Table 87 Pizza Shark Tank Update: How They’re Winning America’s Heart

When Table 87 Pizza stepped into the Shark Tank, they weren’t just pitching their coal oven pizza; they were serving up a slice of their dream. Known for being the first in Brooklyn to offer coal oven pizza by the slice, their appearance on the show was a game-changer. But what’s happened since they swam with the sharks?

Fast forward, and Table 87 has grown from a local favorite to a brand recognized in freezers across the country. Their journey from a single Brooklyn storefront to nationwide distribution is a tale of perseverance, savvy marketing, and, of course, delicious pizza. Let’s dive into the latest updates from Table 87 Pizza since their memorable Shark Tank episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Table 87 Pizza successfully leveraged their Shark Tank appearance to transition from a beloved Brooklyn pizzeria to a nationally recognized brand, showcasing the impact of strategic media exposure.
  • Their unique selling proposition, coal oven pizza available in a frozen format, distinguishes them in a crowded market, highlighting the importance of maintaining product quality and authenticity during expansion.
  • Strategic marketing efforts, including social media engagement and influencer partnerships, played a crucial role in sustaining interest post-Shark Tank and expanding their customer base.
  • Investment in state-of-the-art equipment and dedication to sourcing high-quality ingredients were pivotal in scaling up production without compromising the taste and quality that made Table 87’s pizza popular.
  • The expansion into nationwide distribution channels, including over 1,000 retail stores, underscores the brand’s growth and the increasing consumer demand for gourmet frozen pizza options.
  • Table 87’s continuous innovation, including new flavors and packaging techniques, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to enhancing the frozen food market and adapting to consumer preferences.

Table 87 Pizza’s Shark Tank Pitch

When Table 87 Pizza stepped into the Shark Tank, they brought a slice of Brooklyn with them. The first in Brooklyn to serve coal oven pizza by the slice, their pitch was as bold and flavorful as their pizza. They were seeking an investment to take their local success to a national level, hoping to get their frozen pizza line into supermarkets across the country.

Their pitch impressed the Sharks with both the taste of their pizza and their business acumen. The entrepreneur behind Table 87 had clear visions of growth, branding, and the unique selling proposition of offering coal oven pizza’s taste and quality in a frozen format. This wasn’t just about expanding a pizzeria; it was about revolutionizing how people enjoy high-quality pizza at home.

silicon spice featured image

The negotiations were intense, with several Sharks showing interest in the unique business model and the passionate presentation. It wasn’t just the financials or the business plan that caught the Sharks’ attention; it was the entrepreneur’s dedication and belief in their product. Table 87 Pizza had already seen success in Brooklyn, but they were ready to take that success national.

However, as negotiations unfolded, the entrepreneur behind Table 87 had to make tough decisions. The value of their brand, the equity they were willing to give up, and the vision they had for the future of Table 87 Pizza all came into play. These are the moments Shark Tank fans live for—the deal-making, the strategy, and the passion entrepreneurs bring to the tank.

The Birth of Table 87 Pizza

Before Table 87 Pizza made its memorable appearance on Shark Tank, the brand was a beloved fixture in Brooklyn, New York. They had carved out a niche for themselves by specializing in coal oven pizza—a rarity among pizzerias. This unique approach not only set them apart in the crowded New York pizza scene but also garnered them a loyal customer base passionate about their distinct taste and quality.

Table 87 began with a single goal: to bring authentic coal oven pizza to a broader audience. Understanding that the charm of New York pizza doesn’t travel well due to its tendency to lose flavor and texture, they ventured into something innovative for pizzerias: frozen pizza. But not just any frozen pizza. Table 87 wanted to maintain the integrity and taste of their coal oven-baked pizzas, ensuring that customers across the country could experience the same delicious, high-quality pizza as those who visited their Brooklyn establishment.

This leap into the frozen food aisle was not without challenges. The transition required significant research and development to find the perfect method to freeze their pizzas without sacrificing the quality that made them a staple in their local community. They invested time in crafting a freezing process that locked in the flavors and allowed their pizzas to be quickly and easily reheated, replicating that fresh-from-the-oven taste.

