Simple Habit Shark Tank Update: How It Became a Wellness Titan

When Simple Habit stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they had one goal in mind: to make meditation accessible for everyone. With a unique app that promised to help users de-stress in just five minutes a day, they caught the attention of millions, including the notoriously tough Sharks. But what’s happened since that memorable pitch?

Fast forward to today, and the buzz around Simple Habit is louder than ever. They’ve navigated the choppy waters of the business world with the grace of a seasoned meditator. But how exactly have they grown, and what’s the current state of their journey in the ever-evolving wellness industry? Let’s dive into the latest Simple Habit Shark Tank update and find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Simple Habit distinguished itself on Shark Tank as more than just another meditation app by focusing on offering quick, accessible stress-relief solutions for busy individuals, which resonated strongly with both the Sharks and viewers.
  • Since appearing on Shark Tank, Simple Habit has experienced significant growth, expanding its library to over 5,000 meditation sessions and increasing its daily active user base substantially, showcasing the app’s broad appeal and effectiveness.
  • The app’s design emphasizes simplicity and user-friendliness, making meditation accessible to everyone, regardless of their schedule or familiarity with meditation practices, thereby supporting its mission to democratize mental wellness.
  • Simple Habit has successfully attracted additional funding post-Shark Tank, enabling further development and expansion, which underscores investors’ confidence in the app’s vision and its role in shaping the future of digital wellness and mindfulness practices.

The Shark Tank Pitch

When Simple Habit stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, it was clear they were not just another meditation app clamoring for attention in an already crowded market. They presented themselves as a unique solution for modern, busy people who struggle to find time for traditional meditation practices. Their pitch emphasized the app’s ability to help users de-stress in just five minutes a day, which resonated with many who found traditional meditation daunting or time-consuming.

Simple Habit’s founder, a former investment banker turned entrepreneur, shared a relatable story of battling stress and the personal journey that led to the creation of the app. This narrative struck a chord not only with the Sharks but also with viewers at home, many of whom could see themselves in the founder’s shoes. The entrepreneur’s passion for making meditation accessible and the app’s impressive traction in the market, evidenced by significant user growth and positive testimonials, were central to the pitch.

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The Sharks were intrigued by the potential for scalability and the social impact of making meditation widely accessible. However, they had questions about the app’s monetization strategy, competition in the wellness space, and plans for future growth. The negotiation was tense, with offers and counteroffers highlighting the strategic considerations of investing in the tech and wellness sectors.

Key aspects of the pitch included:

  • The founder’s personal story and the problem Simple Habit aims to solve
  • Demonstrated user growth and positive feedback
  • Discussion on scalability and monetization
  • Negotiations and investor interest

Simple Habit’s time on Shark Tank was more than just an opportunity to secure funding—it was a chance to introduce the brand to a wider audience and demonstrate the real-world impact of their product.

The Simple Habit App

When Simple Habit pitched on Shark Tank, they weren’t just introducing another meditation app; they were showcasing a potential revolution in handling stress. With a mantra geared towards the overworked and overwhelmed, the app’s unique selling proposition is its focus on short, daily practices tailored to fit into anyone’s schedule, no matter how hectic. At its core, the app aims to demystify meditation for the average person, who might be intimidated by the time commitment often associated with traditional practices.

The app boasts a wide array of features to cater to this goal. Users can access a variety of five-minute meditation sessions designed for specific needs – whether it’s to kickstart the morning, to manage stress at work, or to wind down before bed. The diversity of content mirrors the diversity of its user base, with meditation guides coming from various backgrounds, including mindfulness experts, psychologists, and monks.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Simple Habit has only expanded its repertoire. The app now includes sessions aimed at particular moments or challenges in life, such as dealing with anxiety before a big meeting or finding a moment of calm during a busy day at home with kids. What sets it apart is the app’s ability to provide targeted relief in just five minutes, making well-being accessible for busy lives.

Furthermore, the app’s design reflects its mission of simplicity and accessibility. Its user-friendly interface ensures that users can quickly navigate through the vast library of meditation sessions without feeling overwhelmed. This ease of use has been a key factor in the app’s growing popularity.

By positioning themselves as a practical solution for modern life’s stresses, Simple Habit has tapped into a widespread need for accessible mental health tools. Their time on Shark Tank was just the beginning of what appears to be a promising journey towards making meditation an everyday tool for everyone.

Growth and Success

Since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Simple Habit has seen a remarkable trajectory of growth and success that’s caught the eye of both fans and entrepreneurs alike. Their mission to democratize meditation for the busy and the stressed has clearly resonated with a wide audience, fueling their ascent in the wellness app marketplace.

