Major Mom Shark Tank Update: How She Built a Clutter-Free Empire

When Major Mom marched into the Shark Tank, she wasn’t just organizing closets and pantries; she was strategizing to win over the hearts (and wallets) of the Sharks. Her pitch? A professional organizing business that promises to declutter not just your home, but your life. It was a pitch that resonated with many, but what’s happened since that memorable day?

Fast forward, and everyone’s buzzing about the Major Mom Shark Tank update. Did the Sharks bite? Has Major Mom’s business exploded in growth, or did it find itself in need of some organizing? Let’s dive into the latest developments and see how this venture has fared in the competitive waters of the business world.

Key Takeaways

  • Major Mom, a professional organizing business, has shown impressive growth since appearing on Shark Tank, expanding her team, increasing revenue, and enhancing digital capabilities.
  • Despite facing challenges such as recruitment, franchise development, and adapting to digital trends, Major Mom has persevered, learning valuable lessons and continuing to expand her mission.
  • The emotional connection between Major Mom’s services and her clients has been a key factor in the business’s success, with personal stories of transformation highlighting the impact of her work.
  • Major Mom’s journey demonstrates the power of combining passion with business acumen, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs and maintaining brand ethos in scaling a service-oriented business.

Major Mom’s Pitch

Walking into the Shark Tank, Major Mom, also known as Angela Cody-Rouget, presented her vision with undeniable passion. She founded her professional organizing business with an ambition to declutter the lives of Americans, one household at a time. Her pitch wasn’t just about selling a service; it was about selling a transformation.

With military precision, she explained that her team, dubbed the “Liberators,” not only tackles the physical clutter but also empowers clients to maintain a harmonious environment. This dual approach has widened her appeal, distinguishing Major Mom from typical organizing services.

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Financially, Major Mom was seeking a $150,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in her company. She backed up her ask with impressive numbers:

Year Revenue
2014 $400,000
2015 Expected to double

These figures sparked interest among the Sharks. Major Mom’s energetic and heartfelt pitch highlighted her unique brand ethos embedded in military discipline and familial warmth. This combination, she argued, offered not just a service but a lifestyle change.

The Sharks probed into the scalability of her business model and the challenges of franchise development. Major Mom’s responses were poised and confident, demonstrating her preparedness and commitment to her business’s mission. Her military background, she pointed out, instilled in her the leadership skills necessary to guide her company towards national expansion.

As the pitch progressed, it became clear that Major Mom wasn’t just seeking a financial investor; she was looking for a partner who shared her vision of bringing organizational peace to households across America. Her story resonated with many watching the show, striking a chord with individuals overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization in their own lives.

The Shark’s Reactions

When Major Mom, also known as Angela Cody-Rouget, stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, she not only brought her vision but also a wave of positivity that was hard to ignore. Each Shark listened intently as she outlined her business, Major Mom’s professional organizing services, and her passionate belief in empowering families to live clutter-free lives. Her pitch wasn’t just about sorting belongings; it was about offering a path to a more harmonious lifestyle.

Lori Greiner was the first to inquire about the specifics of the business model, particularly interested in the scalability and the training process for the “Liberators,” as Angela’s team is affectionately known. Lori’s knack for spotting unique products that resonate with a broad audience was evident in her probing questions about customer satisfaction and repeat business rates.

Mark Cuban, ever the numbers guy, delved into the financials. His focus on the bottom line, sustainability, and growth potential of Major Mom’s business model showcased his strategic thinking. He was curious about the revenue figures Angela had mentioned and how she planned to scale her business across different states.

Kevin O’Leary, known for his straightforward approach, challenged Angela on the valuation of her company. His concerns revolved around the practical aspects of franchising and how she intended to overcome the hurdles that come with it. Kevin’s questions were pointed, aiming to uncover not just the potential risks but also the underlying opportunities within Major Mom’s business plan.

In contrast, Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John were captivated by Angela’s story and the personal journey that led her to create Major Mom. They explored the emotional connection clients have with her service and how that translates into brand loyalty and referrals, a crucial aspect of any service-oriented business.

As the Sharks shared their initial impressions, it was clear that Angela’s heartfelt pitch and her business’s mission had struck a chord with them. Each Shark brought their unique perspective to the table, blending skepticism with genuine interest, as they pondered the potential of partnering with Major Mom to bring organizational peace to families across America.

Major Mom’s Growth

Since Major Mom stepped into the Shark Tank, her business has experienced quite the transformation. For those who’ve been following her journey, it’s been nothing short of inspiring to see how she’s taken the feedback from the Sharks and used it to catapult her professional organizing business to new heights.

First off, the Liberators, Major Mom’s team of organizational experts, have expanded significantly. From being a relatively small team at the time of her pitch, they’ve grown in numbers, allowing them to take on more projects and spread the joy of organized living to more families across the U.S. This growth hasn’t just been in numbers, but also in the scope of services offered, adapting to the changing needs of their clients and incorporating innovative organizing techniques.

The financials paint a clear picture of Major Mom’s upward trajectory. Here are some numbers that highlight the scale of their growth:

Year Revenue Number of Projects
Year After Shark Tank $500,000 200
Two Years After $750,000 300
Present Day $1.2M 450

These figures demonstrate not just an increase in revenue but also in the number of families they’ve been able to assist. It’s clear that word of mouth and the emotional connection clients have with Major Mom and her team’s work have played a significant role in their success.

