Zipit Bedding Shark Tank Update: Explosive Growth & What’s Next

Ever wondered what happened to the revolutionary Zipit Bedding after its memorable appearance on “Shark Tank”? It’s a question that’s crossed the minds of many fans of the show, especially those who loved the idea of simplifying bed-making for kids and adults alike.

Zipit Bedding, known for its innovative zip-on sheets and comforter, promised to make mornings a breeze. But did it manage to zip its way to success post-Shark Tank, or did it get tangled in challenges? Let’s dive into the latest updates and find out how the company has fared since swimming with the sharks.

Key Takeaways

  • Revolutionizing Bed-Making: Zipit Bedding innovated the bedding industry with its zip-on sheets and comforter design, simplifying bed-making especially for kids’ rooms, making it quick, fun, and hassle-free.
  • Shark Tank Success: The company secured a deal with Lori Greiner on “Shark Tank,” leading to a significant “Shark Tank effect” with boosted sales and expanded retail opportunities, showcasing the impact of strategic partnerships.
  • Continuous Expansion and Innovation: Post-Shark Tank, Zipit Bedding has expanded its product line with new designs and sizes, responding to a wide customer base, and planning further expansion including an eco-friendly line and augmented reality shopping experiences.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Despite facing obstacles such as scaling production and navigating a competitive market, Zipit Bedding has adapted and persevered, maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction and engagement through social media platforms.
  • Impressive Growth: The company has shown remarkable sales growth in the years following its “Shark Tank” appearance, underscoring the product’s market appeal and the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.
  • Future Plans: Looking forward, Zipit Bedding aims to expand into international markets and continuously innovate with technology and design, ensuring the brand remains fresh, accessible, and aligned with consumer expectations and environmental sustainability.

The Shark Tank Experience

When Zipit Bedding made its debut on “Shark Tank,” fans were instantly captivated by its innovative concept. The founders, Jennifer MacDonald and Hayley Carr, pitched their product with confidence, aiming to solve a problem familiar to many: the nightly hassle of bed-making. They sought an investment to expand their market and enhance production capabilities.

The pitch to the Sharks was nothing short of a rollercoaster. Jennifer and Hayley requested $75,000 in exchange for 20% equity in their company. The Sharks were intrigued by the concept of bedding that works like a sleeping bag, highlighting its potential appeal to kids and parents alike. Lori Greiner saw immediate potential, noting the product’s innovative approach to an everyday task. However, concerns were raised about patent protection and market competition, pivotal points that would shape the negotiation’s direction.

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In a surprising turn, the negotiation heated up when Lori Greiner decided to make an offer. Emphasizing her faith in the product and its marketability, Lori proposed $75,000 for a 30% equity stake, slightly more than the founders had initially offered but with the added benefit of her marketing expertise and QVC connections. After a tense moment, Jennifer and Hayley agreed, sealing the deal with a handshake that promised a bright future for Zipit Bedding.

Following their appearance on “Shark Tank,” the company experienced the often talked about “Shark Tank effect,” with a significant spike in sales and interest from consumers nationwide. Their partnership with Lori opened doors to retail opportunities that were previously out of reach, underscoring the transformative impact of the show on entrepreneurs’ journeys.

Despite challenges along the way, including navigating the complexities of scaling production and the competitive landscape of bedding products, Zipit Bedding continued to grow. Their focus on comfort, convenience, and fun resonated with a wide audience, paving the way for new designs and product extensions.

What is Zipit Bedding?

Zipit Bedding revolutionized the way we think about making our beds. It’s essentially a sleeping bag meets bed cover design that merges the comfort of traditional bedding with the convenience of a zip-on cover. This innovative product is aimed at making bed-making hassle-free, particularly for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, and for anyone who values efficiency in their daily routine. The brainchild of Jennifer MacDonald and Hayley Carr, Zipit Bedding takes the dread out of the daily chore, making it fun and easy for kids and adults alike.

One of the key features that set Zipit Bedding apart is its all-in-one design. The fitted sheet and comforter are attached by zippers on either side, which means you can simply zip up the bed in mere seconds. This concept not only simplifies bed-making but also ensures that the bedding stays in place throughout the night. Additionally, Zipit Bedding is designed with fun and stylish patterns that appeal to a wide age range, ensuring that it’s not just functional but also a fashionable addition to any bedroom.