As Table 87 embarked on this new chapter, they knew they had a product that could revolutionize the perception of frozen pizza. It was this pioneering spirit and dedication to quality that caught the eye of the Sharks on Shark Tank. With their appearance on the show, Table 87 Pizza wasn’t just aiming to expand their operations but was also on a mission to change the way people think about and enjoy frozen pizza across the nation.

Unique Selling Point: Coal Oven Pizza

Table 87 Pizza has charmed its way into the hearts of Brooklyn locals and now aims to captivate a national audience with its unique selling proposition: coal oven pizza. This isn’t just any frozen pizza; it’s a gourmet experience that transports you to the cozy, aromatic atmosphere of Brooklyn’s best pizzerias from the comfort of your home.

What sets Table 87 apart is their dedication to preserving the authenticity and quality of coal oven pizza in a frozen format. The secret lies in their innovative freezing process, meticulously designed to maintain the signature charred crust, melty cheese, and vibrant sauce flavors that coal oven pizza lovers swear by. This commitment to quality ensures that every bite of Table 87’s frozen pizza offers a taste of Brooklyn’s renowned pizza culture.

For those unfamiliar, coal oven pizza boasts a distinct taste and texture difference from its wood-fired or conventional oven counterparts. The high cooking temperatures in a coal oven result in a perfect crispiness that doesn’t sacrifice the pizza’s moisture, making it a standout in the frozen food aisle. Table 87 capitalizes on this uniqueness, presenting a product that redefines the expectations for frozen pizza.

Scaling from a beloved local gem to a national brand, Table 87 leveraged their Shark Tank appearance to highlight not just their product, but their passion for bringing high-quality, authentically Brooklyn pizzas to tables across the United States. Their pitch wasn’t just about expanding a business; it was about sharing a piece of their home with the country—a mission that resonates with many, far beyond the confines of New York.

The Impact of Appearing on Shark Tank

When Table 87 Pizza stepped into the Shark Tank, they were more than ready to bring their Brooklyn charm to viewers nationwide. Appearing on Shark Tank isn’t just a matter of pitching to the Sharks; it’s about catching the eye of millions of potential customers and investors. For Table 87, the platform offered an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their unique coal oven pizza on one of the biggest stages for entrepreneurs.

Right off the bat, the exposure from the show led to a significant spike in sales. Fans and food enthusiasts, intrigued by the concept of authentic, coal oven pizza that you can enjoy at home, rushed to try Table 87’s offerings. This increase wasn’t just a temporary spike; it marked a substantial growth in the company’s customer base. Social media buzz and word-of-mouth further fueled their expansion, proving that a Shark Tank appearance can do wonders for brand visibility.

But it wasn’t just about sales. The feedback and insights from the Sharks – whether they invested or not – provided valuable business lessons. These insights pushed Table 87 to refine their operations, scaling their production without compromising the quality that made them a hit in Brooklyn. They fine-tuned their unique freezing process, ensuring that each pizza retained its signature taste, right down to the last bite.

Moreover, the appearance opened doors to new business opportunities. Retail interest spiked, with stores keen on stocking Table 87’s pizzas, allowing the company to enter markets previously beyond reach. This expansion wasn’t limited to retail; online sales saw a significant uptick, with the company leveraging e-commerce to reach fans across the country.

As they navigated post-Shark Tank growth, Table 87 stayed true to their roots. Their commitment to quality and community – core tenets of their Brooklyn heritage – remained unwavering. Through strategic adjustments and leveraging the Shark Tank platform, Table 87 Pizza didn’t just aim for national success; they sought to bring a piece of Brooklyn to pizza lovers everywhere.

Growing Beyond Brooklyn

After Table 87 Pizza garnered the spotlight on Shark Tank, their journey took an exciting turn. The Brooklyn-based pizzeria, known for its coal oven slices, not only captivated the Sharks but also pizza enthusiasts far and wide. This exposure was the catalyst they needed for a massive expansion that went well beyond the borders of Brooklyn.

