National Association of Bubble Soccer Shark Tank Update: The Big Turnaround

When the National Association of Bubble Soccer bounced onto the “Shark Tank” scene, it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement. This quirky, fun-filled sport had everyone talking, wondering if the sharks would bite and invest in this inflatable innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • The National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) introduced the unique and engaging sport of bubble soccer to a wider audience through its appearance on “Shark Tank” Season 6, emphasizing the sport’s fun, safety, and inclusivity.
  • Despite mixed reactions from the Sharks, the exposure from “Shark Tank” significantly boosted NABS’s profile, leading to a spike in inquiries, social media engagement, and event bookings, demonstrating the value of national exposure for emerging businesses.
  • NABS capitalized on the post-“Shark Tank” momentum by expanding its event planning services and partnering with local sports facilities to accommodate the growing interest and demand for bubble soccer across the United States.
  • The journey of NABS illustrates the importance of perseverance and innovative thinking in entrepreneurship, showing that even without securing a deal, strategic use of media exposure can propel a business into success.

What is the National Association of Bubble Soccer?

Bubble soccer, sometimes called bubble football, has taken the field, quite literally, by storm. The National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) stands at the forefront of this quirky sports craze, championing an activity where players encase themselves in large inflatable bubbles. These human-sized bubbles not only serve as protective gear but add a hilariously unpredictable element to the traditional game of soccer.

Originating in Norway, bubble soccer quickly bounced its way to popularity across the globe, with NABS spearheading its growth in the United States. They’re not just about organizing matches; they’re fostering a community. This game is no longer just a party trick but has evolved into organized leagues and even international tournaments under NABS’s guidance.

What sets NABS apart is its dedication to making bubble soccer accessible to everyone. They offer services such as event planning for corporate outings, birthday parties, and team-building exercises. It’s a sport that demands less on skill and more on the ability to bounce back—literally and figuratively.

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One might wonder how such a concept landed on “Shark Tank”. It’s the perfect pitch: a novel, entertaining sport with a growing fan base and the potential for wide-ranging applications. From a viewer’s perspective, bubble soccer encapsulates the essence of what makes “Shark Tank” so engaging—innovation, entertainment, and the thrill of the pitch.

Fans and entrepreneurs alike watch eagerly as NABS steps onto the national platform, presenting a sport that promises not only laughs but a strong sense of community. Whether or not the sharks bite, bubble soccer’s presence on such a significant stage is a testament to its burgeoning popularity and the potential for fun and fitness to blend into an unforgettable experience.

The “Shark Tank” Appearance

When National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) bounded onto the “Shark Tank” stage, they weren’t just bringing a new sport into the spotlight; they were introducing a revolution in recreational activities. With the entrepreneurs encased in the bubble suits themselves, the presentation was both a physical and strategic maneuver designed to capture the Sharks’ interest, and it caught the eye of viewers nationwide.

The episode, which aired during Season 6, saw NABS founders pitching their unique business model and the sport’s potential for growth. They highlighted how bubble soccer merges the competitive spirit of traditional soccer with a fun, safe, and inclusive twist. Their ask was bold, signaling their confidence in bubble soccer’s scalability and appeal.

Shark Tank Details
Season 6
NABS Ask Detailed
Focus Growth

Despite the enthusiastic pitch, the reaction from the Sharks was mixed. Some expressed concerns over the business model’s viability and the sport’s long-term appeal. However, the appearance itself was a win for NABS. It catapulted bubble soccer into the national consciousness, sparking conversations and increasing interest in the sport. Following the episode, the company saw a spike in inquiries, event bookings, and social media engagement.

The “Shark Tank” episode served as a pivotal moment for NABS, underscoring the power of national exposure. While the feedback from the Sharks was invaluable, the real victory lay in the audience’s reaction. They’ve managed to expand their reach, securing a place in corporate events, team-building exercises, and private parties across the country.

Their journey on the show is a testament to the fact that even without a deal, “Shark Tank” can be a launching pad for innovative ideas and passionate entrepreneurs. As bubble soccer continues to grow, NABS remains grateful for the opportunity to have showcased their passion on such a significant platform.

