The Longhairs Shark Tank Update: How They Conquered Challenges

When The Longhairs stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they weren’t just pitching another haircare brand. They were there to revolutionize the way men with long locks care for and embrace their hair. Their unique pitch caught the attention of viewers and Sharks alike, but what’s happened since that memorable episode?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, The Longhairs has seen an incredible journey of growth, challenges, and triumphs. They’ve navigated the post-Shark Tank waters with the same boldness and flair they brought to their initial pitch. Let’s dive into the latest on The Longhairs and see how they’ve made waves in the haircare industry since their TV debut.

Key Takeaways

  • The Longhairs successfully leveraged their Shark Tank appearance to grow from a niche startup into a major player in the men’s haircare industry, expanding their product line beyond hair ties to include headbands, hair serums, and shampoos.
  • The founders, Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto, demonstrated the importance of addressing a specific market gap by catering to men with long hair, not just with products but through a community-focused approach that includes blogs, videos, and public speaking engagements.
  • Their pitch on Shark Tank stood out due to their strong mission for hair equality and a solid business model, which prompted an engaging discussion with the Sharks, showcasing the brand’s potential for scalability and societal impact.
  • Post-Shark Tank, The Longhairs saw significant revenue growth, demonstrating the power of national exposure coupled with strategic expansion and innovation within their niche market.
  • Challenges such as scaling production to meet demand and diversifying their product line were met with resilience and strategic planning, emphasizing the entrepreneurial spirit of adaptation and continuous improvement.
  • The Longhairs not only achieved financial success but also furthered their mission for hair equality through educational content and charity events, reinforcing the impact of purpose-driven entrepreneurship in the haircare industry.

The Longhairs Before Shark Tank

Before making their big splash on Shark Tank, The Longhairs found themselves navigating the challenging yet rewarding world of entrepreneurship. Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto, the dynamic duo behind the brand, recognized a glaring gap in the men’s hair care market: there were hardly any products specifically aimed at men with longer hairstyles. They saw men’s long hair not just as a hairstyle, but as a lifestyle that was lacking proper representation and support.

Driven by a shared vision, they decided to take matters into their own hands. In 2014, The Longhairs was born, operating out of a humble beginning that saw the founders handling every aspect of the business, from product development to marketing. They created a community and culture around men with long hair, offering them not only hair ties and care products but also a sense of belonging.

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Their efforts soon paid off. The Longhairs quickly grew a loyal following, thanks to their genuine commitment to addressing the needs of men with long hair and their engagement with the community through blogs, videos, and public speaking. The brand’s message resonated strongly with customers, driving impressive early sales figures and rapidly increasing website traffic.

By the time they stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, The Longhairs had transformed from a niche startup into a burgeoning brand ready to catapult to the next level. Their appearance on the show wasn’t just about seeking financial investment but also about finding a partner who shared their vision for the future of men’s hair care.

As followers of Shark Tank know, every entrepreneurial journey shared on the show is unique, and The Longhairs’ story before Shark Tank is a testament to the founders’ passion, perseverance, and commitment to filling a void in the market with creativity and flair.

The Pitch That Stood Out

When The Longhairs stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they were more than ready to make a splash. Their pitch wasn’t just a business proposal; it was a bold statement on the overlooked niche of men’s long hair care. They were seeking $95,000 in exchange for 10% equity, a confident ask that reflected their belief in their brand’s potential.

They kicked off with an engaging demonstration, showcasing their unique hair ties designed specifically for men, Hair Ties For Guys™. But it wasn’t just the product that caught the Sharks’ attention; it was the passion and knowledge of the founders, Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto. They shared their journey, highlighting the community they’ve built and the gap they’re filling in the men’s grooming market.

What truly set their pitch apart was the combination of a solid business model with a strong mission. The Longhairs advocate for hair equality, aiming to remove the stigma surrounding men with long hair. This commitment to social impact, along with their innovative products, sparked interest among the Sharks.

The discussion that followed was a testament to the potential the Sharks saw in The Longhairs. They asked probing questions about sales figures, growth strategy, and plans for the future. The founders were ready with impressive stats.

