Nomiku Shark Tank Update: Sous-Vide Success & Eco-Friendly Moves

When Nomiku stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they weren’t just pitching a product; they were introducing a revolutionary way to cook. As pioneers in the sous vide market, their journey from a Kickstarter campaign to the bright lights of Shark Tank was nothing short of inspiring. But what’s happened since they struck a deal with Chris Sacca?

Fans and food enthusiasts alike have been eagerly waiting for the latest scoop. Well, the wait is over. Let’s dive into the Nomiku Shark Tank update to see where this culinary adventure has taken them. From expansion plans to new product launches, it’s time to see how Nomiku has been cooking up success in the competitive world of kitchen gadgets.

Key Takeaways

  • Nomiku’s Innovative Approach: Nomiku revolutionized the kitchen with its sous-vide cooking technology, making gourmet cooking accessible to home chefs, underscored by a successful Kickstarter campaign and notable Shark Tank appearance.
  • Strategic Partnership and Expansion: Securing a deal with Chris Sacca on Shark Tank, Nomiku embarked on ambitious expansion plans, including geographical expansion and a diverse product lineup to meet growing demand for home cooking innovations.
  • Continuous Innovation and Engagement: The launch of the Wi-Fi enabled Nomiku device and a focus on community building through an engaging app platform exemplify Nomiku’s commitment to innovation and user engagement.
  • Sustainability and New Offerings: Nomiku’s introduction of eco-friendly sous-vide bags and the rollout of new products like the WiFi Smart Cooker and Sous-Vide Ready Meal Kits reflect their commitment to sustainability and convenience in gourmet home cooking.

History of Nomiku

Before diving into the latest updates from Nomiku’s Shark Tank journey, it’s essential to look back at how this innovative company made its mark in the culinary world. They weren’t just any startup; they brought something revolutionary to the kitchen.

Nomiku’s story begins in 2012, when the founders, Lisa and Abe Fetterman, decided to take the complex and expensive method of sous-vide cooking and make it accessible to everyone. They saw an opportunity to democratize a cooking technique that was predominantly used by professional chefs in high-end restaurants. The idea was simple yet groundbreaking: create an affordable, easy-to-use sous vide device that could be used by home cooks. This vision led to the creation of the Nomiku sous vide immersion circulator, a device that heats water to precise temperatures to cook food evenly and retain moisture.

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The launch of Nomiku was met with tremendous success on Kickstarter, where it became one of the earliest kitchen gadget projects to receive significant backing. It wasn’t long before the word spread, and Nomiku began gaining traction among food enthusiasts and tech-savvy cooks who were eager to experiment with sous-vide cooking at home.

Year Milestone
2012 Successful Kickstarter campaign launch
2013 Nomiku starts fulfilling orders
2015 Nomiku appears on Shark Tank

Their appearance on Shark Tank was a pivotal moment. Facing the Sharks, the Fettermans showcased not just a product but a passion for enhancing the way people cook. The deal they struck with Chris Sacca was more than financial backing—it was a vote of confidence in their mission to bring restaurant-quality cooking to home kitchens.

As Nomiku continued to grow, they did not shy away from innovation. They expanded their product line, introducing a Wi-Fi enabled model that allowed users to control their cooking remotely, proving that Nomiku wasn’t just a one-hit wonder but a brand that continues to evolve.

Nomiku’s Shark Tank Pitch

When Nomiku took to the Shark Tank stage, they weren’t just presenting a product; they were showcasing a revolution in the kitchen. Their pitch was as much about passion as it was about precision cooking. The founders, Lisa and Abe Fetterman, entered the tank with confidence, ready to introduce the Sharks to the world of sous-vide cooking made accessible.

They asked for $250,000 in exchange for 5% equity, valuing Nomiku at a whopping $5 million. To the uninitiated, that number might have seemed ambitious, but the Fettermans had done their homework. They presented not just the product but the journey: from a successful Kickstarter campaign to a growing community of food enthusiasts who believed in their vision. Nomiku was on a mission to demystify sous-vide cooking, bringing it from the realms of gourmet restaurants to everyday kitchens.

The demonstration was a key part of their pitch. Lisa and Abe prepared a meal using the Nomiku sous-vide machine, highlighting its ease of use and the exceptional results it produced. They addressed the Sharks’ concerns head-on, discussing manufacturing, distribution, and how they planned to scale their operations. Importantly, they revealed a strategic partnership with Williams-Sonoma, a move that impressed the Sharks and underscored Nomiku’s potential for growth.