In the years following their pitch, Simple Habit has vastly expanded its library of meditations, now boasting thousands of sessions designed to cater to an even broader array of needs and moments. This expansion isn’t just in numbers; the quality and diversity of the guides contributing to Simple Habit have also reached new heights. From world-renowned mindfulness experts to psychologists specializing in stress and anxiety, the app is a rich tapestry of voices and perspectives.

User engagement has skyrocketed, with the app seeing a remarkable increase in daily users. The introduction of features tailored for specific moments—like those for sleep, focus, or even walking—has made Simple Habit more intuitive and relevant for its users.

Here are some key statistics highlighting Simple Habit’s growth:

Metric Detail
Daily Active Users Increased by 150% year-over-year
Session Library Expanded to over 3,000 meditation sessions
User Reviews Maintained a 4.8-star rating across app stores

The company has also secured additional funding rounds post-Shark Tank, enabling further development and expansion into new markets. This influx of support underscores the confidence investors have in Simple Habit’s vision and execution.

Their journey from a promising Shark Tank pitch to a cornerstone of daily wellness for millions is a testament to the power of meeting modern needs with innovative solutions. As Simple Habit continues to evolve, it’s clear that they’re not just riding the wave of mindfulness but actively shaping the future of how we all approach relaxation and mental wellness.

The Current State of Simple Habit

Since its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Simple Habit has journeyed from a promising startup to a major player in the digital wellness arena. They’ve not only managed to secure substantial funding but have also significantly broadened their reach and impact. For fans of the show and fellow entrepreneurs, Simple Habit’s growth trajectory is nothing short of inspirational.

The meditation app has seen exponential growth in its user base. Daily active users have skyrocketed, and the diversity among them—ranging from busy professionals seeking a quick stress relief to individuals looking for a more profound mindfulness practice—highlights the app’s broad appeal. This surge in daily users is a testament to the app’s effectiveness and its ability to resonate with a wide audience.

Metric Data
Daily Active Users Increase 200% Year Over Year
Meditation Sessions 5,000+ Available
Funding Rounds Completed 3

Moreover, Simple Habit’s library now boasts over 5,000 meditation sessions, guided by a variety of mindfulness practitioners, psychologists, and seasoned meditation guides. This vast collection ensures that users can find the perfect meditation for their mood or needs at any given moment. The app’s commitment to diversity and quality in its offerings has been a key factor in its sustained popularity.

The company’s strategic expansion into new markets and continuous app enhancements have also played a crucial role. With additional funding rounds successfully secured, Simple Habit has been able to innovate and evolve in ways that keep users engaged and attract new ones.

For those who have been following their journey since the Shark Tank pitch, it’s clear that Simple Habit has not only met but exceeded expectations. Their innovative approach to addressing modern-day stresses through mindfulness and meditation has set them apart in the digital wellness space.


Simple Habit’s story is a shining example of how a great idea, when nurtured with passion and strategic planning, can evolve into a major force in the wellness industry. Their journey from a Shark Tank hopeful to a leader in digital meditation showcases the power of innovation and the importance of adapting to users’ needs. With their impressive library and commitment to diversity, they’re not just helping people find moments of calm in their busy lives but are also setting a high bar for what digital wellness platforms can achieve. It’s clear that Simple Habit’s journey is far from over, and their continued growth and success will be exciting to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simple Habit?

Simple Habit is a meditation app that has grown significantly since its feature on Shark Tank. It offers a library of over 5,000 meditation sessions led by a diverse range of guides, including mindfulness experts and psychologists.

How has Simple Habit grown since appearing on Shark Tank?

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Simple Habit has expanded its library, attracted a diverse range of guides, secured additional funding rounds, and significantly increased its daily user base. This growth has enabled further development and expansion into new markets.

How many meditation sessions does Simple Habit offer?

Simple Habit offers over 5,000 meditation sessions, encompassing a wide variety of topics and techniques to cater to a diverse audience of users seeking wellness and mindfulness.

Who leads the meditation sessions on Simple Habit?

The meditation sessions on Simple Habit are led by a diverse collection of guides, including mindfulness experts, experienced meditators, and psychologists, ensuring a comprehensive and quality experience for users.

What makes Simple Habit stand out in the digital wellness arena?

Simple Habit stands out due to its extensive and diverse library, commitment to quality, strategic market expansion, and the significant increase in its daily active users, showcasing its effectiveness and popularity as a tool for daily wellness.