You Go Natural Review (Shark Tank Pitch): Unbiased Insights and Results

You Go Natural is a popular brand that specializes in creating premium hair accessories, specifically designed for textured hair. With an array of products ranging from pre-tied headwraps to turbans and durags, the brand has gained quite a reputation among customers for offering stylish and functional hair solutions for people with diverse hair types.

In recent years, customer reviews have played a vital role in building trust and loyalty for businesses, and You Go Natural is no exception. The company’s products have garnered a significant number of positive reviews, reflecting the satisfaction of its clientele. One of the highlights of these reviews is the ease and convenience of using the pre-tied headwraps, which require no fuss or tutorials.

You Go Natural Overview


You Go Natural is a company that provides various hair care products, with a focus on natural and high-quality ingredients. Their aim is to cater to customers looking for alternative ways to style and care for their hair, while promoting healthy hair growth.

Products Offered

You Go Natural offers a diverse range of products for different hair types, with some of their popular items being:

you go natural review
  • Hair wraps: These are designed to protect hair and help maintain various hairstyles, particularly for those with natural or curly hair. They are versatile and come in various styles, patterns, and colors.
  • Moisturizing and styling products: The company provides natural-based hair care products that help with styling and maintaining moisture in the hair, which is key for keeping it healthy and vibrant.
  • Accessories: Alongside their hair care products, You Go Natural offers various hair-related accessories, such as satin scrunchies and headbands, which complement their product line.

Customers have generally given positive reviews for You Go Natural, with a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. They particularly appreciate the excellent quality of the products and their effectiveness in maintaining hairstyles and moisture.

YGN Wraps

Materials Used

You Go Natural (YGN) offers premium hair accessories, focusing on providing quality and functionality for textured hair. Their wraps are made of materials that keep hair protected, such as satin, which helps to prevent dryness and breakage (source). By using satin, YGN wraps effectively preserve the natural moisture of your hair, ensuring that it stays healthy and damage-free.

Styles and Options

YGN offers a variety of wrap styles to suit different preferences and needs. Examples of their product range include:

  • Men’s Halo Turbans
  • T-Shirt Turbans
  • Open Turbans
  • Premium Durags
  • Women’s Headwraps

These options allow customers to choose their preferred wrap style while still benefiting from the high-quality materials and designs offered by YGN (source).

Comfort and Fit

One of the most important aspects of YGN wraps is their comfortable fit. The flexible materials used in these wraps provide just the right amount of stretch to ensure a snug, secure fit without causing headaches or being too tight. Customers have reported that YGN wraps do not slip off and are very comfortable to wear throughout the day (source). YGN’s commitment to comfort and fit makes their wraps a popular choice among those searching for stylish and functional hair accessories.

Turbans and Headbands

T-Shirt Bun

The T-Shirt Bun from You Go Natural is a versatile and stylish option for those looking to protect and style their textured hair. This innovative design allows users to easily create a secure bun with just their T-shirt material. It’s perfect for people who want a quick and easy styling option without compromising the health of their hair.

T-Shirt Turban

The T-Shirt Turban offers a fashionable and comfortable headwear choice for those embracing their natural hair. This unique design features a soft, stretchy material that fits comfortably around the user’s head. It can be worn in various styles, providing countless options for people wanting to showcase their individuality and personality while keeping their hair protected.

Swim Turban

A game-changer in the world of hair protection, the Swim Turban is designed to shield textured hair from the harsh effects of pool and saltwater. This innovative turban is crafted with water-resistant material, ensuring the hair remains dry and safe during swimming activities. It offers a stylish and functional solution for those who want to enjoy water activities without damaging their hair.


The Durag from You Go Natural offers a sleek and modern take on the classic durag. Designed to protect textured hair and maintain desired hairstyles, it provides users with a practical yet fashionable option. With its durable material and snug fit, the Durag serves as an essential accessory for those looking to maintain and improve their hair’s health.

Chemo Headwear

Understanding the unique needs of individuals undergoing chemotherapy, You Go Natural offers a line of Chemo Headwear. Crafted with soft, comfortable materials, these headwear options provide both style and solace for those dealing with hair loss due to medical treatments. Designed to be gentle on sensitive scalps, the Chemo Headwear line supports individuals during this challenging time while allowing them to maintain their sense of style and confidence.

Customer Service and Shipping

Handling and Shipping Times

You Go Natural has received mixed reviews regarding their handling and shipping times. Some customers have praised the company for shipping their products earlier than expected source. However, other customers have experienced longer than anticipated shipping times source. Nonetheless, many customers have expressed satisfaction with the products they receive, stating that they are great quality and comfortable to wear.

Return and Refund Policy

There is limited information available on You Go Natural’s return and refund policy. In one instance, a customer had an issue with shipping, and the company resolved it by refunding the shipping cost source.

It is important for potential customers to carefully review You Go Natural’s return and refund policy before making a purchase. Additionally, contacting the company’s customer service for clarifications on their policies may provide better insights into their practices.

In summary, You Go Natural has received praise for its quality products but has received mixed reviews regarding its handling and shipping times. Understanding the return and refund policy and keeping communication lines open with customer service can help ensure a positive online shopping experience.

Reviews and Opinions

Positive Feedback

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with You Go Natural products. One user mentioned that their hair and edges stay dry during CrossFit workouts, while another appreciated the material and quality, feeling that it was an excellent investment. Some customers also praised the satin material, stating it does not dry out delicate strands.

The style of You Go Natural products has also received glowing reviews, with customers noting that the wrap goes well with just about everything. Furthermore, the wraps have been described as easy to style, comfortable, and headache-free.

Negative Experiences

While most reviews available are positive, we aim to provide a balanced viewpoint. However, our search results did not yield significant negative experiences for You Go Natural products.

Additional Details

Overall, customers seem to be pleased with the products from You Go Natural. In addition to the previously mentioned points, customers have also commented on the company’s responsive customer service and timely delivery. The brand has received a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, reflecting the general satisfaction of customers with their purchases.


You Go Natural is a company that offers premium hair accessories for textured hair. These accessories have received a high amount of positive reviews from customers, as evidenced by their 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot.

Many customers appreciate the ease of use of the products, as they are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The stylish designs and versatility of the accessories cater to various occasions, making them suitable for both casual and formal events.

Some of the popular items in their range include the Halo Turbans, T-Shirt Turbans, and head wraps. Additionally, their active collection offers functional and fashionable options for those with an active lifestyle. Customers have praised the quality and design of the swim turbans as a standout product.

In conclusion, You Go Natural offers a wide variety of hair accessories that are not only fashionable but also functional and comfortable to wear. Their commitment to providing excellent products and customer service make them a trustworthy and reliable option for those seeking premium hair accessories for textured hair.

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