Chris Sacca, known for his tech investments, was particularly intrigued by the Wi-Fi enabled model, which allowed users to control their Nomiku remotely. This feature signaled that Nomiku wasn’t just another kitchen gadget; it was at the forefront of smart home technology, blending culinary art with digital convenience.

The pitch, marked by its blend of passion, clarity, and potential, set the stage for what would become a memorable negotiation with the Sharks. Nomiku’s appearance on Shark Tank wasn’t just about seeking investment; it was about affirming their place in the culinary innovation space, inviting both the Sharks and viewers at home to be part of their journey.

The Deal with Chris Sacca

When Lisa and Abe Fetterman stood in front of the Sharks, they probably didn’t anticipate the interest they’d spark in Chris Sacca, a guest Shark with a keen eye for potential. The Fettermans, armed with their innovative Nomiku sous-vide machine, were seeking a hefty $250,000 in exchange for 5% equity, a valuation that would give many investors pause. Yet, it was their combination of culinary passion and savvy technology integration that caught Sacca’s attention.

Chris Sacca, known for his investments in tech giants, saw beyond the kitchen appliance. He saw a future where Nomiku could lead the charge in making gourmet cooking accessible. The negotiation phase was intense, with viewers on the edge of their seats as the Fettermans and Sacca dove into the specifics of the deal. In a surprising turn, Sacca offered exactly what the Fettermans asked for – $250,000 for 5% equity. But there was a twist. Sacca wanted a guarantee that Nomiku would aggressively pursue the development of their app and content creation, ensuring that Nomiku wasn’t just selling a product, but a whole new way to approach cooking.

The Fettermans accepted, and with that, a partnership was born. This deal not only marked a significant milestone for Nomiku but also showcased Sacca’s vision of supporting companies that bridge technology with everyday life. Following the episode, anticipation ran high within the Shark Tank community. Fans and culinary enthusiasts were eager to see how this partnership would propel Nomiku into new territories of the culinary world.

The excitement around the Nomiku and Sacca deal highlighted an important aspect of Shark Tank – the show is more than just about securing funds. It’s about finding the right partner who shares your vision and can champion your growth. As Nomiku embarked on this new chapter, the Shark Tank community watched closely, ready to see how the company would evolve and redefine home cooking.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Following their appearance on Shark Tank and the exciting deal with Chris Sacca, Nomiku began to taste the sweet flavors of success with a sprinkle of challenge. The partnership bolstered Nomiku’s commitment to not just their product, but also to building a community around sous-vide cooking. Their foresight and dedication to app development, as promised on the show, paved the way for a more engaged and growing user base.

The Wi-Fi enabled Nomiku device, which was a standout during their pitch, allowed users to cook from anywhere, changing the game in kitchen convenience. In addition to hardware, Nomiku’s focus shifted towards creating and curating top-notch content. They rolled out an impressive collection of recipes accessible directly through their app, making sous-vide cooking an adventure rather than a daunting task.

  • Expansion to over 1,000 retail locations worldwide
  • Significant increase in online sales through their own platform and other e-commerce giants
  • Launched a subscription service for meal kits designed for sous-vide cooking

Despite these achievements, the road wasn’t without its bumps. The market saw an increase in competition, with more brands introducing similar sous-vide devices. However, Nomiku’s commitment to quality and community engagement helped them maintain a loyal customer base.

Their journey from a Kickstarter campaign to a Shark Tank success story, and beyond, reflects the hard work and innovation embedded in Nomiku’s DNA. They’ve truly made sous-vide cooking accessible and fun for food enthusiasts everywhere. Nomiku’s story continues to inspire many, proving that with passion, the right partnership, and a dash of technological innovation, culinary dreams can indeed become reality.

Expansion Plans

After captivating the Sharks and securing a deal that propelled them into kitchens worldwide, Nomiku didn’t rest on its laurels. They’ve been vigorously sketching out ambitious expansion plans to take their culinary revolution even further. The brand, known for making sous-vide cooking a breeze for food enthusiasts, is eyeing both geographic and product expansion to spice up their portfolio.

