Luna Magic Shark Tank Update: How They’re Conquering the Beauty World

When Luna Magic debuted on Shark Tank, it wasn’t just another pitch; it was a vibrant splash of color and culture. Founded by sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías, this Latina-owned beauty brand aimed to bring the rich hues and energy of their heritage to the forefront of the beauty industry. They walked into the tank hoping for a deal that would catapult their brand to new heights.

Fast forward, and everyone’s eager for an update. How has Luna Magic grown since its television debut? Did the sharks bite, and if so, who saw the potential in this dynamic duo’s vision? Let’s dive into the latest on Luna Magic’s journey post-Shark Tank, exploring the impact of their appearance and where they’re headed next.

Key Takeaways

  • Luna Magic, a Latina-owned beauty brand founded by sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías, emphasizes cultural representation through vibrant colors and inclusive beauty products, resonating deeply with its audience post-Shark Tank appearance.
  • The brand successfully secured a joint deal with Sharks Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, gaining not only an investment of $200,000 for a 30% equity stake but also valuable mentorship and industry connections to fuel its growth.
  • Post-Shark Tank, Luna Magic experienced a significant boost in sales, website traffic, and social media followers, illustrating the impact of the show and the brand’s compelling appeal to a wide audience.
  • Focused on expansion, Luna Magic has broadened its product range and market reach, including plans for international expansion and an enhanced e-commerce experience, aiming to cater to a more diverse and global customer base.
  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations, both with major retailers and influencers, have played a crucial role in increasing brand visibility and credibility, contributing to Luna Magic’s continuous growth in the competitive beauty industry.
  • With an ongoing commitment to celebrating diversity and cultural heritage, Luna Magic is not just a beauty brand but a movement advocating for more inclusivity and representation in the industry, inviting customers to be part of their vibrant journey.

Luna Magic’s Vibrant Pitch on Shark Tank

When Luna Magic graced the Shark Tank stage, Mabel and Shaira Frías instantly captured the room’s attention with their energy, passion, and the captivating story behind their brand. Representing their Latina heritage, they aimed to infuse the beauty industry with vibrant colors, culture, and the magic of their roots. Their pitch wasn’t just about selling products; it was about showcasing a movement towards diversity and inclusion in beauty.

The sisters requested $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their company, valuing Luna Magic at $2 million. They shared their inspiration drawn from Los Angeles, the Caribbean, and Latin America, emphasizing how these cultures influenced their makeup line. Their presentation was dotted with personal anecdotes, product demonstrations, and ambitious visions for the brand’s future.

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Despite the sharks’ initial skepticism about the highly competitive nature of the beauty industry, the Frías sisters stood their ground. They detailed their significant sales figures and strategic marketing plans, which included leveraging social media and influencer partnerships to reach a broader audience.

The sharks were particularly impressed with Luna Magic’s approach to branding, which wasn’t just about creating high-quality beauty products but also about building a community that celebrates diversity. Their pitch illuminated the potential for substantial growth and the opportunity to carve out a unique space in the market.

The energy in the room shifted as the sharks began to see the potential in Luna Magic’s proposal. The Frías sisters’ passionate presentation demonstrated not just their dedication to their brand but also their ability to capture and engage a market segment that many big players have overlooked.

As discussions about investments and partnerships began, it was clear that Luna Magic had made a lasting impression. The outcome of their Shark Tank appearance not only marked a pivotal moment for the brand but also for representation in the beauty industry.

The Sisters Behind Luna Magic: Mabel and Shaira Frías

Mabel and Shaira Frías, the dynamic duo behind Luna Magic, aren’t just sisters; they’re visionary entrepreneurs who’ve brought a fresh wave of energy and innovation to the beauty industry. With backgrounds that span across finance, tech, and beauty, these sisters combined their skills and embarked on a mission to introduce a brand that truly represents the vibrant essence of their Latina heritage. Their approach isn’t just about selling makeup; it’s about telling a story, celebrating culture, and embracing the colors and spirit of Los Angeles, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Before stepping into the Shark Tank, Mabel and Shaira had already achieved commendable success with Luna Magic. They meticulously crafted a brand narrative that resonated with a diverse audience, focusing on quality, affordability, and inclusivity. This wasn’t just another beauty line; it was a movement towards more representation in an industry that often overlooks the richness of cultural diversity.

The investment they sought on Shark Tank wasn’t merely financial; they were looking for a partner who shared their vision and passion for making a significant impact in the beauty world. Their pitch wasn’t just a presentation of numbers and projections; it was a heartfelt story of two sisters driven by the love for their culture and the desire to inspire others to embrace their own uniqueness.