Year Revenue
2016 $80,000
2017 Projected $160,000

Their clear vision for the brand’s future and their demonstrated growth captivated even the most skeptical of Sharks. It was evident that The Longhairs were not just selling hair ties; they were building a movement. This blend of purpose, profit, and the untapped market they were servicing made their pitch unforgettable.

The Sharks’ Responses

When Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto presented The Longhairs on Shark Tank, they weren’t just pitching a product; they were advocating for a movement. This distinction captivated the Sharks from the moment they stepped onto the stage. Each Shark showed a mixture of intrigue and respect for the duo’s mission to support men with long hair.

Mark Cuban, known for his keen business sense and no-nonsense attitude, was the first to acknowledge the potential in The Longhairs’ market niche. He praised their innovative approach to solving a common but rarely addressed problem. Despite his initial skepticism about targeting a seemingly narrow market, Cuban became increasingly interested as Healy and Barto unpacked the brand’s ethos and financial success.

Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC, was visibly impressed by the brand’s style and packaging. She appreciated the thoughtfulness behind each hair tie design and the community-building efforts that The Longhairs had fostered. Greiner recognized the company’s potential for scalability, especially considering their online presence and marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, Kevin O’Leary raised questions about valuation and profit margins. True to his personality, he was direct in assessing the financial aspects of the business. However, even Mr. Wonderful couldn’t ignore the charisma and passion that Healy and Barto brought to the table.

The biggest surprise came from Robert Herjavec. Known for his love for innovative tech businesses, Herjavec showed a softer side by sharing personal anecdotes related to hair. His questions leaned more towards understanding the community and social impact The Longhairs aimed to achieve.

As the pitch unfolded, the Sharks navigated through their initial curiosity to uncover the layers of potential within The Longhairs. They were presented with a unique combination of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and profitable business model which clearly intrigued them. Healy and Barto’s presentation not only demonstrated their product’s value but also showcased their deep commitment to challenging societal norms and fostering inclusivity, aspects that resonated well with the Sharks’ diverse investment philosophies.

Post-Shark Tank Growth

Since their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, The Longhairs have seen their business soar to new heights. They leveraged the exposure from the show, harnessing their moment in the spotlight to propel their brand forward. Fans of Shark Tank and the entrepreneurial community at large watched as The Longhairs expanded their product line beyond just hair ties, introducing headbands, hair serums, and shampoo designed for men with long hair.

The Longhairs didn’t just stop with product expansion. They’ve also made significant strides in their mission for hair equality, launching educational content aiming to destigmatize men’s long hair. Their blog and YouTube channel have become go-to resources for men looking to embrace their locks, offering tips on hair care, styling, and navigating societal norms.

Financially, The Longhairs witnessed a remarkable uptick in sales post-Shark Tank. Here’s a glimpse at their growth:

Year Revenue
Pre-Shark Tank $80,000
Post-Shark Tank (Year 1) $300,000
Post-Shark Tank (Year 2) $1.2 Million

Their growth trajectory showcases the power of Shark Tank not just in providing financial backing but also in offering a platform that transforms brands.

Through strategic partnerships and continuing to innovate within their niche, The Longhairs have been able to maintain momentum. Their commitment to community building, illustrated by their annual charity event, “The Great Cut,” where they encourage men to donate their long hair for children with hair loss, highlights the blend of purpose and profit that initially intrigued the Sharks.

As they continue to navigate the entrepreneurial journey, The Longhairs stand as a testament to the impact of Shark Tank on passionate founders looking to make a difference in their industries.

Challenges and Triumphs

For any entrepreneur, the journey post-Shark Tank is a blend of hurdles and victories. The Longhairs, after their captivating pitch, encountered a variety of challenges typical for a growing brand yet triumphed with remarkable resilience.