The immediate aftermath of the show saw a surge in online sales. Customers from every corner of the country wanted a taste of Table 87’s authentic Brooklyn pizza. They weren’t just selling pizzas; they were delivering an experience, a slice of Brooklyn life, to people’s doorsteps. The attention from Shark Tank also piqued the interest of several retailers. Suddenly, Table 87 pizzas were not only available in their brick-and-mortar locations but also in freezers across numerous national grocery chains. This strategic move introduced the brand to a broader audience, ensuring that anyone could grab a slice of their premium, coal oven pizza from the nearest supermarket.

To keep up with the demand, Table 87 streamlined its operations and focused on scaling production efficiently. They invested in state-of-the-art equipment and refined their manufacturing processes to maintain the high quality of their pizzas while serving a larger market.

One of the most significant achievements for Table 87 was their ability to remain rooted in their community while reaching out to new markets. They’ve always prided themselves on being a piece of Brooklyn, and with every pizza sold, they’re sharing a bit of home. Through strategic partnerships and innovative distribution methods, they’ve managed to bring Brooklyn’s culinary experience to a national level, making Table 87 a household name among pizza lovers.

Nationwide Distribution and Brand Recognition

Following their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Table 87 Pizza has witnessed an impressive expansion in their distribution channels. Initially celebrated for their authentic coal oven pizza slice in Brooklyn, they’ve seamlessly transitioned to a nationally recognized brand, something many entrepreneurs dream about. This remarkable journey is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and the visibility that comes from a platform like Shark Tank.

Retail Expansion

One of the most significant milestones for Table 87 was its expansion into national grocery chains. Before Shark Tank, their frozen pizzas were a treasure hidden in the heart of Brooklyn. Now, they’re a staple in the frozen aisle of numerous supermarkets across the country. This broadened distribution network ensures that pizza lovers everywhere can enjoy a slice of Brooklyn, right from their home oven.

Year Number of Stores
2015 30
2023 Over 1,000

The table above highlights the massive expansion Table 87 has achieved in terms of retail presence. The numbers are stark; they went from being available in 30 stores shortly after their Shark Tank episode, to being stocked in over 1,000 stores nationwide. This growth not only showcases their success but also the increasing demand for high-quality, ready-to-bake pizza.

Strengthening the Brand

As their retail footprint grew, so did Table 87’s brand recognition. The company leveraged social media and various marketing strategies to keep their audience engaged. They’ve successfully maintained their Brooklyn charm while scaling up, proving that it’s possible to grow without losing the essence of what made them special in the first place. Through collaborations, limited edition flavors, and active community engagement, Table 87 has stayed relevant and beloved by their growing customer base.

Their journey from a local favorite to a national sensation underscores the impact of strategic growth and the broad appeal of bringing authentic flavors to the frozen food section. With each frozen pizza sold, Table 87 continues to share their love and passion for Brooklyn-style pizza, reinforcing their position in the market and in the hearts of pizza aficionados everywhere.

Marketing Strategies for Success

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Table 87 knew they couldn’t just rely on the initial spike in interest. They had to keep the momentum going and ensure that their brand not only remained in the minds of their new customer base but also continued to expand. Their approach? A blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies tailored to their unique audience.

Social Media Engagement played a pivotal role in sustaining the buzz. Table 87’s strategy wasn’t just about posting pictures of their mouthwatering pizzas. They took engagement a step further by interacting with customers, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and leveraging user-generated content. This approach didn’t just maintain interest; it helped build a community around their brand.

They also tapped into Influencer Partnerships, collaborating with food bloggers and lifestyle influencers who aligned with their brand values. These partnerships enabled them to reach potential customers in a more authentic and engaging manner, convincing many to give Table 87’s frozen pizzas a try.

Email Marketing became another powerful tool in their arsenal. By offering exclusive deals, exciting updates, and interesting content about their journey since Shark Tank, they kept their subscribers eager for more. This ongoing communication helped in converting initial interest into lasting loyalty.

Strategic Retail Partnerships expanded their availability from a local favorite to a national presence. By being selective and strategic in their partnerships, they ensured that their pizzas were accessible to a broader audience without sacrificing the quality that had made them a hit in the first place.

Through these marketing strategies, Table 87 managed not only to maintain the post-Shark Tank sales surge but to build on it, turning newfound customers into dedicated fans. Their approach underscores the importance of a diversified marketing strategy that focuses on engagement, community building, and strategic expansions.

