Locker Board Shark Tank Update: Skateboarding’s Green Revolution

Ever wondered what happens to those bright-eyed entrepreneurs after they dive into the Shark Tank? Well, one such story that’s been rolling around and catching everyone’s attention is that of Locker Board. Remember the kid who wowed the sharks with his unique skateboard innovation? He’s been on quite the ride since then.

Since appearing on the show, Locker Board has not only expanded its product line but also its mission to make skateboarding more accessible and eco-friendly. They’ve been making waves in the industry and beyond, proving that a good idea, no matter how small, can skate its way to success. Let’s catch up with where they are now and how they’ve evolved since swimming with the sharks.

Key Takeaways

  • Locker Board has significantly evolved since its Shark Tank appearance, expanding its product line and strengthening its mission to make skateboarding more accessible and environmentally friendly.
  • The brand’s unique value proposition lies in offering compact, eco-friendly skateboards made from recycled materials, catering to both the skateboarding community and eco-conscious consumers.
  • Locker Board’s strategic partnerships and focus on sustainability have not only accelerated its growth but also amplified its impact on ocean conservation efforts, underscoring the power of purpose-driven business models.
  • The introduction of sustainable apparel and skateboarding accessories highlights Locker Board’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, further diversifying its product offerings.
  • Locker Board continues to make skateboarding more accessible by donating boards to underprivileged children and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, showcasing the brand’s dedication to community support and sustainability.
  • The company’s success post-Shark Tank, including industry recognition and increased sales, demonstrates the influence of national exposure and the impactful blend of ambition, innovation, and social responsibility in entrepreneurship.

The Locker Board Pitch on Shark Tank

When Locker Board rolled into the Shark Tank, the pitch immediately captured everyone’s attention, including the sharks. The company, founded by a young entrepreneur, Carson Kropfl, sought $60,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in his innovative skateboard company. What set Locker Board apart was its unique value proposition: skateboards small enough to fit into school lockers and backpacks, promoting not just convenience but also an environmentally friendly approach by recycling skateboard decks.

The energy in the room was palpable as Carson shared his mission to encourage kids to lead more active lifestyles while also contributing positively to the environment. The sharks were impressed with Carson’s dedication and the fact that he balanced his business commitments with schoolwork, pushing the narrative that it’s never too early to chase your entrepreneurial dreams.

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Despite the initial skepticism due to the company’s early stage, the tide turned when the discussion shifted to sales and vision for the future. Carson revealed that Locker Board had generated over $60,000 in sales in less than a year, a testament to the product’s market fit and the young entrepreneur’s savvy marketing strategies, including an adept use of social media to spread the word.

The heart of the pitch came when Carson detailed how part of Locker Board’s profits went towards ocean conservation efforts, illustrating a business model that wasn’t just about profit but also about giving back. This blend of youthful energy, innovative product design, and a commitment to sustainability made the Locker Board pitch unforgettable on Shark Tank, highlighting the potential of young entrepreneurs to make a significant impact.

Impact of the Shark Tank Appearance

When Locker Board skateboarded its way into the Shark Tank, the outcome was nothing short of inspirational. This young entrepreneur’s pitch not only captured the hearts and checkbooks of the sharks but also catapulted the brand into the spotlight. For enthusiasts of the show and fellow entrepreneurs, Locker Board’s journey post-Shark Tank serves as a beacon of what’s possible with the right mix of passion and persistence.

TV Exposure Equals Accelerated Growth

There’s no denying the ‘Shark Tank Effect.’ Almost overnight, Locker Board experienced a tremendous surge in sales and interest. Visibility on such a vast platform meant that what started as a home-grown idea was now a product on the national stage. They had already made a respectable $60,000 in sales pre-Shark Tank, but post-appearance metrics soared as more and more people wanted to support the eco-friendly skateboard revolution.

  • Direct Spike in Sales
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition

Partnerships and Expansion

One of the most tangible benefits of their Shark Tank journey was the partnerships that followed. With a shark backing the venture, other doors swung open. Collaborations with like-minded brands and expanded distribution channels meant Locker Board could reach more audiences, aligning with their mission to make skateboarding accessible and sustainable. This backing not only aided in growth but also in brand solidity in a competitive market.

Sharpened Focus on Mission

Amidst this meteoric rise, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The Shark Tank appearance helped underscore the importance of their cause to a wider audience, leading to a more profound impact on ocean conservation efforts. In fact, a portion of every sale still goes towards these efforts, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the planet.

The journey of Locker Board post-Shark Tank is a testament to the power of national exposure and the strength of a purpose-driven business model. In the entrepreneurial world, such stories are gold, offering lessons and inspiration in equal measure.

Expansion of Locker Board’s Product Line

Since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Locker Board has not only captured the hearts of fans but also expanded its vision beyond just mini skateboards. They’ve embarked on a journey to diversify their product offerings, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and reaching a wider audience.

The introduction of sustainable apparel is a noteworthy expansion. They’ve rolled out a line of eco-friendly t-shirts, hats, and hoodies, each piece carrying the brand’s mission of environmental consciousness. This move is not just about fashion; it’s about making a statement on sustainability. Locker Board ensures that their apparel is made from recycled materials, making it a perfect fit for those who want to look good while doing good.

