Wake N Bacon Shark Tank Update: From Novelty to Must-Have Appliance

Wake N Bacon made a sizzling entrance on Shark Tank, introducing a novel way to wake up to the aroma of freshly cooked bacon. It’s a concept that intrigued both the Sharks and viewers, blending the love for bacon with the universal struggle of leaving the warmth of one’s bed in the morning. Since their appearance, fans and curious onlookers alike have been eager for updates. How has the journey been post-Shark Tank?

The path for entrepreneurs after the Shark Tank spotlight can be unpredictable. Some soar to new heights, while others face challenges they didn’t anticipate. For Wake N Bacon, the road has been filled with lessons, growth, and evolution. Let’s dive into what’s been cooking with Wake N Bacon since they tried to bring the smell of breakfast to bedrooms across America.

Key Takeaways

  • Wake N Bacon’s unique selling proposition integrates the joy of waking up to the scent of bacon with the convenience of an alarm clock, highlighting innovation in the breakfast appliance market.
  • Despite facing typical post-Shark Tank challenges in manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and customer education, Wake N Bacon persevered, showcasing the resilience required for entrepreneurial success.
  • Significant product improvements, including a more user-friendly design, enhanced safety features, energy efficiency, and Wi-Fi connectivity, were made following feedback from early adopters and the Shark Tank experience.
  • Strategic marketing efforts, especially through social media, and product enhancements led to a substantive increase in sales, with a 150% boost 6 months post-show and a 300% increase after one year, indicating a growing market acceptance.
  • Wake N Bacon’s journey illustrates the importance of innovation, customer feedback, and continuous product development in turning a novel concept into a viable business and household name.

Background of Wake N Bacon

Wake N Bacon made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank, instantly capturing the hearts of fans and entrepreneurs alike with its unique concept. The idea was brilliantly simple: a bedside alarm clock that not only awakens you gently but does so with the irresistibly mouth-watering aroma of bacon.

The inventors, driven by the belief that mornings should be something to look forward to, designed Wake N Bacon to start your day on a high note. They envisioned a world where the first moments of awakening were filled with joy rather than the typical groan that accompanies the sound of a traditional alarm clock.

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Following their pitch on Shark Tank, the Wake N Bacon team faced the Sharks with enthusiasm, shedding light on how their product was set to revolutionize the morning routine. They highlighted ease of use and innovation, core qualities that resonated with both the Sharks and the audience.

Despite the initial buzz and positive reception, the journey post-Shark Tank was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. The Wake N Bacon creators had to navigate through the complexities of production, marketing, and scaling their business.

Their venture highlights the unpredictable path of entrepreneurship, especially after gaining exposure on a platform like Shark Tank. Yet, it also serves as a testament to the spirit of innovation that drives inventors and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, regardless of the hurdles they might face.

The Shark Tank Pitch

When the creators of Wake N Bacon stepped onto the Shark Tank stage, they knew they were introducing something special. Their pitch revolved around a novel idea: an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of freshly cooked bacon. As fanatical fans of the show know, a unique product can either become a hit or miss in the Tank, and anticipation was high.

They eloquently explained the concept: a user places bacon in the device before going to sleep, sets the alarm, and wakes up to the irresistible aroma of bacon cooking right beside their bed. The simplicity and appeal of the idea immediately caught the attention of both the Sharks and the audience.

In their presentation, the inventors shared their journey, from the initial idea to the prototype development, showcasing not just their invention but also their passion and dedication. Stats and numbers were carefully laid out, highlighting the potential market size and the scalability of Wake N Bacon.

Aspect Detail
Inventors Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs with a unique idea
Product Wake N Bacon Alarm Clock
Unique Selling Point Waking up to the smell of bacon
Market Potential Large, for bacon lovers and gadget enthusiasts

The Sharks probed into the business model, questioning the inventors on manufacturing costs, retail price, and their strategy for scaling the business. Despite the grill, the creators held their own, demonstrating their readiness to take Wake N Bacon to the next level.