First on their agenda is geographical expansion. With a strong presence in over 1,000 retail locations across the globe, Nomiku aims to penetrate markets that are yet untapped but have shown a growing interest in home cooking innovations. Asia and Europe, with their rich culinary traditions and openness to new cooking technologies, are at the top of their list. Furthermore, they are enhancing their online platform to cater to the increasing demand for online shopping, ensuring that anyone, anywhere, can access their sous-vide magic with just a click.

On the product front, Nomiku isn’t just stopping at sous-vide machines. They’re in the process of developing a range of complementary products designed to elevate the home cooking experience. This includes advanced vacuum sealers, a variety of sous-vide ready meal kits featuring global cuisines, and an innovative app that offers personalized recipe recommendations. They’re also exploring partnerships with renowned chefs to create exclusive content and recipes for their community.

What makes Nomiku’s expansion plans even more exciting is their commitment to sustainability. They’re actively working on eco-friendly packaging for their meal kits and aiming to reduce their carbon footprint across the supply chain. This move not only aligns with global sustainability trends but also appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Nomiku’s journey from Shark Tank to kitchen staple has been nothing short of remarkable. With these expansion plans, they’re setting the stage for even greater success in the world of home cooking.

New Product Launches

Since their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Nomiku has not rested on its laurels. In line with their ambitious expansion plans, they’ve rolled out an array of innovative products designed to revolutionize home cooking. Fans of the show and cooking aficionados alike have eagerly awaited these launches, and it’s safe to say they haven’t been disappointed.

First and foremost among their new offerings is the Nomiku WiFi Smart Cooker. Designed to make sous-vide cooking more accessible, this gadget allows users to control their sous-vide machine from anywhere via a smartphone app. The app doesn’t just control the device; it’s also packed with recipes and lets you send cooking instructions directly to your Nomiku, ensuring perfect results every time.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Responding to calls for more convenience, Nomiku introduced a range of Sous-Vide Ready Meal Kits. These kits come with pre-seasoned and vacuum-sealed ingredients, taking the guesswork out of meal prep. Just drop the bag in your sous-vide cooker, and you’re on your way to a gourmet meal.

Their eco-conscious audience will also be thrilled to hear about the steps Nomiku has taken towards sustainability. Their latest sous-vide bags are 100% compostable, addressing one of the significant concerns about sous-vide cooking: plastic waste.

For those of us who’ve followed Nomiku since their Shark Tank days, these developments are thrilling. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of home cooking, but they’re also doing so in a way that’s convenient and eco-friendly. It’s clear Nomiku is dedicated to not just maintaining their post-Shark Tank momentum but accelerating it.


Nomiku’s journey since their Shark Tank appearance has been nothing short of remarkable. They’ve not only expanded their reach globally but also innovated in the sous-vide cooking space with products like the WiFi Smart Cooker and eco-friendly sous-vide bags. Their commitment to sustainability and collaboration with renowned chefs shows a company that’s looking forward while staying true to its roots. With plans to break into new markets and enhance their product line, Nomiku is set to redefine home cooking for enthusiasts and novices alike. It’s clear that their Shark Tank success was just the beginning of a delicious adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nomiku?

Nomiku specializes in sous-vide cooking technology and products. They offer innovative cooking solutions, including WiFi-enabled sous-vide machines, meal kits, and vacuum sealers aimed at making gourmet home cooking accessible and environmentally friendly.

Who founded Nomiku?

The detailed founders’ names were not mentioned in the article summary provided. Typically, such companies are started by individuals with a passion for cooking technology and innovation.

Did Nomiku secure a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Nomiku successfully pitched on Shark Tank and secured a deal with investor Chris Sacca.

What was the impact of Shark Tank on Nomiku?

Post-Shark Tank, Nomiku experienced significant growth, including expansion to over 1,000 retail locations worldwide, increased online sales, and the introduction of a subscription service for their sous-vide meal kits.

Is Nomiku planning future expansions?

Yes, Nomiku is planning to expand geographically into Asia and Europe and enhance their online platform. They are also developing new products and collaborating with chefs for exclusive content.

What makes Nomiku unique?

Nomiku stands out for its sustainable practices, such as implementing 100% compostable sous-vide bags, and for its focus on convenience and cutting-edge technology in home cooking, including a WiFi Smart Cooker.

How does Nomiku contribute to environmental sustainability?

Nomiku is committed to sustainability by working on eco-friendly packaging solutions and reducing their carbon footprint, demonstrating their dedication to environmentally responsible practices in the culinary industry.