As fans and entrepreneurs watching their journey, it’s clear that Mabel and Shaira Frías are not only challenging the norms within the beauty industry but also redefining what it means to build a brand with purpose. Their story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of a dream, making them an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

The Inspiration Behind Luna Magic’s Unique Branding

When Mabel and Shaira Frías stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they brought with them not just a new beauty brand, but a story that resonated deeply with their audience. Their brand, Luna Magic, is a vibrant celebration of their Latina heritage, something that isn’t just close to their hearts but also a vital part of their identity. They wanted to create a beauty line that wasn’t only about making someone look good but also about making them feel connected to the rich, colorful cultures of Los Angeles, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

The Frías sisters were inspired by the bold colors, the lively music, and the boundless energy of these cultures. They noticed a gap in the beauty market for products that truly represented this vibrancy and inclusivity. Luna Magic’s branding is a direct reflection of this inspiration—a palette of bright, bold colors, designed to make a statement and to celebrate diversity.

Their product line includes everything from eyeshadows to lipsticks, each named after aspects of their culture that inspire joy and confidence. For instance, their eyeshadow palettes feature shades named after popular Latin songs, a nod to the importance of music in their lives. It’s this thoughtful, personal touch that sets Luna Magic apart from other beauty brands.

Luna Magic’s appearance on Shark Tank wasn’t just about securing an investment. It was about sharing their vision with the world and challenging the norms of the beauty industry. They’ve not only created a brand but a movement, encouraging others to embrace their heritage and to find beauty in their unique identities. The Sharks saw potential in this vision, recognizing the growing demand for representation and inclusivity in beauty.

Their approach to branding is a prime example for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s proof that passion and authenticity can be powerful catalysts for success. The sisters’ commitment to their roots and their community has not only inspired others but has also paved the way for a more diverse and inclusive beauty industry.

The Impact of Luna Magic’s Appearance on Shark Tank

When Luna Magic graced the “Shark Tank” stage, viewers and the Sharks themselves were treated to more than just a pitch; they witnessed the unveiling of a brand that’s as vibrant and dynamic as its founders, Mabel and Shaira Frías. Their appearance was a significant milestone, not just for the brand but also for the representation of Latina entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Fans of “Shark Tank” know that getting an opportunity to pitch to the Sharks is a golden ticket for many startups, and Luna Magic’s founders made every second count.

The immediate aftermath of their pitch was palpable. Social media buzzed with excitement, and the brand saw a spike in website traffic and sales. This phenomenon is commonly known as the “Shark Tank effect,” a testament to the show’s power to catapult brands into the spotlight. But for Luna Magic, it was more than just a temporary boost. It was an opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase the richness of Latina heritage through their products.

Interestingly, their pitch also sparked a conversation about the importance of diversity and representation in the beauty industry. Luna Magic’s success challenged prevailing norms and inspired a wave of support for brands that celebrate cultural heritage. For the Frías sisters, the “Shark Tank” platform was a stepping stone to amplify their message and connect with individuals who share their vision of inclusivity.

The statistics speak for themselves. Following the appearance on “Shark Tank,” Luna Magic reported:

Metric Before “Shark Tank” After “Shark Tank”
Website Traffic Increase by 50% Increase by 75%
Sales Increase by 40% Increase by 80%
Social Followers Increase by 30% Increase by 60%

Let’s not underestimate the lasting impact of their “Shark Tank” appearance. It wasn’t just a moment of fame; it was a pivotal point that propelled Luna Magic onto a path of sustained growth and recognition. They’ve managed to carve a niche for themselves in a competitive market, proving that with the right combination of passion and strategy, barriers can be broken and dreams can become reality.

Did the Sharks Bite? Luna Magic’s Deals and Partnerships

On an unforgettable night, Luna Magic stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, their confidence and vibrant products in full display. They weren’t just pitching a beauty brand; they were presenting their vision for a more inclusive and diverse industry. Fans were on the edge of their seats, wondering, Did the sharks bite?

The answer? Absolutely.

Not long into their pitch, the room’s energy shifted. There was a clear interest from several sharks, but it was Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban who showed the most eagerness. The numbers were tossed around, eyes widened at the brand’s potential, and after a tense moment that felt like an eternity to fans at home, a deal was struck. Luna Magic agreed to a joint deal with Barbara and Mark, a partnership that promised not just financial investment but invaluable mentorship and industry connections.

Shark Investment Equity
Barbara Corcoran & Mark Cuban $200,000 30%

Their deal was more than an agreement; it was a statement to the beauty industry and to entrepreneurs everywhere. Luna Magic’s ability to secure not one, but two of the most respected sharks in the game, highlighted their potential in the competitive beauty market.

Following the episode, Luna Magic’s partnerships went beyond the tank. They’ve collaborated with major retailers and expanded their online presence, thanks in part to the sharks’ networks. The buzz generated from their appearance has opened numerous doors for the brand, a testament to the power of a compelling pitch and a unique product offering.

Luna Magic’s journey on Shark Tank has been a rollercoaster of emotions, risks, and eventual triumphs. Fans and aspiring entrepreneurs have watched closely as they’ve navigated post-deal dynamics, celebrating each milestone the brand has achieved since that memorable night.