The Reaction of the Sharks

When the National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) made their pitch on “Shark Tank,” the reaction from the Sharks was a fascinating mix of amusement and skepticism. The entrepreneurs behind NABS had a clear passion for their sport and were seeking an investment to expand their bubble soccer empire. However, the Sharks had reservations, each offering their unique perspective on the business’s viability and potential for growth.

Mark Cuban, known for his sports and entertainment investments, showed intrigue but questioned the scalability of bubble soccer as a widespread sport. He was curious about the long-term engagement of players and spectators alike. Lori Greiner, on the other hand, was charmed by the novelty of the idea but expressed concerns about the practicality of running such events and the insurance liability involved.

Kevin O’Leary, ever the skeptic, challenged the founders on their valuation and revenue models. He was interested in the numbers and less swayed by the entertainment value of bubble soccer. Despite this, he acknowledged the creativity and effort it takes to bring such a unique concept to market.

Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran both appreciated the team-building and entertainment aspect of bubble soccer. They recognized its potential in corporate events and recreational leagues but were cautious about the investment required to propel NABS into mainstream popularity.

The Post-“Shark Tank” Success

Following their dramatic appearance on “Shark Tank”, the team behind the National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) didn’t let the mixed reactions from the Sharks deter them. Instead, they charged ahead, leveraging the national exposure to turbocharge their business. It’s fascinating to see how they managed to capitalize on the moment, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones for their venture’s growth.

In the months after the show aired, NABS experienced a significant uptick in interest. They reported record inquiries about starting leagues and booking events, proving that the concept had struck a chord with the American public. Their social media channels buzzed with activity, witnessing a remarkable increase in followers and engagement.

Metric Pre-Show Post-Show
Inquiries 50/month 500/month
Social Media Growth 5% 35%
Event Bookings 20/month 100/month

Not resting on their laurels, the NABS team quickly put plans into action to expand their reach. They focused on enhancing their event planning services, making it easier and more attractive for corporations and groups to host bubble soccer events. This strategy not only diversified their revenue streams but also solidified bubble soccer’s position as a preferred team-building activity.

Partnering with local sports facilities across the country, NABS managed to increase the availability of venues for bubble soccer, thus accommodating the growing demand. They also streamlined the equipment rental process, ensuring that bubble soccer could be played in more locations than ever before.

The journey of NABS post-“Shark Tank” is a testament to the power of perseverance. Despite the Sharks’ reservations, the founders’ belief in their business and their strategic efforts post-show demonstrate how entrepreneurs can thrive, turning prime-time exposure into tangible success.


The journey of the National Association of Bubble Soccer post-“Shark Tank” showcases a remarkable story of growth and resilience. By leveraging their moment in the spotlight, they’ve not only increased the sport’s visibility but also demonstrated the potential for fun and fitness to coexist in an innovative way. Their strategic moves to expand and enhance services post-show have paid off, proving that with the right approach, entrepreneurs can indeed turn a moment of fame into lasting success. It’s a narrative that inspires and reminds us of the power of creativity and perseverance in the business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS)?

The National Association of Bubble Soccer is an organization at the forefront of promoting and organizing bubble soccer in the United States. It offers services like event planning for corporate outings and team-building exercises, popularizing this quirky and entertaining sport.

What is bubble soccer?

Bubble soccer is a unique sport where players play soccer while encased in large inflatable bubbles, adding a fun and humorous twist to the traditional game.

How did NABS gain popularity?

NABS gained significant popularity after appearing on the TV show “Shark Tank”. This appearance was a strategic move that captured nationwide attention, leading to an increase in inquiries, event bookings, and social media engagement.

What was the reaction of the Sharks on “Shark Tank” to bubble soccer?

The reaction from the Sharks on “Shark Tank” was mixed, but the episode served as a pivotal moment for the National Association of Bubble Soccer, highlighting the sport’s potential and entertainment value.

How did NABS benefit from their appearance on “Shark Tank”?

Following their appearance on “Shark Tank,” NABS experienced a dramatic increase in interest, including record inquiries about starting leagues and booking events, and a remarkable surge in their social media followers and engagement.

How is NABS expanding the reach of bubble soccer?

Post-“Shark Tank,” NABS embarked on a strategic expansion by enhancing their event planning services and partnering with local sports facilities. This increased the venues available for bubble soccer, making the sport more accessible to enthusiasts across the United States.