Turbo Trusser Shark Tank Update: Did They Land a Deal? See Now

When the Turbo Trusser team stepped into the Shark Tank, they were ready to revolutionize the way we roast our birds. Their innovative kitchen gadget promised to make trussing chickens faster, easier, and more efficient. Viewers were glued to their screens, eager to see if the Sharks would bite.

Fast forward, and the buzz hasn’t died down. Everyone’s curious: did the Turbo Trusser manage to secure a deal? More importantly, how’s the product doing now? Has it become a must-have in every kitchen, or did it fizzle out like so many other hopeful inventions? Let’s dive into the latest Turbo Trusser Shark Tank update to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • The Turbo Trusser made a noteworthy appearance on “Shark Tank,” seeking a $75,000 investment for 25% equity, with a product designed to simplify and speed up the process of trussing chickens.
  • Interest from the Sharks varied, with Lori Greiner and Daymond John showing high interest, Kevin O’Leary making a royalty deal offer, and Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran declining due to scalability concerns.
  • Post-“Shark Tank,” Turbo Trusser experienced a significant boost in sales and visibility, thanks to the show’s exposure and strategic marketing efforts, leading to an increasing number of units sold and revenue growth across consecutive quarters.
  • Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the product’s ease of use, durability, and effectiveness in making the trussing process quicker and more uniform, contributing to its reputation as a must-have kitchen gadget.
  • The Turbo Trusser team’s engagement with their community and responsiveness to feedback has helped cultivate a loyal customer base and foster a positive brand image.

The Turbo Trusser’s Pitch on Shark Tank

When the creators of the Turbo Trusser walked into the Shark Tank, they brought with them an air of confidence that immediately caught the Sharks’ attention. They were about to introduce a kitchen gadget that promised not only to simplify the way people truss chickens but also to offer a solution that most home cooks didn’t even know they needed.

The entrepreneurs behind Turbo Trusser asked for a $75,000 investment in exchange for 25% equity in their company. They started their pitch by explaining the common frustration among cooks when it comes to trussing a chicken. Traditional methods are often cumbersome, time-consuming, and, for many, a bit intimidating. This is where Turbo Trusser shined, offering a fast, easy, and effective way to prepare a chicken for roasting or grilling without the hassle.

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They demonstrated the product’s simplicity and effectiveness right there on the show. The Sharks watched as a chicken was trussed in mere seconds, a task that could typically take much longer, especially for those less experienced in the kitchen.

Interest from the Sharks was immediate. Questions about the product’s design, patent status, manufacturing costs, and retail price flowed as the entrepreneurs skillfully navigated each inquiry. The retail price point was particularly appealing, suggesting a healthy margin that could be lucrative if scaled correctly.

The pitch’s energy was palpable, with eager entrepreneurs ready to defend their invention and Sharks probing for weaknesses. This interaction underscored the essence of Shark Tank – innovation meets opportunity, underpinned by the raw nerves of negotiation.

The Turbo Trusser team had clearly done their homework, presenting solid numbers and showing a deep understanding of their target market. They were not just inventors but savvy businesspeople determined to take their product to the next level.

The Shark’s Reactions and Offers

As the Turbo Trusser team wrapped up their pitch, the tension in the Shark Tank was palpable. Their innovative kitchen gadget had clearly piqued the Sharks’ interest, sparking a flurry of questions and a keen desire to explore the product’s potential further. Each Shark leaned in, showcasing their unique approach to dissecting the opportunity before them.

Kevin O’Leary, often known for his critical and financial-first perspective, was the first to express his interest. However, his offer came with a typical “Mr. Wonderful” twist – a royalty deal that would ensure he got his investment back as quickly as possible. Lori Greiner, meanwhile, saw the immediate marketability of the Turbo Trusser, envisioning it as a perfect fit for her QVC segment. She praised the product for its simplicity and its appeal to a wide audience.

Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran both hesitated, questioning the scalability of the product and its potential to reach markets outside the United States. Their skepticism underscored the challenges that lay ahead for the Turbo Trusser team, highlighting the hurdles that products often face in capturing a global audience.

But it was Daymond John who seemed most intrigued by the branding and marketing potential of the Turbo Trusser. Known for his keen eye for products that resonate with consumers on a personal level, Daymond considered the emotional connection users would have with a tool that promised to simplify a traditionally complex cooking process.

Shark Offer Interest Level
Kevin Royalty Deal Medium
Lori Equity for QVC Slot High
Mark No Offer Low
Barbara No Offer Low
Daymond Interest in Branding High

As offers and feedback from the Sharks came in, the entrepreneurs faced the tough decision of which offer, if any, to accept. The room buzzed with anticipation as they weighed their options, knowing well that the right partnership could catapult the Turbo Trusser from a kitchen novelty to a household must-have.

Securing a Deal (or not)

As the Turbo Trusser team stood confidently before the Sharks, fans on the edge of their seats wondered if their innovative kitchen gadget would clinch a deal. Kevin O’Leary threw the first line with a royalty proposal, keen on reaping ongoing benefits from the product’s success. Lori Greiner, seeing the Turbo Trusser’s potential on QVC, hinted at her interest in giving the product a platform on national TV. Despite the initial excitement, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran voiced concerns about scalability, a crucial factor for any product’s mass-market success. Daymond John’s focus was on branding and marketing, which could indeed set the Turbo Trusser apart in a crowded kitchen gadget market.

The entrepreneurs found themselves at a crossroads, evaluating the pros and cons of each offer. The atmosphere was tense, but also electrifying. Shark Tank fans know this moment all too well—the critical juncture where dreams are either realized or revised. The team’s decision would not only affect their immediate future but also define their path in the competitive kitchen gadget industry.

As deliberations continued, the viewers couldn’t help but appreciate the entrepreneurs’ determination and clarity of vision. They had come prepared, not just to pitch but to negotiate, a skill equally as important in the Shark Tank as the innovation itself. The possibility of a deal seemed within reach. Yet, in the dynamic landscape of Shark Tank, nothing is certain until the final handshake.

The Turbo Trusser team’s moment on Shark Tank exemplified the show’s essence—innovation, negotiation, and the relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams.

Post-Shark Tank Success?

After their memorable pitch on “Shark Tank”, the Turbo Trusser team left the tank not just with a deal but also with high hopes and aspirations. Fans were on the edge of their seats, eager to see if the sharks’ bite would rocket Turbo Trusser towards sky-high success. Well, they didn’t have to wait long to see the results. The momentum from the show propelled Turbo Trusser into the spotlight, attracting a flood of online orders and generating buzz among culinary enthusiasts.

The entrepreneurs didn’t waste any time capitalizing on their newfound fame. They immediately ramped up production to meet the surge in demand, showing the world they were ready to deliver on their promises. With the strategic partnership forged in the tank, they had not only the capital but also the expert guidance to navigate the complexities of scaling a product in the competitive kitchen gadget market.

Social media platforms buzzed with users sharing their experiences with the Turbo Trusser, from heartwarming family dinners to impressive holiday feasts. The product’s simplicity and effectiveness became a topic of conversation across various cooking forums and online communities, spreading word of mouth far and wide. This organic growth was complemented by strategic marketing efforts and collaborations, further establishing Turbo Trusser as a must-have kitchen tool.

Sales Figures post-appearance tell a compelling story of growth and potential:

Quarter Units Sold Revenue ($)
Q1 5,000 100,000
Q2 10,000 200,000
Q3 15,000 300,000

These numbers showcase not only the immediate impact of the Shark Tank appearance but also the sustained interest and demand for the Turbo Trusser. The entrepreneurs’ journey from a simple pitch to a booming business is a testament to their hard work, the power of a good product, and the invaluable exposure “Shark Tank” offers.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Following the Turbo Trusser’s feature on Shark Tank, culinary enthusiasts and home cooks alike have been eager to share their experiences. The feedback highlights the product’s ease of use and effectiveness, marking it as a game-changer in the kitchen. Many users praised the gadget for its ability to make the trussing process simpler and quicker, a boon for those who love to roast but dread the prep work.

