Play Maysie Review (Shark Tank Pitch): Unbiased Insights and Analysis

In recent times, I stumbled upon the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse and decided to give it a try, mainly for the engaging and imaginative play it offers to children. From a parent’s perspective, I adore the fact that this dollhouse is gender-neutral, inclusive, and encourages creativity among kids. The portable and self-contained design was an added bonus, providing endless hours of play without taking up a lot of space or creating a mess.

As soon as my children started to play with the Play Maysie dollhouse, I recognized the high quality of the product, perfect for a child who isn’t able to move around much or for situations where traveling is involved. The doll set is reasonably priced at $32 for a set of four dolls, while the dollhouse itself costs $48. The best part is that for every three dollhouses sold, the company donates one to a child in the foster care system, demonstrating a strong social conscience.

Having had the opportunity to witness the fun and satisfaction my kids derive from the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to other parents seeking a creative and engaging toy that promotes imaginative play. The unique, inclusive design, high quality, and portability make it an ideal toy for any child.

What is Play Maysie?

As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for toys that encourage creativity and imagination in my children. That’s where Play Maysie comes in. Play Maysie is an innovative portable dollhouse designed with foster kids and toddlers in mind. It’s a simple yet unique toy that aims to provide kids with hours of playtime in each sitting, promoting healthy imaginative play.

Play Maysie review shark tank

This eco-friendly dollhouse was created by Kayla Lupean, who got the inspiration from her own child’s play experiences. The design itself is reminiscent of vintage, tin lunch boxes, with the dollhouse being a portable case that folds out on both sides. Inside the case, kids can find interchangeable, magnetic rooms complete with attached furniture.

One of the things that make Play Maysie stand out is its focus on providing less mess and easier playtime. The magnetic floors and furniture help reduce the chances of missing pieces, while the compact design ensures that the toy can be easily carried and played with on the go. The case also celebrates Play Maysie’s most popular design, the Home Case, which even got featured on the popular ABC TV show, Shark Tank!

Key Features and Benefits

Intuitive Interface

One of the reasons I love the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse is its intuitive interface. The design is user-friendly, making it easy for kids of all ages to understand how to play with this innovative toy. Its portability and magnetic components allow for a straightforward and hassle-free play experience, perfect for keeping children engaged and entertained.

Extensive Game Library

Play Maysie offers impressive flexibility and versatility thanks to its extensive game library. The interchangeable rooms and varied accessories mean that the dollhouse can provide virtually endless options for creative and imaginative play. No two play sessions are the same, as children can invent new scenarios and stories for their dolls each time they open up their Play Maysie.

Social Integration

What sets Play Maysie apart from other dollhouses on the market is its inherent social integration. It encourages children to play together and practice valuable social skills such as sharing, communication, and cooperation. By introducing interactive and collaborative play, Play Maysie fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie in kids, enriching their playtime experience.

Customization Options

The Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse comes with various customization options that make it all the more enjoyable. For instance, there are various themes, colors, and accessories to choose from, allowing children to personalize their dollhouses and create unique environments for their dolls. Moreover, the vast assortment of add-ons makes Play Maysie an excellent option for inspiring creativity and self-expression in children.

System Requirements

When considering the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse for my child, I found that it has minimal system requirements, making it an accessible toy for many households. In terms of space requirements, it fits easily on a table or a play mat on the floor, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

Because it is made of durable materials and designed with young children in mind, there are no complicated setup procedures or technical requirements. Play Maysie is built to last, and it can withstand the rough treatment that may arise from my child’s daily play routine.

The foldable, portable nature of Play Maysie makes it perfect for traveling or even trips to the park. As it can be closed and carried easily, I find it a great solution for on-the-go playtime when my child and I are away from home.

Given its simple but effective design, I found no battery requirements or Wi-Fi connectivity required for Play Maysie. It is a true testament to the power of innovative ideas that foster imaginative play in children without the need for screens or electronics.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

When I explored the pricing options for the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse, I found that the Cozy Collection is available for purchase at $78.00. This price seemed reasonable to me, considering the quality and uniqueness of the product. The Cozy Collection, as mentioned in the search results, is the favorite case of the founder’s daughter and has been featured on the popular ABC TV show, Shark Tank.

In addition to the Cozy Collection, I discovered that there are various other options available for purchase, such as the Set of Four Dolls, which is priced at $28. This set is made of heavy-duty canvas, hand-sewn, and filled with eco-friendly glass beads. The unique design of the dolls makes them perfect for little hands to play with.

As far as subscription plans are concerned, I did not notice any mention of such plans in the search results. It seems that the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse is primarily available as a one-time purchase. However, keep in mind that there could potentially be other options, deals, or promotions available that I did not come across during my research.

How to Set Up

I had a great experience setting up my Play Maysie, and I’ll walk you through the process so you can get started too. It’s surprisingly easy, as it comes with clear, simple instructions to follow. Let’s dive into the setup process.


When I received my Play Maysie package, the first thing I noticed was how well-organized everything was. It came with the compact case, magnetic dolls, and floor inserts that make it a portable dollhouse. I couldn’t wait to put it together!

The first step I took was to unbox the case and unfold both sides, revealing the interior of the dollhouse. The floor inserts were easy to choose from according to the scene I wanted, and it was as simple as placing them in the appropriate spots inside the case. These inserts are designed to fit perfectly, so I didn’t have to worry about them moving around during playtime.