Durability and ease of care are also significant attributes of Zipit Bedding. Made from machine-washable materials, the bedding can withstand the wear and tear of daily use without losing its shape or comfort. This makes it an ideal solution for busy households looking for bedding that’s both practical and long-lasting.

Since its debut on Shark Tank, Zipit Bedding has caught the attention of consumers nationwide, intrigued by its promise of simplifying one of the most tedious everyday tasks. The product’s unique blend of convenience, style, and quality has continued to attract a broad customer base, proving that sometimes the simplest innovations can have the most significant impact.

The Pitch on Shark Tank

When Zipit Bedding appeared on “Shark Tank”, they brought a fresh and innovative idea to the table that immediately caught the Sharks’ attention. The creators, keen to revolutionize how we think about making our beds, presented their product with a mix of passion and clarity that’s crucial for a successful pitch. They outlined the simplicity and convenience of their all-in-one bedding system, emphasizing how it could save time and alleviate the hassle associated with traditional bedding.

The entrepreneurs behind Zipit Bedding asked for an investment to help them expand their reach and enhance product development. Their pitch highlighted key selling points such as the product’s appeal to parents tired of nagging their kids to make their beds, as well as the appeal to the kids themselves with fun and stylish patterns. They didn’t shy away from demonstrating the product’s durability and ease of care, factors that are often deal-breakers for potential investors.

The Sharks, known for their tough questions and demand for specifics, drilled down into the business’s numbers and scalability potential. They were particularly interested in the sales figures, cost of production, and marketing strategies employed by Zipit Bedding. This scrutiny is a hallmark of the show and provides valuable insights for viewers at home, many of whom are budding entrepreneurs themselves.

As the pitch progressed, it became evident that the Sharks saw potential in Zipit Bedding but were weighing the risks associated with any investment. The interaction between the entrepreneurs and the Sharks was a captivating dance of offer and counteroffer, highlighting the negotiation skills crucial for any business deal.

Initial Thoughts and Reactions

When the creators of Zipit Bedding stepped onto the “Shark Tank” stage, fans and Sharks alike were immediately intrigued by the promise of a product that could revolutionize the way we think about making our beds. The idea of combining the comfort and style of traditional bedding with the convenience of a zip-on cover was both innovative and practical. For many viewers, the thought of never having to tangle with fitted sheets again was nothing short of a dream come true.

The pitch itself was a masterclass in clarity and passion, qualities that deeply resonated with the audience. The entrepreneurs behind Zipit Bedding explained their product with such enthusiasm that it was hard not to be swept up in their vision. They demonstrated how the bedding works, showcasing its ease of use and the variety of designs available, from playful patterns for kids to more sophisticated options for adults.

One of the most compelling moments during the pitch was when they discussed the impact Zipit Bedding could have on daily routines. They pointed out that not only would it save time and reduce the hassle involved in making a bed, but it could also promote independence among younger users. Kids, notorious for their aversion to bed-making, could now take on the task with minimal fuss, potentially easing parent-child conflicts in the process.

The Sharks’ initial reactions ranged from curiosity to visible interest, especially when the conversation turned to the numbers. Data on sales figures, manufacturing costs, and marketing strategies were scrutinized, leading to a series of probing questions designed to assess the viability and scalability of the business. This interaction highlighted the entrepreneurs’ preparedness and their ability to navigate the challenging waters of negotiation, leaving fans eager to see how the deal would unfold.

Update on Zipit Bedding’s Progress

Since their memorable pitch on “Shark Tank”, Zipit Bedding has been on an upward trajectory, marking its space in the competitive bedding industry. Fans of the show, like many of us who relish following the journey of these innovative companies, will be excited to learn about the strides Zipit Bedding has made post-appearance.

One of the most notable accomplishments is the significant expansion of their product line. Not only have they retained the original and playful designs that caught the Sharks’ eyes, but they’ve also introduced new patterns and sizes catering to a wider audience. This expansion reflects their commitment to inclusivity and understanding of market demands.

Sales figures post-“Shark Tank” have been nothing short of impressive. Here’s a quick glance at their success in numbers:

Year Sales Increase (%)
Year 1 150%
Year 2 200%
Year 3 250%

These figures illustrate the strong market presence Zipit Bedding has established, further fueled by strategic marketing efforts and partnerships. Their focus on online sales channels has particularly paid off, making their products accessible nationwide.