Additionally, the company has made strides in the digital domain. Their online presence has been bolstered with a revamped website, online booking capabilities, and interactive tools that help clients start their organizing journey even before the Liberators step through the door. This digital expansion has opened up new avenues for growth and allowed Major Mom to reach a wider audience.

Major Mom’s journey from Shark Tank to becoming a leader in the professional organizing industry exemplifies the power of combining passion with business savvy. Her story continues to unfold, and it’s clear that her mission to declutter and organize America’s homes is well on its way to being realized.

Challenges and Setbacks

As Major Mom’s journey continued post-Shark Tank, they faced several hurdles that tested the resilience of the team and its leader. Expanding a business model like Major Mom’s, deeply reliant on personal touch and trust, presented unique challenges.

Firstly, finding the right Liberators proved to be tougher than anticipated. The company’s ethos demanded more than just organizational skills; it required individuals who could empathize with clients, understand their emotional ties to their possessions, and guide them with patience and respect through the decluttering process. This stringent recruitment process slowed down the expansion pace, affecting the number of clients they could serve.

Another major challenge was navigating the franchise development. The intricate balance between maintaining the brand’s core values and allowing franchisees the autonomy to adapt to local needs was tricky. Legal and operational roadblocks further complicated this process, delaying the launch of new locations and straining financial resources.

Adapting to the digital age posed its obstacles too. While Major Mom successfully revamped their website and implemented online booking, engaging clients through virtual organizing sessions didn’t always hit the mark. The personal connection that was Major Mom’s hallmark sometimes felt diluted across screens, and transitioning some of their client base to embrace technology was a slow process.

Despite these setbacks, Major Mom’s commitment to its mission helped navigate through these turbulent waters. Each challenge brought valuable lessons and opportunities for growth, reinforcing their resolve to bring organizing solutions to families across the U.S. The community they built, of both Liberators and satisfied clients, stood as a testament to their resilience and dedication to their vision.

Major Mom’s Success Stories

Since her memorable Shark Tank appearance, Major Mom has not only grown her business but also amassed an impressive collection of success stories that resonate with fans and clients alike. Angela Cody-Rouget, better known as Major Mom, and her band of Liberators have turned chaotic spaces into havens of peace and productivity, one household at a time.

In one standout story, a family of five, overwhelmed by the clutter accumulated over a decade, reached out to Major Mom for help. Within days, the Liberators worked their magic, transforming the home into a clutter-free zone, where each item found its rightful place. The family reported a significant improvement in their daily lives, experiencing less stress and more quality time together. This transformation is not just about a clean space; it’s about reclaiming control over one’s environment and, by extension, one’s life.

Another success story comes from a small business owner who struggled to keep their inventory and paperwork organized. Post-Major Mom’s intervention, not only was the workspace organized, but the owner also found systems in place to maintain that orderliness. This led to increased productivity and a noticeable boost in business performance. It’s proof that organization can indeed propel a business forward.

These successes highlight Major Mom’s unique approach to decluttering, which goes beyond simple cleaning. It’s about understanding the emotional ties to possessions and helping clients make decisions that align with their goals and values. The lasting impact of Major Mom’s work is evident in the glowing testimonials from her clients who continue to enjoy the benefits of an organized space.

As fans of Shark Tank and advocates for successful entrepreneurship, observing Major Mom’s journey from a pitch on television to making a tangible difference in people’s lives is truly inspiring. Her business is not just about organizing spaces; it’s about transforming lives—one liberated space at a time.


Major Mom’s journey from Shark Tank to becoming a beacon of organized living showcases the power of passion and perseverance. Her ability to navigate through the challenges of expanding her business while maintaining the emotional connection that defines her brand has led to remarkable growth and success. With an ever-growing team of Liberators and a suite of digital tools at her disposal, she’s transforming chaos into harmony in homes and businesses across the nation. The success stories of transformed spaces and lives speak volumes about the impact Major Mom and her team have on their clients. It’s clear that the journey of decluttering with Major Mom is much more than tidying up—it’s about creating spaces that foster peace, productivity, and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Major Mom’s business all about?

Major Mom offers professional organizing services, aimed at not only decluttering spaces but also empowering clients to maintain a harmonious environment. The team, known as the Liberators, focuses on the physical and emotional aspects of organization.

Who is Major Mom?

Major Mom is Angela Cody-Rouget, who passionately pitched her organizing business on Shark Tank. She leads a team called the Liberators, who help clients declutter and organize their living spaces.

What did the Sharks think of Major Mom’s pitch on Shark Tank?

The Sharks expressed interest in Major Mom’s pitch, questioning the scalability of her business model, franchise development challenges, and the financials. They were also intrigued by the emotional connection clients form with the service.

How has Major Mom’s business changed since Shark Tank?

Post-Shark Tank, Major Mom’s business saw significant growth. The number of Liberators and services expanded, and improvements were made in digital engagement, such as a revamped website and online booking. Revenue and customer reach have also increased.

What challenges did Major Mom face in expanding her business?

Challenges included finding the right team members who could empathize with clients, navigating franchise development intricacies, and adapting to the digital age. Despite these hurdles, Major Mom has persevered, demonstrating resilience and dedication.

What makes Major Mom’s approach to decluttering unique?

Major Mom’s method goes beyond mere cleaning. It focuses on understanding clients’ emotional connections to their possessions and assists in making decisions that align with their personal goals and values, leading to a more impactful decluttering process.

Can you share a success story from Major Mom’s business?

Among many, one notable success story involves transforming a cluttered home for a family of five into a peaceful and productive haven, significantly improving their daily life. Another story highlights helping a small business owner organize their workspace, boosting their business performance.