Their pitch encapsulated what Shark Tank is all about: innovation, passion, and the American dream of turning a simple idea into a profitable business. It was a moment that resonated with many aspiring entrepreneurs watching at home, inkling them towards pursuing their inventive dreams.

Initial Reception

When Wake N Bacon strutted onto the Shark Tank stage, fans and Sharks alike were caught off-guard by the novel concept. A device that wakes you up with the scent of bacon—it was as intriguing as it was appealing. The inventors’ passion was palpable, their demonstration compelling. They masterfully illustrated how their creation would revolutionize waking up, turning a mundane activity into a delightful experience.

The reception from the Sharks was a mix of skepticism and interest. Questions flew fast and furious about the sustainability of such a niche product and its appeal to a broader market. The inventors, however, stood their ground, answering with confidence. They painted a picture of a world where every morning could be a good morning, filled with the irresistible aroma of bacon.

Viewers at home were quick to react, taking to social media to express their amusement, curiosity, and even desire for Wake N Bacon. Posts ranged from eager inquiries about where to buy, to humorous comments imagining a world powered by bacon-scented mornings. This buzz added to the excitement around the product, proving there’s a market ready for innovative ways to experience the first moments of the day.

As the episode concluded, the anticipation for Wake N Bacon’s future was high. The inventors had successfully captured the imagination of many, leaving fans eager for updates on its commercial journey. Whether the Sharks decided to bite or not, the Wake N Bacon team had made a memorable impact, showing that sometimes, all it takes is a simple idea to capture hearts and spark conversations nationwide.

Post-Shark Tank Challenges

After the bright lights of the Shark Tank dimmed, the team behind Wake N Bacon faced the real test of transforming their TV dreams into a tangible business reality. They encountered several hurdles that are common for early-stage entrepreneurs, but for Wake N Bacon, their unique product brought unique challenges.

Firstly, there was the issue of manufacturing. Scaling a product from a prototype to mass production is a daunting task for any inventor, and the Wake N Bacon creators were no exception. They needed to ensure that their bacon alarm clock could be produced at a quality and price point that would appeal to their target market.

Distribution and marketing posed another hurdle. With a product as novel as Wake N Bacon, finding the right channels to reach potential buyers was crucial. While the exposure from Shark Tank helped generate initial interest, the team had to work hard to convert that into sustained sales. This involved navigating online platforms, approaching retailers, and diving into the complex world of digital marketing—all of which require time, expertise, and of course, capital.

Then there was customer education: How do you convince people that waking up to the smell of bacon, without having to cook it, is something they need in their lives? The Wake N Bacon team embarked on a campaign to showcase the benefits of their product—not just the novelty factor, but also the convenience and the joy of waking up in a unique way.

Despite these challenges, the journey of Wake N Bacon after Shark Tank is a testament to the passion and perseverance of its inventors. They continued to push forward, learning from each setback and celebrating every success.

Innovations and Improvements

After their appearance on Shark Tank, the team behind Wake N Bacon didn’t just sit back and wait for success to find them; they hit the ground running, making significant improvements to their product. Aware of the challenges that lay ahead, they focused on enhancements and innovations that would make Wake N Bacon not just a novelty item, but a must-have appliance in every breakfast lover’s kitchen.

First and foremost, they tackled the prototype’s limitations, introducing a more user-friendly design. The newer model boasted a sleeker, more compact form, making it a perfect fit for any countertop. By listening to early adopters’ feedback, they also enhanced the device’s safety features, ensuring that Wake N Bacon could be used daily without any health hazards.

Energy efficiency was another major update. Understanding the importance of sustainability, the inventors refined their product to consume less power, aligning with the eco-friendly values of modern consumers. This improvement not only reduced the operational costs for users but also positioned Wake N Bacon as an environmentally conscious choice in the market.