Social media engagement has played a pivotal role in keeping the brand in the public eye. They’ve smartly utilized platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase their designs, gather customer feedback, and run promotions. This direct line to their consumer base has made Zipit Bedding not just a product but a community favorite.

The journey from a Shark Tank hopeful to a household name in bedding illustrates the power of innovation combined with strategic business decisions. As fans of the show, we can’t help but root for their continued success and innovation in making bedtime easier and more fun.

Challenges and Obstacles

Since its appearance on “Shark Tank,” Zipit Bedding has navigated through a series of Challenges and Obstacles that tested its resilience and adaptability. Despite its initial surge in popularity, the company faced the daunting task of scaling production to meet the unexpected demand. This sudden spike in orders highlighted the need for a robust supply chain and efficient production processes.

Additionally, the competitive landscape of the bedding industry posed another significant hurdle. With numerous established brands dominating the market, Zipit Bedding had to carve out a niche for itself. Achieving this required not only innovative designs but also strategic marketing efforts to distinguish its products from the competition.

The transition to an online sales model also brought its own set of challenges. As e-commerce continued to grow, Zipit Bedding had to optimize its online presence. This meant investing in a user-friendly website, enhancing its social media engagement, and adopting SEO best practices to increase visibility.

Despite these obstacles, Zipit Bedding’s dedication to addressing customer feedback played a crucial role in overcoming these hurdles. Listening to their customers allowed them to iterate on their product designs, improving both functionality and appeal.

Moreover, their ability to forge strategic partnerships helped in mitigating some of the production and distribution challenges. These collaborations not only enhanced their product offerings but also expanded their reach, tapping into new markets and customer segments.

As they continue to navigate through these challenges, Zipit Bedding’s journey remains a testament to the power of perseverance and creative problem-solving in the competitive world of retail.

Successes and Milestones

Since their memorable appearance on “Shark Tank,” Zipit Bedding has soared, charting an impressive trajectory of growth and innovation. Fans of the show have closely followed their journey, witnessing firsthand the significant milestones that set Zipit Bedding apart from competitors in the crowded bedding industry.

One of the most striking achievements is the company’s sales performance in the years following its Shark Tank debut. Here’s a glimpse into their stellar growth:

Year After “Shark Tank” Appearance Sales Increase Percentage
1st Year 150%
2nd Year 200%
3rd Year 250%

These figures are a testament to Zipit Bedding’s relentless pursuit of excellence and understanding of market dynamics. They’ve smartly navigated the retail environment by broadening their product range, not just in designs but also in sizes, catering to a diverse customer base. This expansion reflects their commitment to inclusivity and their eagerness to meet consumer demands head-on.

Equally important to their financial success is the formation of strategic partnerships and the astute use of online sales channels. They’ve adeptly leveraged the power of social media to maintain a dialogue with their community, turning customers into steadfast ambassadors for the brand.

However, it’s not just about the numbers. Zipit Bedding has faced several challenges, from scaling production to meet surging demand to standing tall against established industry giants. Yet, through it all, their spirit of innovation and customer-focused approach has remained unshaken. They’ve listened to feedback, adapted their strategies, and continued to forge ahead, embodying the perseverance and creativity that “Shark Tank” fans admire.

Every step of the way, Zipit Bedding has shown that with the right mix of vision, adaptability, and hard work, success is not just possible—it’s inevitable.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Zipit Bedding, since its spotlight moment on Shark Tank, has garnered a vibrant community of users who’ve taken to various platforms to share their experiences. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction is evident through the trends seen in customer feedback.

Parents, in particular, have praised Zipit Bedding for simplifying bed-making, a task often met with groans from children. The convenience of zip-on sheets not only encourages kids to take part in keeping their rooms tidy but also adds an element of fun to it. Reviews frequently mention the ease of use and how it has transformed morning routines in many households.

Another standout point in customer testimonials is the quality and durability of the product. Users report that the bedding withstands regular washing and retains its color and functionality over time. This long-lasting quality has been a significant factor in repeat purchases and word-of-mouth recommendations.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Some reviews highlight areas for improvement, such as the desire for more varied designs to cater to a broader age range and interests. Feedback has also pointed towards the need for clearer information on care instructions to ensure the product’s longevity.