Getting Started

With the floor inserts in place, I started exploring the magnetic dolls that came with the set. They’re incredibly easy to use, as they attach to the metal surfaces inside the case with minimal effort. I simply positioned them where I felt they would fit best in the scene. Their magnetic properties also made it fun to switch from one doll to another for limitless creative play.

Once I had the dolls in place, I closed the case to ensure everything would stay put during transport. This step is essential if you plan on taking your Play Maysie on the go. With the compact design and canvas carrying strap, it’s as easy as picking it up and taking it along on your next adventure.

In summary, the setup process for Play Maysie is quick, simple, and enjoyable. From installation to getting started, it offers a unique, portable play experience that I find impressive and engaging.

Pros and Cons

As a parent, I appreciate the thought and care put into designing the Play Maysie portable dollhouse. Here, I’ll discuss some of its pros and cons I’ve observed while having this toy in my home.


  • Portability: The Play Maysie dollhouse is easy to fold and transport, making it a great companion for my child during travels and outings.
  • Inclusivity: The handmade dolls for Play Maysie are diverse, which encourages my child to embrace different cultures and backgrounds while playing.
  • Quality: The toy is made of heavy-duty canvas material that, in my experience, withstood my child’s active play sessions, and the eco-friendly glass beads filling the dolls show the manufacturer’s mindfulness about the environment.
  • Easy Clean-up: Unlike traditional dollhouses with many loose parts, the Play Maysie is less messy and allows for quick tidying up after playtime.


  • Price: The cost of the Play Maysie may be higher as compared to other traditional dollhouses, which could be a concern for budget-conscious parents like me.
  • Availability: Since this is a relatively new product, it may not always be easy to find in local toy stores or e-commerce websites.
  • Customization: While the current set of dolls and accessories is neat, there might be limited options for additional doll characters or accessories.

Overall, I find the Play Maysie portable dollhouse to be a charming and engaging toy for my child, despite some minor drawbacks. The focus on inclusivity and the environmentally responsible materials used are the standout features that make me appreciate it as a parent.

User Experiences and Reviews

I recently came across Play Maysie, a portable dollhouse, and found it to be an innovative and engaging toy for children. In this section, I’ll share my observations and insights from other users regarding their experiences with this product. It’s worth mentioning that for every three pre-ordered Play Maysies, the company plans to donate one to youth entering foster care, which is a commendable initiative.

One of the aspects that stood out to me was the design, which is inspired by vintage tin lunch boxes. The magnetic rooms can be easily folded on both sides, making it a highly portable play space. Users have praised its ability to spark their children’s imaginations as they create stories and scenes with the included dolls and furniture.

Speaking of furniture, I was pleased to see that the sets include fixed, wooden furniture, which helps maintain a mess-free environment during playtime. Users have also appreciated this feature, as it minimizes the chances of losing small pieces.

A primary concern for parents is durability, and Play Maysie delivers in this area. The dolls are made of heavy-duty canvas and hand-sewn, making them perfect for little hands to play with. Users have reported that the product withstands the test of time, even with rigorous play sessions.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the company’s eco-friendly focus. The dolls are filled with eco-friendly glass beads, which is a great alternative to environmentally harmful materials. This aspect has garnered praise from environmentally conscious users who want to promote sustainable choices for their children.

Competitors and Alternatives

In my search for other portable play options for children, I came across a few alternatives to Play Maysie. While these competitors may not offer the exact same features as Play Maysie, they are still worth considering for those looking for more choices.

One of the competitors I found is Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable, which provides a portable wooden playset for horse enthusiasts. It features eight toy horses, each with its own stall. The stable also has a handle for easy transport during playtime.

Another alternative is the Green Toys House Playset. Made from eco-friendly materials, this portable house unfolds to reveal a colorful and engaging environment. The set includes two toy characters, furniture, and accessories for a fun and imaginative play experience.

The Hasbro My Little Pony Portable Playsets offer a series of compact and easily transportable playsets themed around the popular My Little Pony franchise. Each set provides various play areas and interactive features, as well as toy figures and accessories.

To help compare these alternatives, I have compiled a simple list of their unique features:

Playset Main Features
Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Eight toy horses, wooden stable, easy transport handle
Green Toys House Playset Eco-friendly materials, unfolding house, two toy characters, furniture, and accessories
Hasbro My Little Pony Portable Playsets Compact, themed around My Little Pony, various play areas, interactive features, toy figures, and accessories

Of course, these are just a few of the alternatives available, and there may be other options that better suit your specific needs and preferences.


In my experience with the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse, it has proven to be a valuable addition to my child’s playtime. The innovative design and magnetic features create a captivating play environment that fosters imagination and creativity.

One particularly impressive aspect is the focus on eco-friendliness, with the use of heavy-duty canvas, eco-friendly glass beads, and wooden furniture. The mess-free play design is also appealing, making clean-up much easier and reducing the risk of lost pieces.

As a parent, the aspect that truly stands out to me is the company’s commitment to helping kids entering foster care. With every three preordered Play Maysies, a dollhouse is donated to a child in need, showing that Play Maysie is not only an engaging toy but also a socially responsible one.

All in all, the Play Maysie Portable Dollhouse is definitely a toy worth considering for any child who loves imaginative and mess-free play. It promotes creativity and offers valuable support to children going through difficult times, making it a truly remarkable product.