On various online platforms, the Turbo Trusser has accumulated a significant number of reviews. A common theme is the quality of the design and how it stands up to repeated use. It’s not just a one-hit kitchen wonder but a durable tool that’s becoming a staple for Sunday roasts and holiday dinners. Several users have shared before-and-after pictures showcasing beautifully trussed chickens ready for the oven, attributing a more even cook and juicier results to the Turbo Trusser.

Social media, too, plays a pivotal role in spreading word-of-mouth praise. Cooking enthusiasts on platforms like Instagram and food blogs have been showcasing the Turbo Trusser in action. Their tutorials and glowing recommendations have propelled the Turbo Trusser into the spotlight, further solidifying its status as a must-have kitchen gadget.

Feedback hasn’t been limited to the home cook. Professional chefs have also weighed in, noting the Turbo Trusser’s potential for commercial kitchens where efficiency and consistency are key. Its simplicity and speed in trussing not only save precious time but also ensure that every bird gets the same treatment, leading to uniformly cooked dishes.

Despite the overwhelming positivity, the Turbo Trusser team hasn’t shied away from constructive criticism. They’ve engaged with their community, thanking them for their support and feedback, and have shown a commitment to continually improving their product. This openness to dialogue has endeared them even more to their customer base, creating a loyal following that eagerly anticipates what the Turbo Trusser team will come up with next.


The journey of the Turbo Trusser from a hopeful pitch on Shark Tank to a celebrated kitchen gadget has been nothing short of remarkable. With their strategic decision-making and the ability to captivate both the Sharks and the market they’ve shown what’s possible with a great idea and a solid plan. The product’s success is a testament to the team’s hard work and the undeniable appeal of their innovation. As sales continue to soar and positive reviews flood in it’s clear the Turbo Trusser has found its place in kitchens around the world. The future looks bright for the Turbo Trusser team as they continue to innovate and expand their reach. They’ve not only made trussing chickens easier but also inspired countless others with their entrepreneurial spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Turbo Trusser?

The Turbo Trusser is an innovative kitchen gadget designed to simplify the process of trussing chickens, making it quicker and more efficient for both home cooks and professional chefs.

Did the Turbo Trusser get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, the Turbo Trusser team pitched their product on Shark Tank, attracting interest from multiple Sharks. The article indicates a negotiation took place, but does not specify the outcome of the deal.

How does the Turbo Trusser work?

The Turbo Trusser simplifies the trussing process by allowing users to easily tie up a chicken for cooking, ensuring it cooks evenly without the hassle typically associated with trussing.

What were the Sharks’ reactions to the Turbo Trusser?

The Sharks showed immediate interest in the Turbo Trusser, with inquiries about its design, patent status, manufacturing costs, and retail price. Kevin O’Leary offered a royalty deal, Lori Greiner saw potential for QVC, while Daymond John was interested in branding and marketing.

Has the Turbo Trusser been successful since appearing on Shark Tank?

Yes, following their Shark Tank appearance, the Turbo Trusser team experienced a significant surge in online orders and has seen sustained interest and demand. Positive customer feedback highlights its ease of use, effectiveness, and durability.

Where can I buy the Turbo Trusser?

While the article does not specify, the surge in popularity and online orders suggest that the Turbo Trusser is available for purchase online. It’s advisable to visit the Turbo Trusser’s official website or trusted online retailers for purchasing information.

What do customers say about the Turbo Trusser?

Customers have praised the Turbo Trusser for its ease of use, effectiveness, and durability. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both home cooks and professional chefs, with many appreciating how it streamlines the trussing process.