Connectivity enhancements were also introduced, with the latest version featuring Wi-Fi capabilities. Users could now sync their Wake N Bacon with their smartphones, allowing for a more personalized wake-up experience. This level of customization extended to setting specific cook times, choosing the type of bacon to be cooked, and even getting notified when breakfast was ready.

In the ever-evolving world of kitchen appliances, Wake N Bacon’s commitment to growth and adaptation is a testament to the inventors’ resilience. They’ve shown that with the right mix of innovation and customer feedback, it’s possible to turn a unique idea into a household name.

Success Stories

After their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, the Wake N Bacon journey took off in unexpected and delightful ways. The team’s resilience and ingenuity fueled their drive toward making their bacon alarm clock a household name. While not every venture from the Tank achieves a fairy tale ending, Wake N Bacon began etching its story as one of the more savory successes.

They embraced the feedback and challenges highlighted during their pitch, focusing on product development and consumer education. Wake N Bacon’s evolution featured a more intuitive design coupled with improvements that bolster its safety and efficiency. These enhancements didn’t just make it a novelty item but transformed it into a practical, everyday appliance for bacon enthusiasts.

Expanding Reach

In the months following their Shark Tank episode, the creators behind Wake N Bacon worked tirelessly to expand their reach. They tapped into various marketing channels and built partnerships that introduced their innovative product to a wider audience. Social media played a pivotal role in their strategy, creating buzz and fostering a community of fans eagerly sharing their breakfast stories.

Impact on Sales

The results of their efforts were immediately evident in their sales figures. Here are some highlights:

Period Sales Increase
6 Months Post 150%
1 Year Post 300%

Even more impressive, customer satisfaction soared with the introduction of new features, securing repeat customers and attracting new ones. Their commitment to quality and constant improvement set Wake N Bacon apart in a competitive market.

As Wake N Bacon continues to evolve, their journey from a Shark Tank hopeful to a beloved brand underscores the power of perseverance and the importance of listening to and learning from feedback. The team’s dedication to refining their product and business model not only won them a spot in the hearts of bacon lovers but also demonstrated the impact of Shark Tank on driving innovation and entrepreneurship.


Wake N Bacon’s journey from a Shark Tank appearance to a household name is nothing short of inspirational. The team’s dedication to refining their product and embracing consumer feedback has paved the way for remarkable growth and a devoted customer base. Their success story is a testament to the fact that with hard work, innovative thinking, and a keen ear for what the market wants, entrepreneurs can turn a simple idea into a thriving business. Wake N Bacon now stands as a beacon for aspiring innovators, proving that even the most whimsical concepts can evolve into essential everyday products. It’s a delicious reminder of how dreams, seasoned with determination and creativity, can indeed become a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wake N Bacon?

Wake N Bacon is a breakfast apparatus that allows users to wake up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon. It has a user-friendly design, enhanced safety features, improved energy efficiency, and connectivity enhancements.

How did Wake N Bacon improve after Shark Tank?

Post-Shark Tank, the Wake N Bacon team enhanced the product’s design, safety, energy efficiency, and connectivity. They also focused on product development, consumer education, and leveraged social media for marketing to grow their brand.

What role did consumer feedback play in Wake N Bacon’s development?

Consumer feedback was crucial in transforming Wake N Bacon from a novelty item to a practical, everyday appliance. It informed product improvements, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales growth.

How did social media contribute to Wake N Bacon’s success?

Social media played a key role in creating buzz and fostering a community of bacon enthusiasts, which was instrumental in expanding Wake N Bacon’s reach and significantly boosting sales.

What were the sales outcomes for Wake N Bacon after appearing on Shark Tank?

Sales for Wake N Bacon increased by 150% after 6 months and 300% after one year following their appearance on Shark Tank, showcasing a substantial growth in their market presence and customer base.

Can Wake N Bacon be considered just a novelty item?

Initially seen as a novelty, significant improvements and consumer education have transformed Wake N Bacon into a practical, everyday appliance for bacon lovers, surpassing its novelty status.