and set of skills, which add an intriguing element to the gameplay. These cards can have a significant impact on the game’s outcome, highlighting the importance of influence and clout in the social media world.

Social Media Platforms

The game draws inspiration from popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Players aim to accumulate followers, mimicking real-life influencer objectives. The game’s content caters to social media’s humorous and bizarre side, rather than just focusing on its glamorous aspect.

Some key components of the game include:

  • Playing board
  • 6 influencer playing pieces
  • 150 hilarious playing cards
  • 150 clout cards
  • 1 die
  • Instructions

Influencers in the Wild Board Game offers a fun, engaging experience that shines a light on both the comical and competitive aspects of the social media phenomenon, allowing players to navigate the world of influencers and experience the high stakes of online fame.

Playing with Friends

Party Game Atmosphere

Influencers in the Wild Board Game is a perfect choice for a fun-filled evening with friends. As a party game, it brings out the laughter, creativity, and motivation, as players take on challenges that require them to do ridiculous things in order to gain followers. The game is designed for ages 17+, ensuring that the adult content remains appropriate for the intended audience.

Collaboration and Competition

The game involves both collaboration and competition among the players. Friends team up to help each other perform various challenges and create the most entertaining content possible. However, at the same time, each player is trying to be the one with the most followers by the end of the game. This balance between teamwork and rivalry adds an exciting dynamic to the game, making it engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Players showcase their unique talents while attempting to gain followers and, ultimately, reach the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles. This journey encourages conversations around influencer culture and brings out players’ creative and competitive sides.

  • Age group: 17+
  • Teamwork and rivalry
  • Showcase of talents
  • Focus on influencer culture

In conclusion, Influencers in the Wild Board Game provides an engaging and entertaining experience for friends to enjoy during parties. Its incorporation of both collaboration and competition, combined with a focus on the influencer culture, creates an enjoyable atmosphere and an enjoyable game overall.

Humor and Entertainment Value

Influencers in the Wild Board Game offers a unique blend of humor and entertainment that appeals to players due to its satirical take on the world of social media influencers. The game incorporates self-deprecating humor, which makes it enjoyable for people who have a love/hate relationship with influencer culture.

Players of the game are encouraged to engage in creative and often ridiculous tasks to gain followers, driving the humor aspect of the game. The blue cards, in particular, showcase the game’s ability to elicit laughter and amusement among players as they perform these tasks.

The game takes its time to make light of the bizarre and comical side of the industry, providing players with an entertaining and lighthearted perspective on influencer culture. The humorous blend of relatable real-life scenarios and ridiculous challenges keeps the game engaging and enjoyable for a wide range of players, including adults and teens alike.

Influencers in the Wild Board Game, with its 2-6 player range and 45-75 minute playing time, proves to be an excellent choice for social gatherings, family game nights, or parties. The game’s age recommendation starts at 17+, ensuring that its humor can be appreciated by mature audiences who are familiar with the nuances of influencer culture.

Overall, the game’s humor and entertainment value play a crucial role in making Influencers in the Wild Board Game a standout choice for those looking to add a lighthearted, satirical touch to their collection of board games.

Where to Buy


Influencers in the Wild Board Game is available for purchase at various retailers, including:

  • Amazon: A popular online marketplace where customers can find a wide range of products, including board games.


The game’s availability may vary based on location and time. However, as of May 17, 2023, the game is currently in stock on Amazon. It is essential to check individual retailer websites for the most up-to-date information on game availability.


The pricing for the Influencers in the Wild Board Game can differ across retailers, but the current price on Amazon is $18.99, with free shipping on orders over $25.00. It is advisable to compare prices from various retailers to find the best deal.