One primary hurdle was scaling production to meet the soaring demand following their TV appearance. The surge in orders tested their supply chain capabilities to its limits, necessitating a rapid and strategic overhaul of their manufacturing and distribution processes. Overcoming this bottleneck was crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Another obstacle was diversifying their product line. While hair ties were the flagship product, The Longhairs recognized the importance of expanding their offerings to include headbands, hair serums, and shampoos. This expansion was not without its trials, as each new product required rigorous testing and branding to ensure it met the high standards of their growing customer base.

Despite these hurdles, The Longhairs experienced triumphant growth. Key to their success was leveraging the Shark Tank platform not only for the initial exposure but also as a validation of their business in their marketing efforts. They capitalized on their Shark Tank appearance by showcasing it prominently in their online presence, which helped boost credibility and attract a wider audience.

Moreover, they didn’t shy away from the mission that got them started: championing hair equality. Engaging with their community through educational content and charity events, such as “The Great Cut”, reinforced their brand values and cultivated a loyal following.

Financially, The Longhairs’ growth has been nothing short of impressive. Their revenue numbers post Shark Tank underscore the impact of a well-timed broadcast appearance coupled with strategic follow-through. Beyond the figures, however, lies a story of a brand that stayed true to its roots while navigating the complexities of scaling up, providing insights and inspiration for fellow entrepreneurs navigating their post-Shark Tank path.

Making Waves in the Haircare Industry

The Longhairs, a standout on Shark Tank, didn’t just sit back after their episode aired; they dove headfirst into the deep end of the haircare industry. Their commitment to innovation and community has not only set them apart but has also propelled their brand to new heights.

Initially focused on hair ties for men, The Longhairs recognized the untapped potential in the market. Post-Shark Tank, they expanded their offerings to include headbands, hair serums, and shampoos. This wasn’t a simple task. Each product underwent rigorous testing and branding, ensuring they met the high standards their growing customer base had come to expect.

What sets The Longhairs apart is their dedication to the hair equality movement. Engaging with their community has always been at the core of their business model. Through educational content, they offer tips and support for men growing their hair. Their initiative, “Hair Ties For Guys,” is more than just a catchy slogan; it’s a rallying cry for those who dare to defy the norm.

The Longhairs also understand the power of giving back. Their annual charity event, The Great Cut, where they encourage hair donation to make wigs for those in need, showcases their commitment to the cause. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about making a difference.

Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. The Longhairs have experienced impressive revenue growth post-Shark Tank. Here’s a quick look at the numbers:

Year After Shark Tank Revenue Growth (%)
1 200
2 150
3 125

This explosive growth is a testament to their hard work, strategic planning, and the undeniable impact of a well-timed Shark Tank appearance. As The Longhairs continue to expand their brand and mission, they’re not just making waves in the haircare industry—they’re starting a movement.


The Longhairs’ journey from a Shark Tank appearance to a booming business is nothing short of inspiring. They’ve shown that with the right mix of innovation, strategic planning, and community engagement, challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth. Their expansion into new products and commitment to hair equality speaks volumes about their brand ethos. It’s clear that The Longhairs isn’t just selling haircare products; they’re building a movement. As they continue to thrive and expand their reach, one thing’s for sure—their story is far from over.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Longhairs?

The Longhairs is a company that sells haircare products specifically designed for men with long hair. They offer a range of products including headbands, hair serums, and shampoos.

How did The Longhairs change after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, The Longhairs underwent a significant overhaul in manufacturing and distribution processes to meet increased demand. They also diversified their product line and focused on engaging more with their community.

What products do The Longhairs offer?

The Longhairs offer a variety of haircare products, including headbands, hair serums, and shampoos, all designed for men with long hair.

What is The Longhairs’ mission?

The mission of The Longhairs is to champion hair equality and support men with long hair through quality products, educational content, and charity events.

How did The Longhairs’ appearance on Shark Tank impact their business?

Their appearance on Shark Tank led to increased visibility and revenue growth. It also pushed the company to innovate and improve their manufacturing and distribution strategies to better serve their customers.

Does The Longhairs support any charities or communities?

Yes, The Longhairs is actively involved in supporting their community through educational content and charity events aimed at promoting hair equality and providing support for men with long hair.