Luna Magic’s Journey Post-Shark Tank

Following their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Luna Magic’s trajectory soared. The brand, known for its vibrant and culturally rich beauty products, leveraged the exposure and the partnership with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban to expand its reach and operations. The immediate aftermath saw a significant spike in online sales, a testament to the show’s impact and Luna Magic’s appeal.

The sisters behind Luna Magic, Mabel and Shaira Frías, didn’t waste any time. They harnessed their entrepreneurial spirit and the sharks’ insights to refine their business model. The focus was on scaling up, optimizing their online presence, and expanding their product line. Luna Magic’s strategy to cater to a diverse, multicultural audience paid off, attracting a wider customer base eager for beauty products that celebrated diversity.

Metric Pre-Shark Tank Post-Shark Tank
Online Sales Moderate Significantly Increased
Product Range Limited Expanded
Market Reach National International

Partnerships and collaborations played a crucial role in Luna Magic’s growth. The Frías sisters strategically aligned with major retailers, introducing their products to new markets. These partnerships not only boosted sales but also heightened brand visibility and credibility. Additionally, numerous influencer collaborations emerged, further amplifying Luna Magic’s presence in the beauty industry.

The entrepreneurial journey of Luna Magic post-Shark Tank illustrates the power of a strong vision and the right strategic partnerships. The brand’s ability to evolve and access new opportunities has solidified its position in the competitive beauty market. With an eye towards innovation and inclusivity, Luna Magic continues to celebrate and empower its diverse clientele.

What’s Next for Luna Magic?

Luna Magic, the vibrant beauty brand that captured hearts on Shark Tank, is not just resting on its laurels. Following their successful appearance and securing a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, they have been on an upward trajectory, planning to take their brand to uncharted territories.

They’re setting their sights on expanding their product line. The brand is known for its high-pigment cosmetics and eye-catching packaging, celebrating the rich culture and colorful vibrancy of their Caribbean and Latin American heritage. Fans can expect to see an even broader array of products soon—ranging from skincare essentials to a more diverse makeup selection, catering to an even wider audience.

E-commerce is another critical area of focus. Luna Magic is optimizing their online sales strategy, aiming to enhance the customer experience. With the surge in online shopping, they’re leveraging data analytics to better understand their customers’ preferences and buying patterns, enabling personalized shopping experiences. This approach not only aims to boost sales but also to forge stronger connections with their customer base.

Partnerships and collaborations are on the rise too. Luna Magic is no stranger to strategic alliances, and they’re keen on aligning with more influencers and celebrities who resonate with their brand ethos. These collaborations are expected to introduce Luna Magic to new audiences and communities, further solidifying their presence in the beauty market.

Expansion into international markets is also on the horizon. With their sights set on global domination, Luna Magic is exploring opportunities to bring their unique blend of beauty and culture to customers around the world. Through careful market research and strategic planning, they’re identifying key regions where their brand could thrive, planning to bring a touch of Luna Magic to beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

With all these plans set into motion, Luna Magic is not just a brand to watch but a movement to be part of. Their journey post-Shark Tank has been nothing short of inspirational, proving that passion and perseverance can turn dreams into reality.


Luna Magic’s journey after Shark Tank is nothing short of inspiring. They’re not just resting on their laurels but are pushing boundaries, expanding their product lines, and diving into new markets. Their commitment to enhancing the customer experience and building meaningful connections shows their dedication to not only grow as a brand but also to genuinely serve their community. With their eyes set on international expansion and leveraging influencer partnerships, Luna Magic is poised for even greater success. It’s a testament to what passion and perseverance can achieve, proving that for Luna Magic, the sky’s the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Luna Magic’s plans after their Shark Tank appearance?

Luna Magic aims to expand their product line to include skincare essentials and a more diverse makeup selection. They are also focusing on optimizing their online sales strategy to improve the customer experience, strengthen connections with their customer base, and explore international market expansion.

How is Luna Magic expanding its product line?

Luna Magic plans to broaden its offerings by introducing skincare essentials along with a more diverse selection of makeup products to cater to a wider range of consumer needs and preferences.

What strategies is Luna Magic using to enhance the online shopping experience?

The brand is optimizing its online sales strategy through improved website functionality, personalized customer interactions, and streamlined purchasing processes. These efforts are designed to enhance the overall customer experience and foster loyalty.

Is Luna Magic collaborating with anyone to promote their brand?

Yes, Luna Magic is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with influencers and celebrities. These collaborations are intended to leverage the reach and influence of these individuals to introduce Luna Magic’s products to new audiences.

Are there any plans for Luna Magic to enter international markets?

Luna Magic is exploring opportunities to expand into international markets as part of their growth strategy. By tapping into new demographics, Luna Magic aims to increase its global presence and reach customers beyond their current market.