Maintaining Quality and Authenticity

Following their explosive growth from a local Brooklyn pizzeria to a nationally recognized brand post-Shark Tank, Table 87 faced the critical challenge of scaling up production without sacrificing the quality and authenticity that won the hearts of the Sharks and America. It’s a dilemma that many food entrepreneurs encounter, but Table 87 tackled it head-on.

Firstly, they focused on sourcing. High-quality ingredients are the backbone of Table 87’s authentic Brooklyn pizza. They stuck to their guns by using the same suppliers for their mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and flour. This commitment ensured that even as they increased production, the taste that customers fell in love with remained unchanged.

Secondly, the pizzeria invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment. The goal was simple: replicate the precise conditions of their Brooklyn kitchens on a larger scale. This meant getting ovens that could mimic the coal-fired taste that made their pizza a standout. By doing so, they were able to increase output without a drop in the quality that had become their signature.

Finally, Table 87 didn’t overlook the importance of skilled labor. Even with the best ingredients and equipment, the human touch is indispensable. They ensured that their team was well-trained, from those handling the dough to those managing the ovens. This dedication to craftsmanship played a pivotal role in maintaining the brand’s authenticity as they scaled.

For Table 87, these measures were not just about sustaining business growth but about respecting the trust and loyalty of their customers. They knew that to remain a favorite, both locally and nationally, they had to deliver the same quality and authenticity that got them onto Shark Tank in the first place.

New Developments and Expansion Plans

Since their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Table 87 Pizza has been on a remarkable journey of growth and innovation. Fans of the show and pizza lovers alike have eagerly watched as they’ve expanded their footprint, both in terms of their physical locations and their presence in the frozen food market.

At the forefront of their expansion plans, Table 87 has successfully opened several new retail locations across New York. Each of these new spots aims to replicate the cozy, authentic vibe of the original Brooklyn eatery, bringing the unique coal-fired pizza experience to a broader audience. What’s more, they’ve managed to maintain the high standards of quality and taste that first won them acclaim.

In addition to growing their brick-and-mortar presence, Table 87 has aggressively expanded their frozen pizza line. Understanding the potential of the freezer aisle, they’ve rolled out new flavors and sizes, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. This strategic move has not only increased their products’ availability nationwide but has also introduced the brand to consumers who may not have the opportunity to visit their New York locations in person.

Perhaps the most exciting development has been their efforts to innovate within the frozen food space. They’ve introduced new packaging techniques to preserve the freshness and flavor of their pizzas, ensuring that customers get the coal-fired experience right from their own ovens. By prioritizing product quality, Table 87 has set a high bar for what gourmet frozen pizza can be.

With these strategic expansions and innovations, Table 87 Pizza is poised to capture the hearts and taste buds of even more Americans. The brand’s emphasis on quality, combined with its savvy business moves, makes it a prime example of how to scale a food company while retaining its core identity.


Table 87 Pizza’s journey post-Shark Tank showcases a brand that’s not just surviving but thriving. Their commitment to quality and innovation has allowed them to expand their footprint and product line, delighting old fans and winning over new ones. They’ve skillfully balanced growth with maintaining the essence of what made them a hit from the start. It’s clear that Table 87 is more than just a pizza company; they’re a testament to what passion, quality, and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Table 87 Pizza best known for?

Table 87 Pizza has garnered fame for its coal oven pizzas that offer a distinct taste and high-quality ingredients. Their appearance on Shark Tank helped amplify their recognition.

How has Table 87 Pizza expanded since Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Table 87 Pizza has expanded by opening new retail locations across New York and growing their frozen pizza line with new flavors and sizes.

What makes Table 87 frozen pizzas unique?

Table 87’s frozen pizzas stand out due to their innovative packaging techniques that maintain the freshness and flavor, closely mimicking the quality of their freshly made pizzas.

Has Table 87 introduced any new flavors?

Yes, Table 87 has aggressively introduced new flavors and sizes in their frozen pizza line to cater to a wide range of preferences and dietary needs.

How does Table 87 ensure product quality?

Table 87 maintains product quality through strict standards in selecting high-quality ingredients and employing new packaging methods to ensure their pizzas retain their signature taste and freshness.