But it doesn’t stop there. Locker Board has also ventured into the realm of skateboarding accessories. From biodegradable wax to recycled plastic skateboard wheels, they’re set on providing skateboarders with everything they need, all while sticking to their eco-friendly ethos. This strategic expansion serves a dual purpose: it caters to the core skateboarding community and appeals to a broader audience that supports environmental sustainability.

The genius of Locker Board’s strategy lies in its ability to remain true to its roots while innovating. Each new product is a testament to their commitment to the planet and their savvy understanding of market demand.

As the Locker Board portfolio grows, so does its impact. By diversifying its product line, the brand continues to champion the causes of ocean conservation and sustainability, proving that business success and social responsibility can go hand in hand. Their continual growth and innovation ensure that Locker Board stays relevant in both the skateboarding community and amongst eco-conscious consumers.

Making Skateboarding More Accessible and Eco-Friendly

Following its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Locker Board didn’t just sit back and ride the wave of initial success. Instead, they’ve been hard at work making skateboarding more accessible and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. This mission has always been at the heart of the company, and they’ve made significant strides in achieving it.

Locker Board stands out by offering skateboards that are not only compact and convenient but also made from recycled materials. These boards appeal to a wide audience, from young kids looking to get into skateboarding to adults searching for a fun and eco-conscious mode of transportation. The size of the boards makes them perfect for stashing in lockers or backpacks, hence the name.

Sustainability is a core aspect of the Locker Board ethos. They’re committed to reducing waste and promoting recycling, evident in their product line and operations. By repurposing discarded skateboards and materials, they’re not just creating unique and functional skateboards but also taking a stand against environmental waste.

Finally, Locker Board’s efforts to make skateboarding more accessible are truly commendable. They’ve partnered with various organizations to donate boards to underprivileged children, fostering a love for skateboarding and outdoor activity among those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. These initiatives align perfectly with the spirit of giving back, a value that resonated with many Shark Tank viewers.

The journey of Locker Board from a Shark Tank pitch to a brand making real-world impacts showcases the power of entrepreneurial spirit mixed with a passion for sustainability and community support. As they continue to grow and reach new milestones, the impact of their mission on making skateboarding more accessible and eco-friendly is undeniable.

Locker Board’s Success and Industry Recognition

Since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Locker Board has not only captured the hearts of skateboarding enthusiasts but also garnered significant recognition within the industry. They’ve become a prominent example of how innovation, when combined with a commitment to sustainability, can lead to remarkable achievements.

Locker Board’s journey has been marked by various milestones that underscore its growing influence in the skateboarding world. One of the most notable is the substantial increase in sales following the Shark Tank episode. The company reported a dramatic surge, with revenues soaring due to the heightened visibility and endorsement from the Sharks. This success is a testament to the quality and appeal of their eco-friendly skateboards.

Moreover, Locker Board’s commitment to sustainability has earned them accolades and recognition from environmental organizations. They’ve been lauded for their innovative use of recycled materials, turning discarded skateboards and other materials into high-quality, functional skateboards. This approach not only reduces waste but also promotes an eco-conscious lifestyle among their customers.

In addition to industry recognition, Locker Board has formed valuable partnerships with various organizations. These collaborations aim to expand access to skateboarding, providing boards to underprivileged children and introducing them to the sport. Such initiatives have further solidified Locker Board’s reputation as a company that cares deeply about community and environmental sustainability.

The company’s rise to fame on Shark Tank and their subsequent achievements highlight how a small idea can make a big impact. Locker Board’s story continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and skateboarders alike, showing that with passion and perseverance, it’s possible to change the industry for the better.


Locker Board’s journey since Shark Tank showcases the power of innovation combined with a commitment to sustainability and community. They’ve not only revolutionized the way we think about skateboarding but also how we approach eco-friendly practices in manufacturing. Their success story is a beacon for entrepreneurs and skateboard enthusiasts alike, proving that with a clear vision and a dedication to making a difference, it’s possible to leave a lasting impact on both the industry and the environment. As they continue to grow and inspire, Locker Board remains a testament to the idea that business can be a force for good, paving the way for future generations to skate towards a greener, more inclusive world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Locker Board?

Locker Board is a company that produces compact and convenient skateboards using recycled materials. It aims to make skateboarding more accessible and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by repurposing discarded skateboards and materials.

How does Locker Board contribute to sustainability?

Locker Board contributes to sustainability by utilizing recycled materials to create its skateboards. This approach not only reduces waste but also emphasizes the importance of repurposing and recycling in combating environmental issues.

What happened to Locker Board after appearing on Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Locker Board experienced a significant increase in sales and gained industry recognition. Their commitment to sustainability and accessibility in skateboarding has led to valuable partnerships and endorsements.

How does Locker Board support underprivileged children?

Locker Board has partnered with various organizations to donate skateboards to underprivileged children. This initiative helps foster a love for skateboarding and outdoor activity, while also making the sport more accessible to a wider audience.

Why is Locker Board considered an inspiration for entrepreneurs and skateboarders?

Locker Board is considered an inspiration for its successful integration of passion, perseverance, and sustainable practices. Its story showcases how innovative thinking and a commitment to social and environmental causes can lead to success in the business world and positive industry changes.