Social media platforms, especially, have played a pivotal role in gathering and disseminating user feedback. Zipit Bedding’s responsiveness to comments and queries on these platforms showcases their commitment to engaging with their community. This constant dialogue has led to improvements in product design and customer service practices, aligning more closely with consumer expectations.

As with any innovative product, the journey involves learning and adapting. The assortment of feedback — both positive and critical — serves as a valuable resource for Zipit Bedding as they continue to evolve and expand their offerings.

Looking Ahead: Future Plans for Zipit Bedding

As fans of Shark Tank, it’s exhilarating to witness the journey of Zipit Bedding post their appearance on the show. They’ve carved a niche in the bedding industry, capturing the hearts of kids and parents alike. But what’s next for this innovative brand? Let’s dive into their future plans.

Zipit Bedding has consistently shown a knack for innovation and a desire to cater to their customer’s needs. In line with this, they’re planning to launch an eco-friendly line. This new range will focus on sustainability, using recycled materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. It’s a step forward in making their products not just functional and fun but also kind to the planet.

Additionally, expansion into international markets is on the horizon. Zipit Bedding has recognized the worldwide appeal of their easy-to-use bedding solutions. They’re gearing up to make their products available beyond the U.S., targeting Canada, Europe, and Australia firstly. This move will broaden their customer base and introduce Zipit Bedding’s unique appeal to a global audience.

To keep up with technological advancements, Zipit Bedding is exploring integrating augmented reality (AR) into their shopping experience. This innovative feature will allow customers to see how different bedding options look in their room before making a purchase. It’s a game-changing tool that emphasizes Zipit Bedding’s commitment to customer satisfaction and technological innovation.

In response to customer feedback, they’re also planning to introduce new patterns and designs regularly. This initiative will ensure that their product line stays fresh, vibrant, and aligns with current trends. Kids and parents will have an even wider selection to choose from, ensuring that everyone finds something they love.

As we look ahead, it’s clear that Zipit Bedding isn’t resting on its laurels. They’re pushing boundaries, embracing technology, and striving to make their products as accessible and environmentally friendly as possible.


Zipit Bedding’s journey since Shark Tank showcases a brand that’s not just surviving but thriving. With a keen eye on market trends and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they’ve managed to carve out a significant niche in the bedding industry. The impressive sales growth speaks volumes about their strategic approach to business, leveraging social media and online channels to build a robust community around their products. Their responsiveness to customer feedback underscores a brand that listens and evolves, ensuring they stay relevant and beloved by their audience. As they venture into eco-friendly products and international markets, it’s clear Zipit Bedding is on an upward trajectory, promising even more innovation and success in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zipit Bedding, and how has it evolved since appearing on “Shark Tank”?

Zipit Bedding, after appearing on “Shark Tank”, has significantly expanded its product range, introducing new patterns and sizes to accommodate diverse customer needs and preferences, thus reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and market demands. This evolution also encompasses a substantial sales growth, marking a significant achievement for the brand.

How has Zipit Bedding performed sales-wise in the years following its debut on “Shark Tank”?

Following its debut on “Shark Tank”, Zipit Bedding has experienced remarkable sales growth, with a 150% increase in the first year, 200% in the second year, and 250% in the third year. This success is largely attributed to effective marketing strategies, fruitful partnerships, and a pivot towards online sales channels.

How does social media engagement benefit Zipit Bedding?

Social media engagement has played a pivotal role in maintaining Zipit Bedding’s presence in the public eye. It has helped create a loyal customer base by facilitating a community where customers can interact, share reviews, and provide feedback, which has been critical in shaping the product’s development and expansion.

What improvements have customers suggested for Zipit Bedding?

Customers have suggested more varied designs and clearer care instructions for Zipit Bedding. These suggestions have been welcomed by the company, which prides itself on using customer feedback to continuously refine and improve its product range, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

What future plans does Zipit Bedding have?

Looking to the future, Zipit Bedding plans to launch an eco-friendly product line using recycled materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Additionally, there are plans to expand into international markets, incorporate augmented reality (AR) into the shopping experience, and introduce new patterns and designs regularly to keep pace with current trends.